Follow the Tips for Shopping in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia has many beautiful cities and one of them is Jeddah. Jeddah has many beautiful landscape and has many old charms as well. The city is surrounded by many shopping malls, entertainment centre and restaurants. This city has many destinations for tourists from all over the world who come to the city for refreshment.

The restaurants here have many different cuisine and the tourists spend a lot of money on fancy items in the biggest Shopping Mall Jeddah. So if you are planning to visit such an awesome city then we give you some tips that will help your Shopping Experience Jeddah while you explore the city. Follow the following tips:

  • First thing is exchange your currency i.e., the currency which you are carrying with the national currency. This is very important whenever you visit a different country, you need to keep a check on the currency. For exchanging the currency you can either visit a bank or an exchange office. Don’t forget to keep a track of the proposed exchange rate and commission charged.

  • Once you have a national currency you can step out for shopping. The Shopping Malls accept credit card payments so you have an option of carrying cash in lesser denomination while going out for shopping or even while visiting restaurants. It is a very interesting place. And of course, do bargain well in local markets, this would help you to get your products at a reasonable price,

  • For customs clearance you need to preserve your bills if you have made any purchases of arts or artifacts.

  • Many restaurants provide good quality of food. You would love eating it and would even wish for more food. They even provide good customer services, so don’t forget to keep the tips when you pay the bills.

  • Jeddah has only 220 volts of power wattage, so keep checking the appliances that you carry along your trip. The hotel may even provide you with an adapter, if you have any electronic item with you.

  • Photography is not allowed in public places but yes you can click pictures in specified tourists locations. Your guide will brief you with the Rules and regulations you would have to follow in Jeddah.

  • You will get a great holiday and memorable Shopping Experience Jeddah. Feast your eyes on unforgettable sights in Jeddah and splurge in the best Shopping Malls Jeddah.

  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited in Jeddah, except for some places where it is not prohibited. You are liable for a huge fine if after consuming alcohol you misbehave in public. You have to take care of yourself once you intake alcohol.

  • Shops in Jeddah are closed on Fridays, on other days, shops are open from morning 9 am till 8 pm in the evening. There are very less shopping centers which stays open till late night.

  • The working days for Bank and Government agencies are from Saturday to Wednesday and Thursdays and Fridays are off, and on working days they open as early as 8 am and stay open till 8 pm.

In Jeddah you will actually get a great and memorable shopping Experience. Invest your money on useful things and feast your eyes on unforgettable sights.


Jeddah Tourism: A Cosmopolitan City with Constant Expansion

Jeddah is a place in Saudi Arab. It is the kingdom of Saudi Arab that covers much from that of the Arabian Peninsula. The countries namely Oman, Yemen, Jordan and many others cover the best part of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is an important end for them, rich in art, craft and the best tourism activities. Talking about shopping, Jeddah tourism certainly promotes it at a great way.

There are so many Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia based that you might feel like visiting and the good part is it is worth value for the money that you pay for it. The malls are known for the enormous structures; air conditioned spaces and dozens of restaurants where you can enjoy hogging and eating. Besides, kids have got their own section to enjoy the rides and play entertainment games as well.

What Makes Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia so Popular?

It seems that Jeddah Tourism considers shopping as a serious port and has focused a lot to develop these malls in the best possible manner. You will not see such type of architecture, design and space anywhere in other corner of the world. Some people have also named it as a destination mall with so many shops around that are with the combination of international and local brands. Besides, the amusement parks and ultra modern facilities have also made the malls even more popular.

The selection at these shops is quite huge. You will come across many international brands that can be easily recognized such as Diesel, Express and Marks and Spencer. Generally these shops start at 9 am and closes between 10 pm. in few malls, there is also an attraction of seeing some of the great decoration and piece of art that you may not find anywhere else. All these reasons for sure makes Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia experience here a worth one.

Jeddah Attractions: Things to Add in your Itinerary

This place is considered as the most developed city which comes with the beautiful coral architecture. The old town has some great historical architecture. You must also visit place like Naseef House which is known for the camel friendly ramps. Other than this, you must also checkout the fascinating place like Souq al-Awawi. Generally the market around this place is busy during Haj. If you are fish lover then you should visit the fish market located in Al-Balad.

Here you will find dozens of species that varied from sharks to squid. Corniche is also another popular sightseeing in Jeddah which is known for activities ideal for picnics and family getaway. There are interesting sculptures and monuments. You can also learn more about the city itself, by visiting Tayibat City Museum. This place depicts the International Civilization that ranges from ancient pottery to Islamic manuscripts.

So travelers, who wish to see the other side of Jeddah, explore out this place on your own in the red Sea. Don’t forget to go for scuba diving as well. Besides, get your picture at some stunning coral reef systems and shipwrecks as well. You can also do some more online surfing and get an idea on what all places you need to visit. Check out some great reviews Jeddah Tourism online and read the testimonials of the hotels that are highly recommended. Jeddah is certainly an ideal time to spend your vacation with loved ones.