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Jeddah tourism and its landmarks – know everything about this place!

Jeddah is known as the entertainment and commercial capital of Arabia and it is located on Red Sea coast as well as provides various forms of sights and aquatic entertainment. This place is a plethora of various products shopping for visitors around the world. Jeddah is famous for shopping and tourism in Jeddah is simply remarkable. From ultra contemporary shopping malls to traditional Arabic market this place has it all. The weather of Jeddah is at its best from October till May and Red sea makes sure that the place doesn’t suffer from extremes as experienced in parts of inland desert.

Plan a trip to Jeddah:

You can plan a trip to Jeddah anytime you want with your friends and family. Being in near proximity to Mecca and Medina that has four hours driven, this place is also known as the doorway to 2 main holy cities. This provides visitors an immersion in to the Arabian culture as well as history through its many heritage centers and museums. Apart from this there are numerous recreational activities that you can plunge in to and live relaxed life in Jeddah. You can even go for unique amusement parks, beaches, gardens, water sports and commercial centers. tourism in jeddah is increasing because of the beauty of this place. You will see many captivating beaches in Jeddah that looks simply mesmerizing at night.

Various Jeddah landmarks:

You can stay in mountain resort and desert escapes like Wabha Crater for extended stay as these are the main attractions of this place. You have so much to do in Jeddah. You can get lucrative offers in Jeddah on various stores in big shopping malls along with high end international brands. When you buy anything at this place then you will not be in loss or will not repent as you will get quality products always in Jeddah. People usually come here for shopping for their wedding and other occasions. You will get to do huge bargains without any doubt in one of the best Jeddah landmarks.

Jam-packed streets:

Streets are jammed packed in Jeddah with markets and stall providing a dizzyingly thrilling range of typical antiques and handicrafts, the people who can do amazing bargain will find their way right here and start the procedure of showing their skills of bargaining. The bargain huntresses will feel elated for all modern, plain bizarre and traditional things. You can enjoy the day at spice market after enjoying the bargaining process. The 1st capital city of Arabia is Dirayya. This is the most famous archeological site that possesses heavily restored damages of numerous palaces, old city walls and mosques. Dammam is administrative center as well as last station of this country. You can visit various places in Jeddah which are extremely beautiful. Its scenery includes, impressive coastal cliffs, contemporary business centers that are the main Jeddah landmarks.

Have Fun Touring Jeddah – The Shopping Hub of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country with a diverse and a rich history, much of which is still being followed thoroughly by today’s generation. With its amazing beach side view and the best shopping malls in the country, Jeddah is also the Mecca province. People from all over the world come to Jeddah to visit the holy ground of Mecca and gain the ultimate salvation at the end of their earthly lives. This is what makes Jeddah one of the biggest tourist spots of the country.

Even though Jeddah is situated in one of the most strict, disciplined countries in the world, the shopping and the fashion industry has managed to flourish beyond imagination; making it one of the best places to shop for all the latest apparels. With the flea market on one side and gorgeous high end boutiques on the other side, the Tahaliyah Street in Jeddah is one of the biggest Jeddah Landmarks  there could be. It fashions boutiques of well known brands like Gucci, Burberry as well as Chanel. The Tahaliyah Street also allows tourists to stroll about in the flea market and the local market and buy some of the exquisite handmade, local apparel with an exotic taste in fashion with a twist.

Another one of Jeddah landmarks that is a very famous tourist spot is the King Abdullah Street. King Abdullah Street is also one of the reasons for the tourism in Jeddah as it is very famous for the huge commercial complexes and office buildings. This street is known as the economy street of Jeddah.

Another great one of Jeddah landmarks that people should see when they visit Jeddah is the shopping malls in Jeddah. Jeddah is emerging as the biggest shopping hub in the world; with over 90 existing shopping malls and commercial complexes and many more in construction. These malls fashion the latest fashions in clothing, footwear, cosmetics, electronics and much more with the latest and very well known brands such as Zara, Mango, H&M, Tommy Hilfiger and many more.

The shopping malls in Jeddah are not just meant for shopping. Oh no, the shopping malls in Jeddah feature another one of Jeddah landmarks i.e. entertainment centers. A lot of shopping malls and commercial centers have an entertainment center built within the mall campus so that people who get bored of shopping can entertain themselves with a wide range of rides, programs, activities and much more. Food is of great demand everywhere in the world, because let’s face it, everybody loves to eat! Jeddah would be an incomplete vacation if you didn’t get good food. Lucky for us, Jeddah sports a rich culture of restaurants and hotels that offer multiple cuisines and can fulfill almost any craving that you have while in Jeddah.

