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The Best Commercial Centers in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a desert country is mostly enclosed within the periphery of the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The country which is known for its rich oil wells is a home to many expats. The Islamic country is home to the two holy cities Makkah and Medina where pilgrims from all over the world visit to pay their homage every year. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also a place where you will find grand and luxurious commercial shopping centers in Jeddah as well as in other major cities, giving you the pleasure of ‘shop till you pop’ and much more

Best Commercial Center in Jeddah

The three Best Shopping Centers in Jeddah

Commercial centers these days are one of the major attractions of the city for tourist or for indigenous people. Their attractions are not confined to shopping and eateries but the precinct of this modern architect are yet to be explored. Jeddah, the number two largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia situated on the coast of Red Sea boasts of the Best Commercial Centers. The city is a doorway to many pilgrims visiting Mecca, the holiest city of Islam.

Jeddah the cultural heritage city in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also nominated for the best Historical Heritage sites by the kingdom for the World Heritage sites list of UNESCO.

Mall of Arabia: One of the largest malls in the city of Jeddah with an area of 261000 square feet and located very near to the King Aziz International Airport. The mall provides one of the best dining experience located all over the three floors. Beside 330 shops to shop from for all age groups, the mall is perfect for families and includes KidsZania where kids can not only learn but develop their skills as well

Red Sea Mall: The mall is one of the best Shopping Mall in Jeddah with stunning architecture encompassing an area of 242,200 square meters and providing parking space for about 4000 vehicles.  It hosts 18 entries and exists gates and the mall stretches over seven stories and is home to the Luxurious El Alfa Hotel. During its opening, the mall was host to one of the biggest indoor water fountain and mall with the largest glass covered area. The mall is home to most national and international brand shops where you can shop till you drop. It hosts famous brands like Adidas, Burberry, Calvin Kline, BHS, H&M and much more. The mall has an indoor beach, Sparkys and In10so as entertainment for all age groups.

The mall also provides a wide range of local and international food outlets to cater the need of an entire family. The mall is a popular weekend outing place for locales where some special event is taking place every weekend.

Roshan Mall: The mall was opened in 2006 and is huge in size; one might not be able to explore the mall on foot in a day’s time. The mall offers a wide range of food and entertainment options. The mall has kids café where children can play touch screen computer games or with toys or do it yourself craft. The Hyper panda store is one major attractions with kids and families here.

Three best shopping centers in Riyadh

The capital city Riyadh is the business center of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The city is more on the conservative side abiding with their religion but today you will notice an interesting blend of traditional values and modern western culture especially among the younger Saudi generation. Since most entertainments are prohibited here,  the major form of recreation for expat and local women is shopping. The city provides shopping pleasures of national and international brands in the massive spacious mall with beautiful interiors.

Sahara Mall One of the largest malls in the city located at the crossroad between King Abdul Aziz road and Prince Abdullah bin Al Aziz road. The mall has 180 shops which are connected with popular supermarket chain Tamimi and leads to Sahara plaza the successful shopping center focusing on fashion clothing for women and children. The mall also has the best indoor entertainment Toy Town for kids and adult. Possibly the largest food court in the city serving local shavarma, Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Burgers, Fish and chips and lot more.

Panorama Mall One of the beautiful malls in the city constructed with latest international architectural specifications. It facilitates shopping for everyone and all age groups and has more than 75 specialty stores with a variety of brands like Marks and Spencer, Nine West and supermarket Danube. Has a wide range of food outlet including Fast food outlet, Coffee Shops, and Restaurants.

May it be a shopping spree or binge eating the best commercial centers in Jeddah are a popular destination to be explored by tourists from all over the world. Whether it’s a long weekend or an extended holiday break it is a must place to visit.