Enjoy Shopping in the Streets of Jeddah with Flights to Jeddah

Would you like to visit Jeddah? Jeddah always remains a prominent city for Muslim travelers. Jeddah is the entry point to the holy city of Mecca. Hajj is an essential ritual for every Muslim and it is important to travel to Mecca at least once in the lifetime. Jeddah is also famous for its exotic holiday locations. From the fashion aware shopping for the latest in international couture, to the intrepid traveler on the hunt for the rare and exotic, Jeddah’s shopping panorama has something special to surprise and glee all and sundry.

No matter what your shopping style, one thing is for certain, at the end of a day of shopping, you will need a Jeddah hotel to relax your weary feet. Accommodation options range from budget to international five star hotels, so you will have no quandary finding a Jeddah hotel to suit your budget. With so much shopping in offer, the only query that remains is what to buy? Here in this write up you will get the information regarding best stuffs to buy in the city of Jeddah.

Traditional Souvenirs

Shopping Mall in Jeddah is the perfect place for you if you want to take home some customary souvenir and a little piece of Arabia. Whilst shopping prospects are eternal in Jeddah, the best place to find conventional souvenirs is without a doubt Al-Balad which is the name given to the old quarter of Jeddah. While walking through the narrow pebbled lanes of Jeddah, you can also smell the incense of raw spices.

Souq Al Alawi

While moving from east to west through Al-Balad, you will find Souq Al Alawi.  It is an idyllic place to find keepsakes for relatives and friends, selling a multiplicity of traditional items such as honey, dates, spices, and even Arabic perfume. It is recommended to you to shop during the Hajj season to the real market culture and sense.

Gabel Street

When you move ahead from Souq Al Alawi, you will be in the by lanes of Gabel Street.

If you are looking for stuffs like jambiyan (tribesmen’s ceremonial daggers) coffee pots, Bedouin jewelry and incense burners, this is just the right place for you. Prices here are often inexpensive but haggling is necessary!


Gold and ornaments related to gold is available everywhere in the streets of Jeddah. If you will Visit Jeddah then you will get to find a number of stuffs made by gold.

International Brands Jeddah is shopper’s heaven and there are a huge number of international brands available in Shopping mall in Jeddah.