Tourism in Jeddah is one of the main sources of Jeddah’s income since it is one of the most visited cities of the world. Be it the cultural roots that attracts our Islamic friends to this city’s port, or be it the outstanding richness of history and culture that magnetizes a lot of other tourists, Jeddah in itself is a city so beautiful and colorful, it is hard to contain the emerging wanderlust among travelers like you and I.

Planning to Visit Saudi Arabia? – Don’t Miss Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is just a wonderful place to visit, especially if you want an exotic experience of the holidays. For any working people, holidays prove to be very important mean of invigoration and spending time with the loved ones. No one would like to let the holidays go in vain by getting trapped into some wrong place. Hence it is utmost necessary that you get all the details of the place you want to visit, including hotel charges, fares, hot spots, beaches, food and other best places to visit.

To gather such detail is not a big deal, enter into the search engine search box, “places to visit Jeddah” and you will get a detailed list of the same. One of such malls is a very beautiful and a giant mall, named after the red sea, the Red Sea Mall, which is one of the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia.

Blending of Entertainment and Shopping at One Destination

Don’t flout the word mall, because the red sea mall is tone of the best Shopping Mall of Saudi Arabia and one of the best entertaining destinations in Jeddah. The tag second largest mall is itself sufficient to state that how mammoth the mall would be. The mall has “18” entrance gates to reach the mall and extremely big parking lot. Shopping is the best thing one would like to do (as long as there are good bucks and credits in your pocket).

The red sea mall consists of large number of shops and accumulates almost all the necessary shopping stuffs. Talking about the attire section, there are quite good number of shops which can give you great choice of selection. The shops contain wonderful collection of clothes including both the international as well as the local brands. The infrastructure of the shops is as amazing as that of the entire mall. Need not say, the entire mall is centrally air conditioned. All other shopping materials like varieties of footwear’s, hand bags, electronics, groceries etc are available in the mall.

The gluttons and the food lovers would be eager to know about the food in mall, as the mall contains good number of eateries with just mind boggling food items, you would just love to it. Also for the tots (who might create the troubles while their momma busy in their shopping) there is a separate gaming and playing area, This area contains wow games, which almost all the age group would love to play. So all total your Visit Jeddah will bring a nice experience.

So before visiting Jeddah, just make sure you have planned the holidays well otherwise, it may put you in confusion as to which place to visit, because there are huge number of wow places.

Floating along the Coast of Red Sea – Jeddah

Jeddah, often named the trading capital of Saudi Arabia since ages, lies as a renowned sea port on the coast of Red Sea. Muslim pilgrims definitely visit Jeddah being the gateway on their holy visit to Islam’s holiest city, Mecca and Medina.

After Riyadh, Jeddah stays no far behind in ranking as the second largest city in Saudi Arabia.

Economic Influence on Saudi Arabia

Jeddah ranks 4th with its industrial influence and make it a prime city in Saudi Arabia.

The Jeddah Islamic Port is the 32nd busiest seaport in the world supporting transport and commerce to major parts of the world.

Several organizations like Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Organization, Islamic Development Bank, the Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association and Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Places to Visit

  • King’s fountain: Attractive gleaming lights, as the evening sets in, King’s fountain are a prime location attracting locals as well as visitors. Standing with pride the fountain is claimed to be one of the largest fountains of the world with 853 feet in height.

  • The Mall of Arabia: The Mall of Arabia is a shopping mall located in Jeddah. The mall is located on the eastern side of the Medina Road and south of Makkah Road, near the King Abdul-Aziz International Airport. The mall is one of the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia.

The reason for the Mall of Arabia to be the best shopping mall is Saudi Arabia is not only that it caters with international renowned brands, but also has a perky mix of regional local brands with a monstrous parking space. It has a high maintenance and centrally located feature too. Dazzling lights welcome the local people as dawn sets in.

  • Al Tayebat International City: Mughal architecture museum lovers of ancient times make sure to visit this place with collections from all over the world. Swords of ancient time’s artworks can really lure tourists.

  • Floating Mosque: Floating on the Red Sea’s laps attracts pilgrims as well as tourists add to the beauty of Jeddah.

  • The Beauty of Red Sea is an incredible natural beauty loved by tourists from all over the world. Often people Visit Jeddah as it offers some of best beaches in Saudi Arabia. In particular the area north of the city has plenty of beautiful beaches.

Trade attractions in 2015

Jeddah continues to host various trade shows as below:

MACHINEX Arabia is one of the Premiere International Machinery & Equipment Exhibition in the country. The event will be attract thousands of visitors from different parts of the globe. For four days this leading trade show will be held at the Jeddah Center for Forums & Events.

Foodex Saudi shall be a lucrative 4 day event being held from 17th November to the 20th November 2015 at the Jeddah landmark for Forums & Events in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This event showcases product from Agriculture & Forestry, Food & Beverage industries representing the state of art culinary skills.