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Entertainment in Jeddah – A fascination for all tourists

Jeddah is known to be the most famous place in Saudi that never seems to fail in terms of expectations on entertainment – in regards to culture, tourism places, food or entertainment; this city is a one-stop tourist attraction for all kinds of people of all age groups.

Entertainment in Jeddah

It is highly known as a holy city for devotees and people from all over the globe travel to this city to visit the Haj, but apart from that as well, entertainment wise, this city is just perfect. Entertainment in Jeddah begins from amazing theme parks to beautiful gardens, this city has it all.

If you are still wondering where you will find entertainment in Jeddah, here is a list that has all the top places to visit –

Fayfa Garden

If you are a nature lover this place is ideal. From being able to see amazing types of flowers and greenery you can also spot a variety of species of animals that include fishes, snakes and monkeys.

Sail Island

Love the name itself? Well, if your answer is yes, then wait till you actually get inside. This place is located at the Red Sea Corniche and has amazing rides for all age groups. It includes a water pool as well for all those who love water. Ticket prices ranging from 60SR/adult and 40SR/child, this is a perfect place for a day outing.

Al Shallal Theme Park

Looking for a complete day out at one place with your family? Then head out to this theme park as it has a number of dry and wet rides, lots of mini-restaurants inside to dine and beautiful scenic gardens to laze around after a tiring day of fun.

It has a lake too if you are someone who loves such scenic beauties. The entrance of the theme park ranges from 25 SR to 50SR/head. Some rides inside are included in this entrance fee, while some rides may have to be paid separately.

Atallah Theme Park

If you love themed parks, then this one is MUST visit as it is known to be one of the oldest in the city. It is large and has dozens of rides for different age groups. The timings of the park differ on different days, so ensure you find out about those before planning your day to this amazing park.

The Café Ceramique

Apart from theme parks and gardens, this café is also a MUST visit if you are looking for something unique in Jeddah. This is well located in the Stars Avenue Street and is a perfect stop for all those people who wish to relax and gaze at the city after a long day. The speciality of this place is that it allows you to choose your own ceramic pieces with which you can paint anything that you wish to.

If you love it so much and would love to carry the painting back home, you will be most welcome, or you can come back to this place after a week to collect your masterpiece. With no age bar and reasonable pricing based on the size of ceramic you choose, you should visit this place if you are in Jeddah.

Still waiting for what? Plan the dates of your vacation, book tickets and pack your bags, since the entertainment list is already set. Entertainment in Jeddah is always fun and with numerous things to do, you will never get bored. Be it a trip planned with family or friends, this city can never behold to seize your moments. You always have something or the other happening in this amazing city.

Jeddah – A stimulating Mecca for tourists and pilgrims!

Jeddah is mainly known as the doorway to the pilgrims around the world for Muslims. Countless people visit to this Haji, Mecca every year. This city provides a lot to tourists to explore from cultural heritage to pilgrim Mecca and exquisite shopping malls. This is an emerging place; it offers a superb baseline for engineering enthusiast, scientific researches in this part of the world.

Open air sculpture and shopping streets:

Prior it was a Saudi Arabia’s commercial hub. Jeddah was called as fishing hamlet, revealed during mining of the urban secrets. Tourism in Jeddah is taking height since years as it is the best place for entertainment and shopping. Climatic conditions make this city extremely hot in summer season with low calm weather throughout other months of the year. Developing economy of Jeddah has turned this place in to the money maker paradise. The street of King Abdulla is a home to international work place and corporate offices which keep the monetary fervor thriving and alive in Jeddah. For those people whose interest don’t lean towards increasing economies as well as investments, they can go to Tahaliyah streets that provides the avid shoppers a possibility to try their hands and skills on bargaining.

You will find many upscale malls as well as international brands to buy. tourism in jeddah attracts more than 95% of the tourist every year who love to see various mosques at this place. This city has a lot to explore and not just shopping malls. More than 1300 mosques are there to explore in Jeddah and to understand the importance of these mosques and religion to the local people of Saudi Arabia. You will be able to see the majesty of various open air statues. It’s quite interesting to understand the living forms and human depiction through statues isn’t allowable in the city. Therefore, you will see a glowing list of inorganic products including large bicycle publicized off to its spectators.

