Jeddah from The Eye of a Tourist

The emerging markets and the kind of lifestyles one lives in these days, has made an important room for Tourism. It expands the economic opportunity in various countries. Personal and professional tourism, both are gaining importance. Amongst all this, one of the places to emerge out as a strong tourist destination is Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia. Jeddah, with a population currently at 3.4 million people, is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia. It is an important commercial hub. Jeddah is the principal gateway to Mecca, Islam’s holiest city. Tourism in Jeddah has been rising rapidly over the years. Enlisted are the spots one can visit in Jeddah-

  1. Shopping Malls- Jeddah is a place for all the shopaholics. From high-end to outlet shopping, Jeddah is a hub for shopping. Shopping malls in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are a tourist destination in itself. Mall of Arabia is one of the main and largest malls in Jeddah. It is famous for its buzzing food court and a variety of eating options. The Red Sea mall is famous for its mix of local and international brands. Tahaliyah Street is a hub for shopping in this never ending list.

  2. Beaches- Jeddah has come of the best beaches in the country. Silver Sands beach is one of the finest beaches in Jeddah. Beaches include a lot of fun activities, such as snorkelling and skydiving. In Jeddah at the beach one can also hire small boats to reach the coral reefs. Various beach resorts are available to make this experience more pleasant.

  3. Restaurants- Jeddah has a lot of traditional and multi- ethnic cuisines.  Al Khabsa dish is popular among the people of Jeddah and it is often made with chicken instead of lamb meat. Grilled meat dishes such as shawarma, kofta and kebab have a good market in Jeddah. During Ramadan, sambousak and ful are especially popular in the evening iftar meal. Jeddah is a hub of all the amazing and finest restaurants.  Wakame Restaurant is for the sushi lovers.

  4. Museums- There are about a dozen museums in Jeddah. The Jeddah Museum is the regional landmark that demonstrates historical archaeology and ethnography. One of the grandest museums is the Municipality Museums. The décor of the various rooms at the Municipality Museum in Jeddah reflect the local traditions of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah has preserved its traditional culture in its museums. Khuzam Palace in Jeddah is one such amazing monument.

  5. Desert Safari- Desert Safari in Jeddah is not a peaceful piece of land. It offers visitors an activity that is accompanied with a thrill, excitement and adventure in the land of sand.

Saudi Arabia is the country known for its beautiful valleys, striking mountains and Red Sea beaches. And amongst this country, Jeddah is a city that never sleeps. It has the world’s best entertainment spots, and keeps its people indulged in some form of activity or another. Be ready for one of the best trips to the most beautiful city-Jeddah.

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A Quick Look towards Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, a city located in the Hijaz Tihamah region in the country of Saudi Arabia, is known as the second largest city of the country. It is known for its principal gateway to the largest and most famous pilgrimage. This city encounters a lot of tourists throughout the year due to its culture and art, which are one of the major tourist attractions. Being the city near the coast of Red Sea, it is known as the “bride of red sea” having the largest sea port of the sea.

People from all over the world; especially Visit Jeddah as it is the most famous and safe gateway to the holiest city Mecca, and second famous Mosque Medina. This city and mosque have historical value and are worshipped by each and every Muslim abiding by strict rules of Islam. Jeddah is also known as a commercial hub of the country due to rising industries and commerce in the city, making it one of the cosmopolitan cities of the world. The People of this city are highly urbanized and dedicated towards the development of the city and contribute towards the development of the country. Art galleries, museums, shopping malls, markets, resorts of Jeddah are famous worldwide, making it one of the primary cities of resorts. The heritage and culture of Saudi Arabia make people Visit Jeddah and other cities of Saudi Arabia once in a lifetime, so as to embrace the beauty of the world.

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab states of western Asia, known as the modern state of Asia. It is the fifth largest state of Asia, famous for its culture, art and religion. This state has a culture of its own with so many galleries and museums defining it.

Famous places to be visited in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Kaaba
  • Masjid-al-haram
  • Black stone
  • Quba Mosque
  • Mount Arafat
  • Jamaraat Bridge

Apart from these famous places, Saudi Arabia has large markets, shopping malls, local streets for shopping of branded clothing as well as traditional accessories.

List of famous Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Al Nakheel Shopping Mall: This mall situated in Al- Qassim province, is a uniquely constructed mall with shopping outlets of every brand, food court, games zone, dine in restaurants, all under single roof. This mall is designed to create a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere for the customers and provide each and everything one may need.

