Have a great Fun Exploring the best of Entertainment in Jeddah

Talking about the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, there are so many places that you can explore out there. Jeddah is one such place where you can reveal lot many shopping destinations that have nonstop fun, entertainment and a bundle of joy station to enjoy with your loved ones.

Besides, it’s cheap, good quality and is available in variety say right form spices till clothing all under one roof. Entertainment in Jeddah has so far managed to keep the tourist attractive and engaged. Say whether it is their traditional folk dance or the beaches areas to have fun, you will not run out of options.

Saudi Arabia is one such tourist destination, where you will be amazed to see how the architecture, design and concepts have managed to keep the travelers engaged. One such Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia is Red Sea Mall. It is said to be the symbol of fun and entertainment.

Located in the Jeddah city and quite close from the airport, this nonstop joy station is designed specially for all the family members. The focus of such mall is to offer the best possible enjoyment to visitors.

How to reach there?

Transportation is not a problem. You can travel to this place by bus and even by taxi. It is within the city and hence, you can visit the place anytime you want. Once you reach there, you should visit few of the best things like Occeanica, Khan Al-Khalili, Al-Andlusia, and many more to name. These places are filled with fun activities, bowling, carting and even the climbing.

The red sea mall is said to be the best and the oldest one in the entire Jeddah city. You will certainly enjoy dinning and shopping. From ground floor to the top floor, the entire mall is busy one filled with so many activities that can keep you engaged for pretty long time.

Activities to enjoy:

  • For kids, there is a place called Kidzania which is one of the best theme park. This place is located in the centre of the Arabia mall and comes with so many varieties of entertainment options which make the place worth a perfect destination to go with your kids.
  • Other than this, you can also let your kid enjoy at the largest indoor playground where they can explore the adventures of many characters like Billy and his bees family, have fun at the rain forest and also enjoy the entire play structure.
  • Vortex is another entertainment area which is surrounded with water coaster and electronic games that you can enjoy. If you are hungry, not to worry because there are lot many restaurants and are valuable that would complement with the activities that you perform.
  • Jeddah nightlife is also quite different as compared to other places. If you compare it with other cosmopolitan city in Saudi Arabia, you will realize that although it follows the Islamic religion, people here are fun loving. Though there is restriction on consuming alcohol and no bars and discos, but the night life is something you can still enjoy here with the same spirit.

With so many activities areas and places to explore out, you will surely not run out of option for Entertainment in Jeddah.