Jeddah is a Paradise for Shoppers and a Great Tourist Destination

The most amazing experience that you can have while visiting in Saudi Arabia is visiting the Jeddah. The travel destination that gives you scintillating experience along with a taste of luxurious life like never before. Jeddah tourism is the place to be, with its amazing hot spots to visit and fun that never stops. If you are new to Saudi Arabia or planning to visit then you should know all about jeddah tourism. Through this article you will get a brief idea about it all.

Following are the places to visit including shopping mall Saudi Arabia:

Jeddah, where you shop till you drop

The most interesting thing about travel is the shopping experience. Jeddah is one such place that fulfils all the needs of a shopping paradise. It is one of the most popular shopping mall in the city. Other malls that you can visit are Jeddah International Shopping mall and Red Sea Mall.

Here are some reasons why you would like to visit the malls in Jeddah city:

  • The architectural design and the style of the mall exudes royal charm. The massive palace life structure with modern amenities will have you gasping.

  • The mosaic is made in all beautiful colors. The artistic design and style will definitely make you feel as if you are in another world.

  • Fresh dates and other exotic fruits sold fresh with expensive pricing is something to look out for.

  • Latest collection of the season along with display of renowned designer collection will amaze you. You will definitely find a style and a price that suits your needs.

All this and much more beyond your imagination is what you will experience while visiting Jeddah malls.

Tourism in Jeddah

Jeddah is known to be the most modern city equipped with amazing architecture, hot spots to visit and a place that is always busy with tourists.

  • Gere is one such place that you should not forget to visit. The picturesque and artistic beauty of the city in low lights and during the evening makes for a good photo montage.

  • The manner in which the lights fall and the fountains are displayed is one mesmerizing experience at King’s fountain with all its beauty. The soft music and the breeze coming through the fountains makes it an amazing family experience to enjoy an evening out near the fountains.

  • Balad is one more interesting place to visit for its deep rooted heritage history. The old massive beautiful structures are eye pleasing.

  • If you are looking for some special time with your loved one then visit Jeddah Cornish. A beautiful, yet relaxing destination for couples who want the trance and serenity with nature in its abundance.

  • Floating mosque is yet another amazing spot to watch out for. The rays falling on the structure during the sunset is breathtaking experience. You would cherish it etched in your memory even after you are long gone.

  • Fakeih Aquarium will give you a view of beautiful aquatic life under the sea. This is where you will find real attraction, an experience of deep sea diving without getting drenched.

Jeddah and shopping mall Saudi Arabia are a great place to visit and enjoy with all its offerings.