  2. Kingdom Centre: The mall constructed in the capital city, Riyadh is a 41-storey skyscraper. It is the third largest skyscraper in the whole state, having hotels made inside along with shopping arena.

  3. Diyafa Mall: Located on the west coast city, Makkah, this mall is equipped with every shopping store, may it be for children or adult, with good restaurants having cuisines from all over the world. During the Festive season, this mall is decorated like a bride and various offers are made available to the citizen for happy shopping.

  4. Mall Of Arabia: After Red Sea mall, this mall is widely famous all over the world due to its location near an airport in route to Medina.

  5. Marina Mall: Situated in the Dammam province of Saudi Arabia is a package with every brand store, entertainment units, ice rink and hotel under one roof. Being located in the most prominent district has huge customer attraction.

So, for the citizens of Saudi Arabia who are willing to shop under a single roof? These are the most visited malls of the country, pay a visit and get what you need. :

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A Destination worth Visiting

Jeddah, the second largest city of Saudi Arabia. It is a cosmopolitan city considered a world of its own having its own gateways towards pilgrimage spots, shopping malls, art galleries and museums. This is the only city which offers coastal view to the country of arid land and deserts, being on the right side of the Red Sea Coast making it the major tourist attraction.

The Jeddah Tourism guide will mostly talk about the pilgrimage, sculptures and paintings, and the areas to be visited at least once in a lifetime. For the art and culture enthusiasts, this city has got a lot of museums and galleries to be covered.

Top places to be visited for Entertainment in Jeddah are listed under:

  • KING’S Fountain: The world’s largest fountain on the sea shore in Jeddah cannot be missed at any cost. It is always preferable to visit Corniche during the evening and watch the fountain on sunset.

  • Balad: The most historical place in the entire city is a must to be visited. This is a place to explore historical things and places while enroute Makah. Also known as the market city of Jeddah, having corals and precious stones.

  • Red Sea Mall: For a tremendous Shopping Experience in Jeddah, this mall is the one to be on the top of the list. For the Shopaholics, this mall has each and every thing about all the brands under one roof.

  • The Red Sea: One of the major attractions in the Jeddah Tourism is the Red Sea. Having a coastline of this sea, beaches and underwater marine life are the ones to be experienced once in a lifetime.

  • Floating Mosque: Located in the North Corniche, this mosque gives an illusion of floating in water. This mosque is so beautifully made with provisions of hot water for winters and white marble exterior that is why it is also called “white Mosque”.

For the travelling enthusiasts, many amusement parks are made for the Entertainment in Jeddah, roller coaster rides, and ice rinks and a boat ride in the Red Sea are widely famous in the whole Saudi Arabia. For the food lovers, Jeddah hotels bring a wide variety of cuisines from all across the world. All a person need is to name the type of hotel, may it be a 3 star or 5 stars, may it be any kind of cuisine, and everything will be made available just by giving a call. Book a space in the hotel itself so as to cut the cost of travelling and get everything available in front within minutes.

Shopping Experience in Jeddah can vary from person to person depending on the budget one has kept. Jeddah has shopping malls, large markets, local street markets for every kind of person with each and everything available. For the Shopaholics, every Jeddah guide will name a lot of places which are known for the hub of shopping, may it be branded clothing or vintage accessories, or foot wears, bags or any other thing, and all are easily available in the malls as well as markets.

So, to summarize, a visit to Jeddah once in a lifetime is an opportunity to encounter the city with heritage yet modern in its own manner. Make a plan and carry a guide so that nothing gets missed.

Mall of Arabia, Shopping Malls in Jeddah

When we think about it, the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia don’t leave women with a lot of things to do in their free time than maybe visiting an old friend or sitting home, reading a book. This could lead to a lot of bored women which thankfully is taken care of since Jeddah is one of the biggest shopping hubs in the world. With thousands of well known international, regional as well as local brands to choose from, women here love to take a stroll in the 90 plus shopping centers Jeddah provides and shop their heart and purse out!

A shopping mall in Jeddah, the Red Sea Mall, The Mall of Arabia- Best Arabia Mall, Jeddah and Roshan Mall, Heraa Mall and many more are regarded as the best tourist attractions of Jeddah. So, today we are going to tell you what makes these malls visit worthy and why they are very well known among the pilgrims of Mecca and the tourists of Saudi in general.

