Shopping malls of Jeddah: Jeddah Tourism is incomplete without it

Do you have a holiday ahead? Are you confused about your upcoming holiday plan?

Then keep your worry away and plan for Saudi Arabia tour. In my suggestion, if you have planning for this middle east country then do not forget to travel Jeddah city. It has some best known shopping malls of the world, that are quite different from the malls of other cities.

Jeddah — one of the best cities in the tourism map of the world and the economic and cultural capital of Saudi Arabia — is a city of cultural importance which is best depicted in its marketplaces. And if you visit some of its malls, you can experience the Arabic culture. This is not the only thing that you will find there.

There you will found mosques and Islamic monuments that are the examples of their amazing culture painted in the walls by a chisel and a hammer. If you get a chance to witness them you can realize the depth of their culture through the beauties that lay on these historic walls. Let this article be treated as a guide for Jeddah Tourism.

Shopping Mall of Jeddah is the key attraction for the Jeddah tourists. Balad –a well-known market — has Souq Al nada (place for various ornaments sale), Souq al Jamia (place for textile sale) and Souq al-Alawi (place where all sorts of things are sold). You can find all your needs being sold at this Souq al-Alawi and the goods are of good quality available at a reasonable price. Apart from this traditional places you can also find some modern mega-malls across the city Jeddah.

The malls have stores of wonderful garments (traditional as well as modern) and cultural products which either you can buy or you can browse to experience the cultural importance of the city. The midtown street has most of the major malls arranged in a line. Many popular souvenirs, religious paraphernalia, Quran copies, carpets and the holy ZamZam water are the most adorable things that you can buy during your to this middle east country.

It is not the malls that will fascinate you, but the sweet smelling cuisines will linger in your mind for a long period of time. The wonderful flavours of roasted meat and boiled rice you should not miss during your Jeddah tour.

Then what are you waiting for? Grab a Jeddah Tourism package today itself and fly to Saudi Arabia to experience the cultural importance of this Arabic city. However, this country is well known for its Islamic culture and hence you must concern a Jeddah guide before visiting this country and learn the etiquette and cultural norms. Try to keep your plannings after hajj or Umra (the market get through a refreshing change during hajj or Umra), and you can the real beauty of this city.

Apart from shopping, Jeddah mall has a list of other activities too like culinary delights, scuba diving, rock climbing and so on. So it is better to do some research on Jeddah before the tour.

Jeddah: The Best Destination for Your Holidays

When you are having holiday ahead and you are planning for a tour, It is the Arabia regions which will top the list always. They are meant to entertain you in all the form. They have the options of beaches, water adventure sports, historic place, cultural importance and so on. And Jeddah is the most visited city of the Arabia region. So plan a holiday tour and Visit Jeddah

Jeddah has a history of long 1,000 years when it was a trading center. The tradition has continued till date and you can see the headquarters of many trading companies here.

Beside that it is a beautiful city of Saudi Arabia and has much cultural and economical importance for the city. Architectural monuments, world-class restaurants, entertainment centers and shopping malls are the things that entertain the visitors. The city seems like beauty is bestowed on it in every possible way.

If you are planning a tour to this city, then be sure that the city has a plethora of experience stored just for you. Starting from eateries to shopping malls you can enjoy your holidays in every possible way. Shopping Malls of Jeddah are the best things that you can find here. You can find a perfect combination of shopping, entertainment and travel experience in these malls. Here are some guidelines to facilitate your shopping during your visit.

First, visit some bank or exchange office to get your currency exchanged with the national currency. However, they also have the credit card system for shopping. But never forget to bargain while shopping in local markets. A perfect bargain can get you things at a reasonable price. Always remember to preserve your bills after shopping art related things. This will help you during custom clearances. You have to pay tips (standard practice is 15 percent of the bill amount in large restaurants) when you are paying bills in restaurants. Do not forget to check the electric appliances you are carrying with you because there you will get only 220 Volt appliances. You can ask for adapters from the hotel if you have an electronic iron with you.

Contact your tourist guides for detailed rules and regulations you are bound to follow in Jeddah. Do not ever try for photography in public places. Alcohol consumption is strictly banned in this city (except some permitted place), and make sure you are cautious of your behaviour in public if you are drunk. Any irresponsible behaviour may cause you a fine. The usual time of shopping mall is 9 am to 8 pm in the evening. However, a few shopping malls also operate late in the night. So have a proper plan. Friday is usually an off day in this city whereas both Thursday and Friday are official holidays. The operating hours for the bank is 8 am in the morning to and 8 pm in the evening.

If you are looking out for a different experience, then visit Jeddah and enjoy a great holiday. Enjoy the best shopping malls of Jeddah and fill your mind with beauties of Jeddah.

Jeddah: A Perfect city to spare your Holiday

People always scare that their holidays don’t get wasted due to the choice of some wrong place. Hence, you need to do some research to get the details of the place including food, fare and best places to visit. Do you have such scares with you? Then put it behind and get your shoes ready for a tour to Saudi Arabia.

