Planning to Visit Saudi Arabia? – Don’t Miss Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is just a wonderful place to visit, especially if you want an exotic experience of the holidays. For any working people, holidays prove to be very important mean of invigoration and spending time with the loved ones. No one would like to let the holidays go in vain by getting trapped into some wrong place. Hence it is utmost necessary that you get all the details of the place you want to visit, including hotel charges, fares, hot spots, beaches, food and other best places to visit.

To gather such detail is not a big deal, enter into the search engine search box, “places to visit Jeddah” and you will get a detailed list of the same. One of such malls is a very beautiful and a giant mall, named after the red sea, the Red Sea Mall, which is one of the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia.

Blending of Entertainment and Shopping at One Destination

Don’t flout the word mall, because the red sea mall is tone of the best Shopping Mall of Saudi Arabia and one of the best entertaining destinations in Jeddah. The tag second largest mall is itself sufficient to state that how mammoth the mall would be. The mall has “18” entrance gates to reach the mall and extremely big parking lot. Shopping is the best thing one would like to do (as long as there are good bucks and credits in your pocket).

The red sea mall consists of large number of shops and accumulates almost all the necessary shopping stuffs. Talking about the attire section, there are quite good number of shops which can give you great choice of selection. The shops contain wonderful collection of clothes including both the international as well as the local brands. The infrastructure of the shops is as amazing as that of the entire mall. Need not say, the entire mall is centrally air conditioned. All other shopping materials like varieties of footwear’s, hand bags, electronics, groceries etc are available in the mall.

The gluttons and the food lovers would be eager to know about the food in mall, as the mall contains good number of eateries with just mind boggling food items, you would just love to it. Also for the tots (who might create the troubles while their momma busy in their shopping) there is a separate gaming and playing area, This area contains wow games, which almost all the age group would love to play. So all total your Visit Jeddah will bring a nice experience.

So before visiting Jeddah, just make sure you have planned the holidays well otherwise, it may put you in confusion as to which place to visit, because there are huge number of wow places.

Search for Entertainment in Jeddah: Things to Know

Saudi Arabia has become a big name in recent times. Many people are settling there because of the better opportunities it offers. But the country is a traditional country where women are supposed to wear abayas and the men move in throb. Since the entertainment is not allowed in Islamic countries, the sources of Entertainment in Jeddah are limited.

There are beaches which one can visit. These beaches are pristine and clean as compared to other beaches of Asia and make a good way to spend time. There is an option of going for boat trips and scuba diving as well.

Apart from beaches, there is variety of museums which one can visit. But more than that, Saudi is the land of shopping. Since there are not many sources of Entertainment in Jeddah for the people living there, shopping is the past time hobby for the people. Despite the woman being covered from head to toe, there are shops which sell variety of products along with the glittery materials, so Shopping Experience Jeddah is a great feeling.

There are certain things one should keep in mind before moving in the lanes of Jeddah for anything.

  • The Direction and Answers might not always be right – Saudi might host the best shopping malls, but their people are not most helpful while answering because rather than saying don’t know, they like to say yes, even if they don’t know the answer. So in case one is not aware about the purpose of the product, asking will only get the answer yes, it can do this or that. Same goes for asking of direction as well.

  • Malls are the Landmarks– Since the country hosts so many malls, rather than street, taxi driver are more aware about the malls in that area. So it is a good idea to select the best mall of the area and take that as a landmark. Also, one should confirm the fare before sitting in the taxi as the taxi drivers tend to ignore the meter and charge as they wish.

  • Shopping Queues – Unlike the western countries, the concept of queues is not well-developed here and hence it is normal for the transaction to be disrupted by another customer. Be it a roadside shopping or a branded product in best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia, it is important to understand that the people do not mean any offense by barging in before someone else. It is just their way of doing business.

  • Prayer Times – Muslims pray 5 times a daily. During the prayer time, the staff leaves the shop and closes the doors. The customers inside are left inside to browse through the products and the new customers cannot enter. This happens in all the malls, even the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. So it is important to plan when, and where one is going to be during prayer times.

  • Restriction on Women: The women in Saudi Arabia have a lot of restrictions on them and one of them is that they cannot talk to strange men except probably the shopkeepers. Hence it is better not to initiate conversations just like that.

Jeddah is a place which is an economy which calls for many people. There might be limited entertainment in Jeddah, but it houses the best shopping malls of Saudi Arabia and hence can be a haven for the great shopping experience Jeddah.