Jeddah houses the only shopping malls that offer everything under one roof!

Are you a fashion enthusiast, a foodie, a traveler, and also an adventure junkie? Jeddah is the place for you! If the possibility of all these exciting things in one single space makes your heart beat fast with excitement you cannot contain, pack your bags and visit Jeddah and especially its shopping malls, one of the biggest and the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia.

Yes, this like a dream come true, malls like these exist in Jeddah, the entertainment and trading capital of Saudi Arabia. The shopping malls in Jeddah are true to their name and include all the big brand stores you can name and also provide other traditional Arabic stores which you would have to otherwise visit in small markets set up by local vendors in alleys in other cities of the world. But, the Jeddah tourism decided to include the traditional and cultural markets in the shopping malls itself integrating all services in one place and hence providing a concise experience to the shoppers.

There are many big malls like Mall of Arabia, Red Sea Mall and many others in Jeddah. This article will talk about the Red Sea Mall of Jeddah which is the biggest mall in Jeddah and the most famous. It is owned by the Red Sea Markets Company Ltd. It is like a usual mall with more than 300 showrooms, restaurants that offer multiple cuisines, and spacious area to take leisurely strolls while browsing. But what makes it different are other entertainment opportunities of all kinds offered to the visitors.

These include sports activities such as Carting, Bowling, Shooting, Billiards etc., and a huge gaming arcade, a theme park for kids with a playground and exciting rides like rollercoaster and many others. You can indulge in all these activities with your family and friends once you’re tired of shopping, have a wonderful meal in the food court, and get back to shopping for your favorite products from the most famous brands around globe.

The malls in Jeddah take up a day and still leave you with most of the activities and stores not even browsed. It is mentioned as one of the best malls in the whole of Saudi Arabia.

Apart from all the entertainment activities, the Red Sea Mall recently included two sections namely the Khan El Khalili (which is considered as one of the most historic markets of the world) and Al Andalusia which are permanent bazaars which give you a rich and authentic taste of Arabic culture.

The two sections offer you traditional house wares, silverwares, carpets and other souvenirs. They give the local Arabs a setting of Egyptian culture straight from home and the people who Visit Jeddah from the outside a genuine Mediterranean touch which embodies the rich Arabic culture.

These unique aspects of the malls in Jeddah, makes the shopping a rare and an enjoyable experience in itself. Apart from indoor activities you must visit Jeddah for its exotic museums, architecture, beaches and water sports and also the whole feel of the city that is a kind of its own.

The Place for Ideal Shopping Sprees in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after its capital city Riyadh. Jeddah is also a cultural and economic hub of the country. If you visit Saudi for tourism purposes make sure to put Jeddah on the top of your list to visit places.

It offers you rich traditional Arabic culture because people in great amount visit Jeddah as it is gateway to the most important Muslim pilgrims, The Mecca and Medina. Modernization has not been left behind in terms of the facilities and entertainment avenues in Jeddah. There are many museums, beautiful historical sites, architectural marvels, if you are the kinds for whom shopping works as a therapy you have to visit Jeddah for the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia.

The country promotes Jeddah Tourism as being ‘different’ and so it is. A great blend of rich culture and modernity that Jeddah offers makes the experience different from any other place in the world. For instance, the shopping experience in Jeddah is quite different from usual shopping malls in countries as the malls are huge structures with stories on top of stories filled with spaces for all kinds of brands and services. Along with that the malls are made aesthetically pleasing to attract people by placing pools of water with fish and plants for natural conditioning of the air, in different places.

Many shopping malls in Jeddah like the Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia are the key highlights of Jeddah Tourism. Red Sea Mall is one of the largest and the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. What’s more, regardless of the fact that you’re not purchasing anything, simply hanging-out inside the shopping center is a wonderful option owing to the entertainment avenues in Jeddah shopping malls and also one of the local people’s method for unwinding. It’s extremely extensive and beautiful and colorful architectural design which adds to the shopping experience in Jeddah.

If you visit Jeddah you have the option to explore humongous shopping malls which can easily take up to more than a couple of hours and still leaving you things to do and shops to check out in the malls. Along with that Jeddah tourism offers you an insight into the Arabic history and culture in the form of museums, historical sites, etc. If you’re tired of roaming around inside huge lighted up structures and need to breathe some fresh air, then anywhere you step out you will find beautiful sea side on the Red Sea coast on which the city of Jeddah lies. There are beautiful passages that are built for people to take leisurely strolls or two and take in the soft breeze while enjoying the view.

Jeddah is one place that one has to visit in Saudi Arabia to complete one’s vacation trip to Saudi or even otherwise and the Shopping Malls in Jeddah is something you wouldn’t want to miss. You decide to shop or not, you’re on a low budget trip or a spending spree; Jeddah tourism is planned to suit people from all walks of life according to their inclination.