Shopping malls of Jeddah: Jeddah Tourism is incomplete without it

Do you have a holiday ahead? Are you confused about your upcoming holiday plan?

Then keep your worry away and plan for Saudi Arabia tour. In my suggestion, if you have planning for this middle east country then do not forget to travel Jeddah city. It has some best known shopping malls of the world, that are quite different from the malls of other cities.

Jeddah — one of the best cities in the tourism map of the world and the economic and cultural capital of Saudi Arabia — is a city of cultural importance which is best depicted in its marketplaces. And if you visit some of its malls, you can experience the Arabic culture. This is not the only thing that you will find there.

There you will found mosques and Islamic monuments that are the examples of their amazing culture painted in the walls by a chisel and a hammer. If you get a chance to witness them you can realize the depth of their culture through the beauties that lay on these historic walls. Let this article be treated as a guide for Jeddah Tourism.

Shopping Mall of Jeddah is the key attraction for the Jeddah tourists. Balad –a well-known market — has Souq Al nada (place for various ornaments sale), Souq al Jamia (place for textile sale) and Souq al-Alawi (place where all sorts of things are sold). You can find all your needs being sold at this Souq al-Alawi and the goods are of good quality available at a reasonable price. Apart from this traditional places you can also find some modern mega-malls across the city Jeddah.

The malls have stores of wonderful garments (traditional as well as modern) and cultural products which either you can buy or you can browse to experience the cultural importance of the city. The midtown street has most of the major malls arranged in a line. Many popular souvenirs, religious paraphernalia, Quran copies, carpets and the holy ZamZam water are the most adorable things that you can buy during your to this middle east country.

It is not the malls that will fascinate you, but the sweet smelling cuisines will linger in your mind for a long period of time. The wonderful flavours of roasted meat and boiled rice you should not miss during your Jeddah tour.

Then what are you waiting for? Grab a Jeddah Tourism package today itself and fly to Saudi Arabia to experience the cultural importance of this Arabic city. However, this country is well known for its Islamic culture and hence you must concern a Jeddah guide before visiting this country and learn the etiquette and cultural norms. Try to keep your plannings after hajj or Umra (the market get through a refreshing change during hajj or Umra), and you can the real beauty of this city.

Apart from shopping, Jeddah mall has a list of other activities too like culinary delights, scuba diving, rock climbing and so on. So it is better to do some research on Jeddah before the tour.