Jeddah And it’s 3 Cs Culture Cuisine And Consumerism

Jeddah is a place in Saudi Arabia which stands on the west end and has traditionally been known to people as a place which leads them to the holy doors of Allah. Anybody who wants to have the Hajj experience should pass through Jeddah in order to grant himself the wish. Jeddah was called to be the cave of the day which used to attract many tourists to the city. Jeddah is a coastal city where the humidity is really very high in the summers. The real Arab people

Jeddah is a coastal city where the humidity is really very high in the summers. The real Arab people lives in the narrow lanes of the old city, which is a must visit place in Jeddah. It has many old fashioned wonderful houses, crowded markets which are also known as souqs in Arab. This old city is always filled with tourists all around. You will find some best dishes in the narrow lane of Jeddah. The best time to visit the market is in the evening after the sun sets, the time when people gather to offer their prayers.

Jeddah is also known for its rich culture, cuisine and even the consumerism which has made the place worth visiting. The continuous effort by the local government has made Jeddah gain exponential popularity amongst the tourists. It also promotes a family outing space. There are also many cheap flights to Jeddah passing every day to visit jeddah.

Ballad has its own historical significance because it has a rich history of nearly about 2500 years. Inspite of a huge population Jeddah has become a good example of being a religious town with a balance in its culture. There are approximately 10,000 mosques which line up the city and even provide them with a divine fragrance to the air. Though Jeddah is known as a religious place, we can even see the fine line it has maintained in terms of a singular belief in your individual religions. If you just look at the data of the travelers who visit Jeddah on one of the many flights, you will find a decent mix of various people with different religion and religious belief.

Now coming to the cuisine in Jeddah, it provides a good quality of food in the city and it has a mix of many cuisines.You can treat your stomach with some local Arab dishes which would give you highest satisfaction. Not only Muslim cuisines are well known here but also other cuisines are offered here because Jeddah is being visited by many people across the world, so it is necessary that it offers all kinds of cuisines. Jeddah also has many US brands who has set up their businesses like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Subway and Mc Donald’s. Lebanese cuisine mainly based on lamb preparations also find enough buyers in the city. They do not even mind spending extra money on their tastes. So Jeddah is the perfect place for gastronomically inclined people.

Consumerism has been now given a boost by the working population which has led to a huge move in the number of shopping malls, museums, hypermarkets and multiplexes. In Jeddah you get best deals on electronics, so you buy more electronics from here even though you do not have sufficient money in your wallet. Even your wallet allows you to buy more than what it would have allowed in any other tourist destination.

All over Jeddah is a brilliant mix of majority all the things a tourist might want to have in a trip.