It is a wonderful place for tourism, especially if you are looking for a break from your every day’s monotonous life. And for all working personnel holiday seems to be a mean to get relax and to spend some quality time with their loved ones. And keep in mind, “Saudi Arabia won’t be a bad choice at all.”

And do not forget to keep Jeddah in your tourist list. It is the economic and cultural capital of the country. The entertainment you will get in that city is not limited to few options rather spread to many of options. Entertainment in Jeddah includes museums, resorts, private beaches, gardens, hotels, malls and adventurous sports. The malls of Jeddah are quite different from the malls of other cities or countries where you can enjoy shopping in a wide range of products.

The Shopping Experience in Jeddah will give you an insight of the culture and tradition of this country. If you have a weakness for shopping then this marvellous city has a plethora of experience for you. You can find many traditional as well as modern type ornaments, garments, stone works, perfumes and so on which are available with good quality and at an affordable price.

Apart from various malls you will find lot many shops there which are organized perfectly that you cannot resist shopping over there. You can find high-quality materials with a large range of varieties. These shopping malls can avail you various international brands under the single roof. Apart from all this you can get a chance to browse the cultural and traditional items of the country and I am sure you won’t come back without buying a few of them.

These shopping malls are not only care for the adults or grown-ups, but they have provisions for all group of people. You can find gaming also and they are available in a wide range also. Thus, if you are worried about your children during shopping, this gaming section will take care of your children.

Another best part that you will love here is the food. Everybody have a wish to have some food after the shopping and yes, these malls have those provisions also. You will find a various range of foods and they are highly delicate. Their sweet smells will stay in your memory for a long. And if you want some parties or function you can find a good number of five-star hotels too.

If we summarize, the city Jeddah will give you the best of travel experience. You can have a great shopping experience jeddah as well as a perfect entertainment. Besides shopping and entertainment, you can visit many of historic places like medina gate, floating mosque and many more. In fact if you plan to spare your entire holiday in Jeddah, then you won’t have to repent later. So hurry up to experience a perfect holiday at Jeddah.

The Mall Culture of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has turned out into a business hub of Asia. With its ever expanding oil-exploration, it is latest “in-place” to be at jobwise. Many expats from different locations live there. But since it is a conservative country, there are lot of limitation of people. The country does not have any source of entertainment.

But the people, especially youth, yearn for some kind of entertainment. And that is where shopping malls comes in. These shopping mall house local as well as international brands and serve as a hang-out zone for the public. These are especially favored by the women who enjoy their spending their free time in these shopping malls of Saudi Arabia.

These malls not only hosts the shopping avenues, but they also showcase the foodcourts and fun parks inside them. The Best Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia are known for their variety of experiences they offer. Some of the famous shopping malls are as listed below:

Al Faisaliyah:

Al Faisaliyah is located in the Al Faisaliyah complex which has its own hotel and apartments. Al Faisaliyah is a marketed as a secure shopping complex where the emphasis on the women shopping. It also boasts of a fun park in its basement and a food court.

Al Memlikah:

Like Al Faisaliyah, Al Memlikah is an upscale shopping center. The specialty of this mall is that its entire third floor is dedicated to women only, allowing women to remove their abaya while they shop.

Granada Mall:

Granada Mall is a smaller mall located off Exit 8. Along with women’s shops, the mall also houses an Obeikan bookstore and an outlet of the unique gift shop “Traditionals.”

Sahara Mall:

Sahara Mall, along with being the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, is also the largest there. It’s so huge that people can even take a walk there. It also hosts variety of women shops and along with them, there is a grocery store attached there.

Hayat Mall:

Located adjacent to Sa hara Mall, Hayat Mall has the widest variety of differing shops. Apart from many women’s shops, Hayat Mall attracts lot of customer for its huge variety of formal dresses. It also has a Jarir bookstore and a shop called “Extra” which sells electronics of all kinds in this mall.

Royal Mall:

Royal Mall specializes in formal dresses for women. It is also the only Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia with an indoor ice-skating rink.

Al Owais (Kuwaiti Souk):

This is the bargain market of Saudi Arabia. With many small shops and narrow alleyways, everything is sold here from household goods, carpets, furniture to traditional and western dresses. Gold, spices and foodstuff is also sold here at negotiable price.


Deira, like the Kuwaiti souk, is another traditional style area with a multitude of shops. Deira is famous for its antique items sold here like watches, daggers, traditional clothes, hand carved furniture etc.


Euromarche was one of the first “western” style shopping centers and used to be very popular among westerners. It is not that famous but it still houses shops which sell clothing, groceries and many other household goods at huge discounts.

Apart from the above mentioned best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia, there are many other small malls which can offer interesting stuff.

Truly, shopping malls of Saudi Arabia are indeed shoppers’ paradise.