  1. Red Sea mall: Tagged as one of the biggest one a shopping mall in Jeddah, the Red Sea mall has over 18 entrances, 30 plus restaurants, around 4000 vehicles worth of parking space and the best kid’s entertainment venue. Being situated between the King Abdulaziz Airport and the beautiful coast of the Red sea, the Red Sea Mall is one of the best attractions in all of Jeddah. It has collaborated with some of the most well-known brands such as Danube and many food chain restaurants such as burger king and McDonalds. Not only that, it is great place for spending some leisurely time as it has some great fountains and aquariums along with the Funtimes entertainment center built right in.

  2. Jeddah and Roshan Mall: Jeddah mall being smaller in size and compact as compared to Roshan mall, it also offers similar family entertainment venues, events and games as Roshan Mall. They both have great food chain restaurants which also have international food chains such as Steak House, Burger King, KFC as well as McDonald’s.

  3. The Mall of Arabia(best Arabia mall) and the Heraa Mall: The Heraa Mall is a single story mall with an exquisite variety of stores and food chains that attract people who want to have a small shopping spree or spend some time with their children.

However, nothing can beat the Mall of Arabia. A shopping mall in Jeddah, the Mall of Arabia covers over 2422000 square meters of space or 2.6 millions square meters of space. Among other great features, the best Arabia mall has a great view of the Red Sea to offer along with more than 330 shops and stores spread over a 3 storey building and more than 40 restaurant chains. It has some of the most modern designing and hence it is easier for a person to visit and roam around quickly; due to its circular designing. The Mall of Arabia also has a five star hotel attached to it along with a 7 story office building inside the campus itself!

Have Fun Touring Jeddah – The Shopping Hub of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country with a diverse and a rich history, much of which is still being followed thoroughly by today’s generation. With its amazing beach side view and the best shopping malls in the country, Jeddah is also the Mecca province. People from all over the world come to Jeddah to visit the holy ground of Mecca and gain the ultimate salvation at the end of their earthly lives. This is what makes Jeddah one of the biggest tourist spots of the country.

Even though Jeddah is situated in one of the most strict, disciplined countries in the world, the shopping and the fashion industry has managed to flourish beyond imagination; making it one of the best places to shop for all the latest apparels. With the flea market on one side and gorgeous high end boutiques on the other side, the Tahaliyah Street in Jeddah is one of the biggest Jeddah Landmarks  there could be. It fashions boutiques of well known brands like Gucci, Burberry as well as Chanel. The Tahaliyah Street also allows tourists to stroll about in the flea market and the local market and buy some of the exquisite handmade, local apparel with an exotic taste in fashion with a twist.

Another one of Jeddah landmarks that is a very famous tourist spot is the King Abdullah Street. King Abdullah Street is also one of the reasons for the tourism in Jeddah as it is very famous for the huge commercial complexes and office buildings. This street is known as the economy street of Jeddah.

Another great one of Jeddah landmarks that people should see when they visit Jeddah is the shopping malls in Jeddah. Jeddah is emerging as the biggest shopping hub in the world; with over 90 existing shopping malls and commercial complexes and many more in construction. These malls fashion the latest fashions in clothing, footwear, cosmetics, electronics and much more with the latest and very well known brands such as Zara, Mango, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.

The shopping malls in Jeddah are not just meant for shopping. Oh no, the shopping malls in Jeddah feature another one of Jeddah landmarks i.e. entertainment centers. A lot of shopping malls and commercial centers have an entertainment center built within the mall campus so that people who get bored of shopping can entertain themselves with a wide range of rides, programs, activities and much more. Food is of great demand everywhere in the world, because let’s face it, everybody loves to eat! Jeddah would be an incomplete vacation if you didn’t get good food. Lucky for us, Jeddah sports a rich culture of restaurants and hotels that offer multiple cuisines and can fulfill almost any craving that you have while in Jeddah.

Tourism in Jeddah is one of the main sources of Jeddah’s income since it is one of the most visited cities of the world. Be it the cultural roots that attracts our Islamic friends to this city’s port, or be it the outstanding richness of history and culture that magnetizes a lot of other tourists, Jeddah in itself is a city so beautiful and colorful, it is hard to contain the emerging wanderlust among travelers like you and I.