JEDDAH – The Dual Gateway

A city that sits proudly on the Red Sea, a city of diverse culture, beautiful beaches, deep blue water, traditional souqs, and traditional customs, Jeddah is definitely a place that you should visit once. It is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, not to mention the fact that it never sleeps.

Historical and archaeological sites make it a favourite for historians; while shoppers can, shop to their heart’s content in this wonderful city that is the resting place of Eve.

When the city of Jeddah Tourism is mentioned, two things should automatically come to your mind.


All Muslims pass through this city once in their lifetime. You may wonder why this is so. One of the commandments of Muslims is that they have to visit or go on a Hajj to the holy city of Mecca. For everyone going on a Hajj, they have to go via Jeddah, as there are no direct flights to the holy cities of Mecca, and Medina, the birth and resting places of Prophet Mohammed respectively. From Jeddah, all routes go to these two cities, by car, by taxi, and by bus. All Hajj flights land at Jeddah and from there the pilgrims make their way to Mecca and Medina by road.


Jeddah is home to some of the biggest shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. It has a number of huge malls that cater to customers of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds.

THE RED SEA MALL – This is a shopping mall where you will shop until you drop. Opened in 2008, it is the largest shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, and home to all the international brands that you can find. Three stories house water fountains, aquariums, eateries, activity areas and shops. There is everything for everyone, from tots to adults. Jeddah tourism is incomplete without a visit to this humongous mall.

ROSHAN MALL – It is a commercial centre located on Al Malek Road. It has a hypermarket, food court, and an area for children, shops and a cinema.

MALL OF ARABIA – Home to international luxurious brands and a fashion house to the latest trends in male and female clothing, this is another Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia that everyone needs to visit. Kidzania and Billy Beez are popular with the kids, while Vortex provides entertainment for the mature crowd. It has a three-floor dining area, as well as a Snow Village where shoppers can enjoy the beauty of snow in a desert country.

HERAA MALL – A single mall that has a variety of shops to lure the shoppers, a food area to lure the hungry and a kids area to lure those naughty sweet children.

These malls are a favourite stop for recreation for the local people as there is very little by way of recreation in Jeddah. Most of these shopping centres have play areas for kids whereby mothers can leave their children while they do their “retail therapy”.

So if you visit Jeddah, then make some time to visit these spectacular malls and get your share of retail therapy.