A Quick Look towards Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, a city located in the Hijaz Tihamah region in the country of Saudi Arabia, is known as the second largest city of the country. It is known for its principal gateway to the largest and most famous pilgrimage. This city encounters a lot of tourists throughout the year due to its culture and art, which are one of the major tourist attractions. Being the city near the coast of Red Sea, it is known as the “bride of red sea” having the largest sea port of the sea.

People from all over the world; especially Visit Jeddah as it is the most famous and safe gateway to the holiest city Mecca, and second famous Mosque Medina. This city and mosque have historical value and are worshipped by each and every Muslim abiding by strict rules of Islam. Jeddah is also known as a commercial hub of the country due to rising industries and commerce in the city, making it one of the cosmopolitan cities of the world. The People of this city are highly urbanized and dedicated towards the development of the city and contribute towards the development of the country. Art galleries, museums, shopping malls, markets, resorts of Jeddah are famous worldwide, making it one of the primary cities of resorts. The heritage and culture of Saudi Arabia make people Visit Jeddah and other cities of Saudi Arabia once in a lifetime, so as to embrace the beauty of the world.

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab states of western Asia, known as the modern state of Asia. It is the fifth largest state of Asia, famous for its culture, art and religion. This state has a culture of its own with so many galleries and museums defining it.

Famous places to be visited in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Kaaba
  • Masjid-al-haram
  • Black stone
  • Quba Mosque
  • Mount Arafat
  • Jamaraat Bridge

Apart from these famous places, Saudi Arabia has large markets, shopping malls, local streets for shopping of branded clothing as well as traditional accessories.

List of famous Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Al Nakheel Shopping Mall: This mall situated in Al- Qassim province, is a uniquely constructed mall with shopping outlets of every brand, food court, games zone, dine in restaurants, all under single roof. This mall is designed to create a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere for the customers and provide each and everything one may need.

  2. Kingdom Centre: The mall constructed in the capital city, Riyadh is a 41-storey skyscraper. It is the third largest skyscraper in the whole state, having hotels made inside along with shopping arena.

  3. Diyafa Mall: Located on the west coast city, Makkah, this mall is equipped with every shopping store, may it be for children or adult, with good restaurants having cuisines from all over the world. During the Festive season, this mall is decorated like a bride and various offers are made available to the citizen for happy shopping.

  4. Mall Of Arabia: After Red Sea mall, this mall is widely famous all over the world due to its location near an airport in route to Medina.

  5. Marina Mall: Situated in the Dammam province of Saudi Arabia is a package with every brand store, entertainment units, ice rink and hotel under one roof. Being located in the most prominent district has huge customer attraction.

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