Jeddah tourism and its landmarks – know everything about this place!

Jeddah is known as the entertainment and commercial capital of Arabia and it is located on Red Sea coast as well as provides various forms of sights and aquatic entertainment. This place is a plethora of various products shopping for visitors around the world. Jeddah is famous for shopping and tourism in Jeddah is simply remarkable. From ultra contemporary shopping malls to traditional Arabic market this place has it all. The weather of Jeddah is at its best from October till May and Red sea makes sure that the place doesn’t suffer from extremes as experienced in parts of inland desert.

Plan a trip to Jeddah:

You can plan a trip to Jeddah anytime you want with your friends and family. Being in near proximity to Mecca and Medina that has four hours driven, this place is also known as the doorway to 2 main holy cities. This provides visitors an immersion in to the Arabian culture as well as history through its many heritage centers and museums. Apart from this there are numerous recreational activities that you can plunge in to and live relaxed life in Jeddah. You can even go for unique amusement parks, beaches, gardens, water sports and commercial centers. tourism in jeddah is increasing because of the beauty of this place. You will see many captivating beaches in Jeddah that looks simply mesmerizing at night.

Various Jeddah landmarks:

You can stay in mountain resort and desert escapes like Wabha Crater for extended stay as these are the main attractions of this place. You have so much to do in Jeddah. You can get lucrative offers in Jeddah on various stores in big shopping malls along with high end international brands. When you buy anything at this place then you will not be in loss or will not repent as you will get quality products always in Jeddah. People usually come here for shopping for their wedding and other occasions. You will get to do huge bargains without any doubt in one of the best Jeddah landmarks.

Jam-packed streets:

Streets are jammed packed in Jeddah with markets and stall providing a dizzyingly thrilling range of typical antiques and handicrafts, the people who can do amazing bargain will find their way right here and start the procedure of showing their skills of bargaining. The bargain huntresses will feel elated for all modern, plain bizarre and traditional things. You can enjoy the day at spice market after enjoying the bargaining process. The 1st capital city of Arabia is Dirayya. This is the most famous archeological site that possesses heavily restored damages of numerous palaces, old city walls and mosques. Dammam is administrative center as well as last station of this country. You can visit various places in Jeddah which are extremely beautiful. Its scenery includes, impressive coastal cliffs, contemporary business centers that are the main Jeddah landmarks.

Jeddah – A stimulating Mecca for tourists and pilgrims!

Jeddah is mainly known as the doorway to the pilgrims around the world for Muslims. Countless people visit to this Haji, Mecca every year. This city provides a lot to tourists to explore from cultural heritage to pilgrim Mecca and exquisite shopping malls. This is an emerging place; it offers a superb baseline for engineering enthusiast, scientific researches in this part of the world.

Open air sculpture and shopping streets:

Prior it was a Saudi Arabia’s commercial hub. Jeddah was called as fishing hamlet, revealed during mining of the urban secrets. Tourism in Jeddah is taking height since years as it is the best place for entertainment and shopping. Climatic conditions make this city extremely hot in summer season with low calm weather throughout other months of the year. Developing economy of Jeddah has turned this place in to the money maker paradise. The street of King Abdulla is a home to international work place and corporate offices which keep the monetary fervor thriving and alive in Jeddah. For those people whose interest don’t lean towards increasing economies as well as investments, they can go to Tahaliyah streets that provides the avid shoppers a possibility to try their hands and skills on bargaining.

You will find many upscale malls as well as international brands to buy. tourism in jeddah attracts more than 95% of the tourist every year who love to see various mosques at this place. This city has a lot to explore and not just shopping malls. More than 1300 mosques are there to explore in Jeddah and to understand the importance of these mosques and religion to the local people of Saudi Arabia. You will be able to see the majesty of various open air statues. It’s quite interesting to understand the living forms and human depiction through statues isn’t allowable in the city. Therefore, you will see a glowing list of inorganic products including large bicycle publicized off to its spectators.

