Red Sea Mall Undergoes an Expansion to Meet the Growing Demand by Customers

Red Sea Mall, one of the Best Arabia Malls is located in the northern suburbs of Saudi Arabia’s second largest city known as Jeddah. This mall here is exactly located in the western part of the King Abdul Aziz Road which lies just between the International Airport and the coastline of the Red Sea.

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It has been stated that the mall was approximately covering an area of about 242,200 square meters before but today the latest news reports have stated that the mall will soon be completing an expansion of $53.3 million. With these latest reports of expansion, people are expecting that the mall will see a huge addition to more international as well as local brands followed by various entertainment facilities

Why did the Expansion Begin in this Shopping Mall of Saudi Arabia?

Looking at the number of people visiting it on a daily basis and its high demands in the market, there was also a vast request made for commercial rental spaces by high international brands. Also, the owners of the mall have stated that they had seen a long waiting list of potential tenants and the list was increasing by 8 percent on an annual basis.

Looking at this type of higher demand in the current market they then decided to begin with the expansion process which was said to have been completed by the end of the year 2016. The expansion this time will cover an area additionally by 145,000 square meters that will also consist of a 4000 square meter open space.

This space is enough to showcase and premiere many of the well-known international brands along with a variety of other restaurants. In addition to all this, a new parking structure will also be introduced which will hold 1,400 extra parking spaces for people to park their cars with comfort and convenience. With the latest figures being released online, it has been stated that the Red Sea Mall here has nearly fifty thousand to one hundred thousand visitors visiting this Best Arabia Mall on a daily basis.

Due to this the mall, as well as the brands situated in it, are able to generate an average of SR2 billion annually. After going through all this, you will definitely feel like visiting the mall personally and check how true all this is. So, do not waste your time and make some plans with your family soon to visit this mall and see the latest added expansion. After visiting this, you will definitely keep continuing to visit it since it is the best place to shop for all your basic needs. Happy Shopping till then!

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The jewellery here is considered to be every woman’s delight. It is something that every woman carries along with her attire wherever she goes. In fact, it is termed to be the most important part of any woman’s wardrobe. Does your heart miss a beat whenever you see a beautiful necklace filled with sparkling diamonds? It’s not only you who feel like this but every woman here feels it.

Red Sea Mall

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What kind of Jewellery can you buy?

It is true that Red Sea Mall located along the King-Abdul Aziz road is the perfect place to shop anything and everything that is needed in our daily lives. One such thing that every woman requires is jewellery and that too can be purchased from this Best Arabia Mall. A place where you can get the perfect piece of jewellery that will definitely make your day is none other than Tatu Titi.

This local store here has rapidly developed among the cities of Saudi Arabia including Jeddah, Khobar, Riyadh and Yanbu. This place here is also becoming famous around the world in the jewellery manufacturing field with the finest collection of accessories. You will find this store on the ground floor of the Red Sea Mall.

This brand was founded in the year 2010 and since then has become famous in the field of women’s fashion accessories and jewellery. This is a Venice based brand that produces the most modern accessories and watches for the new generation. At present, the store here is conducting a number of other sales and offers that will surely benefit you. So, make sometime and visit the store now if you are having any weddings or grand occasions in the future.

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