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The commercial and leisure capital of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah is positioned on the Red Sea coast and therefore endows with number of marine entertainment and sight-seeing in addition to tourists enjoying at the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia. The climate is at its finest amid the months of October to May, but the Red Sea guarantees the city does not bear the brunt of extremes experienced in the interior desert and arid region. Hence, a tour to Jeddah can be planned at any around the 365 days.

Enjoy Shopping in Jeddah

When you are in Jeddah, Shopping is the great thing to spend your time since there are no nightclubs, boozing bars, theaters or cinema houses to keep you entertained. Visit Jeddah for its traditional markets and finest super malls that is open right through the day, often as late up till 10pm or midnight.

In Jeddah, you will find Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia’s most wide-ranging markets. A place called as al-Alawi, which is located at Al-Dahab St, has shopping stalls sparkling with traders discovering the heart of the ancient city. The ambiance is paramount in the Hajj season and to get familiarity with the ‘Arabian Culture’ at its best so ensure you stopover at sunset when the call to prayer (Adhan) fills the locale.

Explore the major shopping in Jeddah

Explore the major shopping road on Tahliya for out of the ordinary items, and if you’re seeking for superior quality gold, set off to the Gold Souk where you could deal for 18k and 24k gold by weight. There are numerous out sized malls to pick from, comprising of Mall of Arabia, which is at the east of Madinah Road and close to the airport. This mall has over 300 shops, a marvelous hypermarket and an exclusive skating ring. You must visit Heraa International Mall that endows with entertainment and shopping for over 40,000 visitors a day to all of its 350 stores. It besides houses most advanced hypermarket in Saudi Arabia.

Another exceptional mall that will make you visit Jeddah is the Red Sea Mall that encompasses a BHS department store and 3 activity areas for kids that present rides and mountain climbing walls. Being considered as the major shopping hubs in Jeddah, the Red Sea mall bestows a broad assortment of alternatives to spend your leisure day: That includes brand stores to flaunt your wardrobe, lush restaurants and cafes to take hold of something on the walk off, to get back to your shopping epic over the 3 floors as fast as possible or to take your moment in time to take pleasure in customary Arabic delicacies, in addition to interactive trade fairs to have enjoyment and relax. Ensure you don’t fail to spot the Red Sea Mall if you visit Jeddah for a first-rate shopping experience.

Last but not least, The Al Salaam Mall in Jeddah is one of the largest and the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia with over 350 shopping areas, an indoor theme park and some splendid choices for exquisite dining. You absolutely must pop round Sparky’s. This entertainment and amusement area shaped around a firefly character will excite your kids and the entire family as it exhibits various amenities counting: an enclosed ice rink, rides, arcade games plus a soft and spongy play area for kids.


Unique Shopping Experience in Jeddah

Shopping in Jeddah can be fun, especially if you are at the right place. Your shopping experience in Jeddah is sure to turn into a lifetime experience once you are at Red Sea mall. The shopping mall is unique as it is home to numerous leading showrooms which are set to make the Shopping mall experience a truly relishing experience.

Exciting discounts

Almost all retail stores in the mall including MCM, Juicy Counter, Nayomi, Coach, Karen Millen, YosiYS Samra, Mother care and Guess are offering exciting discounts.  The sale is valid throughout the month of December and Shopping Mall Jeddah experience can turn into a relishing one for you and your family this festive season, whenever you are at Red Sea mall.

Unique Shopping Experience

The Shopping Mall Jeddah experience can be a unique experience as all leading stores be it jewelry, retail, restaurants or clothing can be found under one roof. All the leading international brands can be found less than one roof here and exciting discounts are always in the offering. Be it Baby Fataihi, Bebe, or Bukanan, a visit to any of these stores will let you explore the creative aspect of Red Sea mall to its best. Jeddah tourism stressed special concern on shopping mall that tourist can enjoy their shopping experience in a highest manner.

Dining Zone

As you get over your shopping sojourn in Red Sea mall, it is time to savour some of the delicious cuisine popular in Middle East. Thanks to the innovative range of restaurants in Red Sea mall, you will go back filled to the core. Be it traditional cuisine of Saudi Arabia or some of the continental dishes, the experience at any of these restaurants will leave you spellbound.

Red Sea mall has a range of restaurants including Al Saj Al Reefi, Al-Nabulsi Sweets, Burger King, Baskin Robins, Diet World, Fluppy Candy and Healthy Food Way among a host of others. Each of these is home to some of the exclusive delicacies of this region and once you visit any of these, you are all set to visit these all over again, whenever you are back here.

If you are looking for a small brunch and desire to feast in a hurry, KFC and McDonalds are in your service with their tasty cuisine range to satisfy the palette of a diehard foodie. Jeddah Tourism set up special arrangement in this mall for kids. Kids can especially relish burgers and pizzas here and it is no surprise that they will ask you to come over again soon to the feasting zone in Red Sea mall.

Gaming Zone

Kids often come along when you go out shopping. Taking them along can be a troublesome task whenever you decide to go on a shopping sojourn. Red Sea mall has a dedicated gaming zone for kids where they can be left alone when you desire to finish the shopping undisturbed. Dedicated gaming zones are in attendance in the shopping malls and kids can be left in any of these according to their age groups. Caretakers are in attendance in the gaming zone specially designed for the tiny toddlers.

Once you are back from shopping, take your kids along safely until the next time.

Enjoy Shopping in the Streets of Jeddah with Flights to Jeddah

Would you like to visit Jeddah? Jeddah always remains a prominent city for Muslim travelers. Jeddah is the entry point to the holy city of Mecca. Hajj is an essential ritual for every Muslim and it is important to travel to Mecca at least once in the lifetime. Jeddah is also famous for its exotic holiday locations. From the fashion aware shopping for the latest in international couture, to the intrepid traveler on the hunt for the rare and exotic, Jeddah’s shopping panorama has something special to surprise and glee all and sundry.

No matter what your shopping style, one thing is for certain, at the end of a day of shopping, you will need a Jeddah hotel to relax your weary feet. Accommodation options range from budget to international five star hotels, so you will have no quandary finding a Jeddah hotel to suit your budget. With so much shopping in offer, the only query that remains is what to buy? Here in this write up you will get the information regarding best stuffs to buy in the city of Jeddah.

Traditional Souvenirs

Shopping Mall in Jeddah is the perfect place for you if you want to take home some customary souvenir and a little piece of Arabia. Whilst shopping prospects are eternal in Jeddah, the best place to find conventional souvenirs is without a doubt Al-Balad which is the name given to the old quarter of Jeddah. While walking through the narrow pebbled lanes of Jeddah, you can also smell the incense of raw spices.

Souq Al Alawi

While moving from east to west through Al-Balad, you will find Souq Al Alawi.  It is an idyllic place to find keepsakes for relatives and friends, selling a multiplicity of traditional items such as honey, dates, spices, and even Arabic perfume. It is recommended to you to shop during the Hajj season to the real market culture and sense.

Gabel Street

When you move ahead from Souq Al Alawi, you will be in the by lanes of Gabel Street.

If you are looking for stuffs like jambiyan (tribesmen’s ceremonial daggers) coffee pots, Bedouin jewelry and incense burners, this is just the right place for you. Prices here are often inexpensive but haggling is necessary!


Gold and ornaments related to gold is available everywhere in the streets of Jeddah. If you will Visit Jeddah then you will get to find a number of stuffs made by gold.

International Brands Jeddah is shopper’s heaven and there are a huge number of international brands available in Shopping mall in Jeddah.