Cultural heritage:

You can witness various and some of the best entertainment venue in Jeddah. There is no denying the fact that this place has a lot to provide to its tourists in terms of traditions and cultures. It’s a deep traditional place as well as you’ll see unique culture which emerged long back via their art collections and museums. The Jeddah Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology, the Nasseef home and Humane heritage Museum propose some of the great spectacle views for the visitors around the world.

Staying and vacations in Jeddah:

You will experience one of the best days of your life in Jeddah as this place has a lot to offer you in terms of entertainment. You will have a blast over here and get the world Best Entertainment Venue in Jeddah. Though, budget is the main factor that you need to see while staying and vacationing in Jeddah. This place is definitely one of the most preferable places to see and visit.

See Some of the Largest Shopping Malls in Jeddah!

Shopping malls are simply amazing in Jeddah. You will get to see some of the most creative malls and world best stores when you visit this place. You will be able to see the largest shopping mall in Jeddah and break the stereotype fashion labels.

Shopping is always fun!

Shopping is always fun when it comes to shop with offers! Shopping is followed by women around the world regardless of their country and place they are residing in, they simply want to shop, shop and just shop until they drop. This is the place that offers many malls with exclusive brands and cheapest wear. Women are just crazy for shopping and sometimes they simply travel to this place for shopping and nothing else. Arabian women also like spending their husband’s money in huge gigantic malls purchasing some useful and amazing products. Staying in a country which is always disciplined, strict and follow the regulations and rules, Jeddah has more than 90 shopping malls which witnesses millions of visitors across the world every year.

Pilgrims from around the world to visit Mecca:

This place also witnesses pilgrims that visits to Mecca. Mall of Arabia is considered as one of the most beautiful mall that is an eye candy for many tourists and locals. There is The Largest Shopping Mall in Jeddah. Mall of Arabia is deemed as the hugest malls of Jeddah and has multiple buildings around the complete Saudi Arabia that includes shopping malls in Jeddah. With the advancement of the technology as well as running with various transformations these malls have different fun websites which provides a tour to unique malls in Jeddah. There are many features of the website of Arabian mall that includes various offers, incredible shopping experience for which you can easily sign up. Latest Arabian deals, trends, new deals, huge discounts and any event organized at this mall are updated on the website and you will get an email regarding all these things.

Jeddah landmarks are simply stunning:

Jeddah landmarks are well known among tourists who do well research about the place before visiting. Mall of Arabia is one of the most well known and significant Jeddah Landmarks. It has more than 330 stores and three storey building along with 46 restaurants, ice-skating rink, entertainment facilities, and much more. Being a bit more the contemporary light, it’s easy and light to move around its circular architectural designing. There are few shops that grasp the eye of big brands pilgrims are Gap kids, Desigual, boots the Chemist. This place has more than thirteen categories in shopping area, from cosmetics to footwear and telecommunications to bank and different other services.

Arabian food stuff and grocery stores:

Best Arabia mall has many impressive features of anchor shops and many important international, local and regional brands. This mall has around 46 groceries outlets including food from around the each corner of the world including KFC, The Chopsticks, McDonalds and Burger King.

A complete travel guide to Jeddah and its malls!

Travelling is always fun! There are 2 main stages to prepare an unforgettable trip to Saudi Arabia. Primarily, you should be well aware about the places you intend to see and read various travel guides as well as destination descriptions from online sites or seek help from family and friends. Secondly, you can consult with a travel expert who will help in designing the journey to Jeddah in the most efficient way. There are many places to see in Jeddah from best Arabia mall to various mesmerizing central mall. Saudi Arabia is a closed state, yet its tourism possibilities are relied on the different nature of this desert.

Jeddah takes you in another world!

The city scenes and places are simply fantastic and magical that takes you in another world altogether. It is a fantastic mix of modern economy and ancient traditions and several places to see the worship of Islamic world. This is the major reason why people around the world visit Saudi Arabia. More than 94% of the world tourist visits this place to see Islamic culture and traditions. The contemporary town of Riyadh is known as gardens. This place has many shopping malls and you will find some of the world’s biggest malls in Jeddah. Apart from this you will get to see the Best Arabia Mall which is simply amazing and stunning. You will see many traditional places, forts in the region of Deera square.

