A Wonderful Experience at Jeddah

One of the best city you would like to visit in Saudi Arabia is Jeddah. Being an Economical capital of the Saudi Arabia, one can find lot of cultural significance in this city. Located beside the Red Sea port, most of the international business before the airways was done through Jeddah. From here is the economical capital name of the city arose.

Jeddah Tourism will be fun. Lot’s of mosques and Islamic monuments are located throughout the country and you can see the fabulous archaeological work done on the monuments. The mosques are covered with carved walls which are beautifully done by just a chisel and hammer. Midtown market is major landmark in Jeddah where you will find wonderful people all over the city.

You have option for adventure sports in Jeddah too, like Scuba diving which is done in Red Sea and you can experience wonderful marine life of the sea. Another thrilling adventurous sport is rock climbing in amusement park. Since there is absence of mountains in Jeddah, one cannot experience actual trekking or rock climbing, but rock climbing is a real time pass and fun for those interested in sports.

You can get lots of restaurants in the city. If you are foody, Jeddah is best cuisine place which will give you lots of varieties of food. One of the popular traditional dish here is roasted meat with boiled rice. Not only in restaurants, but you will find best food in malls of the city too. Red Sea Mall is one of the best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia where you will find different varieties of food.

There are unique stores of wonderful textiles and cultural products in this mall. At night you will get various food stalls on the streets. Wonderful smell and delicious food at these stalls will keep your memory with the thoughts of city for long time. Other Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia are located at the mid town street which also offers delicious food and lots of shops which includes clothing and accessories.

While passing through Jeddah you can visit The Naseef House which is one of the wonderful place in city. It was home built in traditional way of one of Jeddah’s main trading family. Slowly this house has been renovated into museum which grabs lots of attention of people to visit. After a whole day tour you can go through one of many parks in the city. Your kids will have fun in the park and you can relax time over there.

Jeddah is one of the most beautiful city in Saudi Arabia which attracts huge number of visitors from all over the world to the city. Many cultural festivals take place like showcasing music and Islamic dance which holds its reputation of being beautiful. Food festivals are also held in the city which offers cuisines from all over the world.

So why wait for? Visit Jeddah with your family and you will find it worth visiting and get a wonderful experience with your family. Book your vacation through Jeddah Tourism packages which are affordable and can get many options to choose from and are the best way to visit the economical capital of Saudi Arabia.