Jeddah: A beautiful city to visit

Travelling is my passion and uncovering different beautiful places among the people is gift for them. World has enormous places which one must visit before they die, some are the creations of the God whereas some are the constructions from great architects and many other constructors. I am a big fan of both, but what if you get the combination of both at one place? Yes, in this blog we will be exploring a very beautiful city of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah and particularly a wonderful place it has named Red Sea Mall. Red Sea mall as the name implies is a gigantic mall and the reason for such name is because Jeddah is located on the Red Sea. The mall encompasses many things other than a simple mall.

Gigantic Mall:

By gigantic I mean really enormously big mall. Now of course you would tell me to elaborate about its hugeness. Don’t worry every why has a wherefore so do the hugeness of the mall (wasn’t that an exaggeration!)

  • The mall spreads over 242,000 square meters area.
  • It has a seven storage building which is specifically used for office purpose.
  • Now a damn proof to prove the mall to be indeed gigantic is, it contains 18 entrances. Yes! Simply to enter the mall you have 18 choices. This is specially thought of so that the visitor can easily access to the mall without roaming and searching for the entrance gate.
  • As far as the parking is concerned, the mall provides a huge space for parking. So in case you are already late for the mall, you will at least not have to spare time to locate the empty space for parking.

Hope those “evidences” suffices your definition of the vast mall.


For all the food lovers like me, there is good number of eateries available which offers good range of cuisines from all across the world. There is also a provision to arrange the conferences and parties in a very stunning five star hotel. Hence the restaurants and cafeterias won’t let you down owing to immensely tasty food available there.

Gaming zone:Apart from the gardens there is also a specially allocated gaming zone in the mall. Good numbers of games are available in it.

Wonderful shopping experience:Shopping can be a real fun and should not be missed whenever you visit Jeddah. With so many brands and just excellent shopping materials, it would be quite difficult to resist yourself doing shopping. All the necessary shopping stuffs are available among numerous shops in the mall. In fact Jeddah tourism has got good response and one of the reasons is a great shopping experience the tourists have over there.

Indeed the mall is one of the reasons for great boost to the Jeddah tourism. So vacations are on, just plan your holidays to the gateway of two holy cities, Makkah and Medina and inevitably visit Jeddah and make your holidays and the time spent over there, really worth.