Best tourist spots in Saudi Arabia:

The tourists usually get to see the fragments of traditional houses and classic Winding Streets with facades facing towards the courtyard and fortified bazaars and palaces. Al-Bata is known as a region of Riyadh that contains virtually every historic building of the city, post office and bus station that is surrounded by various cafes and coffee shops. One of the most amazing landmarks of Jeddah is nothing but the Kingdom centre, which is considered as one of the tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia. It’s being built as a property of Saudi prince as well as built on rather strange project that includes four seasons’ hotel, three level shopping malls, first class international restaurants, offices and apartments.

Shopping malls in Jeddah:

A Shopping Mall in Jeddah is seen at many places and some of the malls are so big that they are considered as one of the biggest malls in the world. The buildings of municipality of this place are noticed by the remarkable blend of architectural designs. Jeddah has many types of bargains system that is waiting for those people who are a shopaholic and cannot help but keep on shopping until they are tired. These shopping malls provide everything from entertainment to best shopping stores for clothing, bags and accessories. A best shopping mall in Jeddah is not tough to find. You will get to see unique malls that offer almost everything at the most reasonable prices.

Jeddah And it’s 3 Cs Culture Cuisine And Consumerism

Jeddah is a place in Saudi Arabia which stands on the west end and has traditionally been known to people as a place which leads them to the holy doors of Allah. Anybody who wants to have the Hajj experience should pass through Jeddah in order to grant himself the wish. Jeddah was called to be the cave of the day which used to attract many tourists to the city. Jeddah is a coastal city where the humidity is really very high in the summers. The real Arab people

Jeddah is a coastal city where the humidity is really very high in the summers. The real Arab people lives in the narrow lanes of the old city, which is a must visit place in Jeddah. It has many old fashioned wonderful houses, crowded markets which are also known as souqs in Arab. This old city is always filled with tourists all around. You will find some best dishes in the narrow lane of Jeddah. The best time to visit the market is in the evening after the sun sets, the time when people gather to offer their prayers.

Jeddah is also known for its rich culture, cuisine and even the consumerism which has made the place worth visiting. The continuous effort by the local government has made Jeddah gain exponential popularity amongst the tourists. It also promotes a family outing space. There are also many cheap flights to Jeddah passing every day to visit jeddah.

Ballad has its own historical significance because it has a rich history of nearly about 2500 years. Inspite of a huge population Jeddah has become a good example of being a religious town with a balance in its culture. There are approximately 10,000 mosques which line up the city and even provide them with a divine fragrance to the air. Though Jeddah is known as a religious place, we can even see the fine line it has maintained in terms of a singular belief in your individual religions. If you just look at the data of the travelers who visit Jeddah on one of the many flights, you will find a decent mix of various people with different religion and religious belief.

Now coming to the cuisine in Jeddah, it provides a good quality of food in the city and it has a mix of many cuisines.You can treat your stomach with some local Arab dishes which would give you highest satisfaction. Not only Muslim cuisines are well known here but also other cuisines are offered here because Jeddah is being visited by many people across the world, so it is necessary that it offers all kinds of cuisines. Jeddah also has many US brands who has set up their businesses like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Subway and Mc Donald’s. Lebanese cuisine mainly based on lamb preparations also find enough buyers in the city. They do not even mind spending extra money on their tastes. So Jeddah is the perfect place for gastronomically inclined people.

Consumerism has been now given a boost by the working population which has led to a huge move in the number of shopping malls, museums, hypermarkets and multiplexes. In Jeddah you get best deals on electronics, so you buy more electronics from here even though you do not have sufficient money in your wallet. Even your wallet allows you to buy more than what it would have allowed in any other tourist destination.

All over Jeddah is a brilliant mix of majority all the things a tourist might want to have in a trip.