Jeddah – The Land of Beauty

Jeddah is one of the best known places when it comes to tourism in Saudi Arabia. Being situated at the coast of the Red Sea, Jeddah is the only city in the country that has a port. It is known as the economical capital of Saudi Arabia as it is on the highway of becoming one of  the biggest shopping hubs in all of Saudi; if not the world.

It is however, not the only thing that makes Jeddah a magnificent place to visit. Being a hub for millions of pilgrims from all over the world who want to visit Mecca, Jeddah has also developed its roots when it comes to history and religion.

Whenever you walk the streets of Jeddah, you will find yourself often mesmerized at the beautiful monuments of archeological significance and wondering how it was possible to create art with such perfection, using nothing but a chisel and a hammer.

Jeddah has been a land of exploration for decades and people visit this Mecca province not just for coming to the holy place of Mecca but to also enjoy the archeological masterpieces and flavors that the city’s food has to offer.

Jeddah has the best Arabia mall in all of Saudi Arabia. The Mall of Arabia, tagged as the largest mall in Jeddah, has some of the best entertainment venue in Jeddah which pay more attention towards the children. With great rides to offer for small children, the best Arabia mall makes sure children have a great time while their mothers are off shopping and having a great day themselves.

The best entertainment venue in Jeddah that plays as a significant tourist attraction is the Atallah Happy Land Theme Park  among others like the Funtimes, Al Shallal Theme Park and much more.

The Atallah Happy Land Theme park is the best entertainment venue in Jeddah since it is the oldest and well-known theme park of Jeddah. Built in 1986, Atallah was renovated in 2008 and reopened in 2010 with a massive introduction of massive new rides and programs for adults as well as the children.

What makes this theme park even more special is the fact that they have a separate section of small ferry rides and roller coaster rides for children aging from 3-7 years; also offering the thrilling action zone for teenagers. You can absolutely make a whole day out of it and relish all the wonderfulness of different cuisines right there in the campus as Atallah has a variety of restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisines.

Funtimes entertainment center at the Red Sea mall is also very well known since it’s a part of the largest and best mall in Jeddah. Deemed as one of the Best Entertainment Venue in Jeddah, Funtimes has a whole array of rides, programs and activities to offer to everyone including children and adults. It offers a variety of rides for small kids ranging from small roller coasters, bumper cars, a merry go round and a lot of electronic games. Along with games, Funtimes also has a number of small food stalls that sell food items like Pizza, sandwiches and donuts.