Jeddah: The Best Destination for Your Holidays

When you are having holiday ahead and you are planning for a tour, It is the Arabia regions which will top the list always. They are meant to entertain you in all the form. They have the options of beaches, water adventure sports, historic place, cultural importance and so on. And Jeddah is the most visited city of the Arabia region. So plan a holiday tour and Visit Jeddah

Jeddah has a history of long 1,000 years when it was a trading center. The tradition has continued till date and you can see the headquarters of many trading companies here.

Beside that it is a beautiful city of Saudi Arabia and has much cultural and economical importance for the city. Architectural monuments, world-class restaurants, entertainment centers and shopping malls are the things that entertain the visitors. The city seems like beauty is bestowed on it in every possible way.

If you are planning a tour to this city, then be sure that the city has a plethora of experience stored just for you. Starting from eateries to shopping malls you can enjoy your holidays in every possible way. Shopping Malls of Jeddah are the best things that you can find here. You can find a perfect combination of shopping, entertainment and travel experience in these malls. Here are some guidelines to facilitate your shopping during your visit.

First, visit some bank or exchange office to get your currency exchanged with the national currency. However, they also have the credit card system for shopping. But never forget to bargain while shopping in local markets. A perfect bargain can get you things at a reasonable price. Always remember to preserve your bills after shopping art related things. This will help you during custom clearances. You have to pay tips (standard practice is 15 percent of the bill amount in large restaurants) when you are paying bills in restaurants. Do not forget to check the electric appliances you are carrying with you because there you will get only 220 Volt appliances. You can ask for adapters from the hotel if you have an electronic iron with you.

Contact your tourist guides for detailed rules and regulations you are bound to follow in Jeddah. Do not ever try for photography in public places. Alcohol consumption is strictly banned in this city (except some permitted place), and make sure you are cautious of your behaviour in public if you are drunk. Any irresponsible behaviour may cause you a fine. The usual time of shopping mall is 9 am to 8 pm in the evening. However, a few shopping malls also operate late in the night. So have a proper plan. Friday is usually an off day in this city whereas both Thursday and Friday are official holidays. The operating hours for the bank is 8 am in the morning to and 8 pm in the evening.

If you are looking out for a different experience, then visit Jeddah and enjoy a great holiday. Enjoy the best shopping malls of Jeddah and fill your mind with beauties of Jeddah.