Cultural heritage:

You can witness various and some of the best entertainment venue in Jeddah. There is no denying the fact that this place has a lot to provide to its tourists in terms of traditions and cultures. It’s a deep traditional place as well as you’ll see unique culture which emerged long back via their art collections and museums. The Jeddah Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology, the Nasseef home and Humane heritage Museum propose some of the great spectacle views for the visitors around the world.

Staying and vacations in Jeddah:

You will experience one of the best days of your life in Jeddah as this place has a lot to offer you in terms of entertainment. You will have a blast over here and get the world Best Entertainment Venue in Jeddah. Though, budget is the main factor that you need to see while staying and vacationing in Jeddah. This place is definitely one of the most preferable places to see and visit.

Jeddah – The Land of Beauty

Jeddah is one of the best known places when it comes to tourism in Saudi Arabia. Being situated at the coast of the Red Sea, Jeddah is the only city in the country that has a port. It is known as the economical capital of Saudi Arabia as it is on the highway of becoming one of  the biggest shopping hubs in all of Saudi; if not the world.

It is however, not the only thing that makes Jeddah a magnificent place to visit. Being a hub for millions of pilgrims from all over the world who want to visit Mecca, Jeddah has also developed its roots when it comes to history and religion.

Whenever you walk the streets of Jeddah, you will find yourself often mesmerized at the beautiful monuments of archeological significance and wondering how it was possible to create art with such perfection, using nothing but a chisel and a hammer.

Jeddah has been a land of exploration for decades and people visit this Mecca province not just for coming to the holy place of Mecca but to also enjoy the archeological masterpieces and flavors that the city’s food has to offer.

Jeddah has the best Arabia mall in all of Saudi Arabia. The Mall of Arabia, tagged as the largest mall in Jeddah, has some of the best entertainment venue in Jeddah which pay more attention towards the children. With great rides to offer for small children, the best Arabia mall makes sure children have a great time while their mothers are off shopping and having a great day themselves.

The best entertainment venue in Jeddah that plays as a significant tourist attraction is the Atallah Happy Land Theme Park  among others like the Funtimes, Al Shallal Theme Park and much more.

The Atallah Happy Land Theme park is the best entertainment venue in Jeddah since it is the oldest and well-known theme park of Jeddah. Built in 1986, Atallah was renovated in 2008 and reopened in 2010 with a massive introduction of massive new rides and programs for adults as well as the children.

What makes this theme park even more special is the fact that they have a separate section of small ferry rides and roller coaster rides for children aging from 3-7 years; also offering the thrilling action zone for teenagers. You can absolutely make a whole day out of it and relish all the wonderfulness of different cuisines right there in the campus as Atallah has a variety of restaurants that offer a wide range of cuisines.

Funtimes entertainment center at the Red Sea mall is also very well known since it’s a part of the largest and best mall in Jeddah. Deemed as one of the Best Entertainment Venue in Jeddah, Funtimes has a whole array of rides, programs and activities to offer to everyone including children and adults. It offers a variety of rides for small kids ranging from small roller coasters, bumper cars, a merry go round and a lot of electronic games. Along with games, Funtimes also has a number of small food stalls that sell food items like Pizza, sandwiches and donuts.

Have a great Fun Exploring the best of Entertainment in Jeddah

Talking about the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, there are so many places that you can explore out there. Jeddah is one such place where you can reveal lot many shopping destinations that have nonstop fun, entertainment and a bundle of joy station to enjoy with your loved ones.

Besides, it’s cheap, good quality and is available in variety say right form spices till clothing all under one roof. Entertainment in Jeddah has so far managed to keep the tourist attractive and engaged. Say whether it is their traditional folk dance or the beaches areas to have fun, you will not run out of options.

Saudi Arabia is one such tourist destination, where you will be amazed to see how the architecture, design and concepts have managed to keep the travelers engaged. One such Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia is Red Sea Mall. It is said to be the symbol of fun and entertainment.

Located in the Jeddah city and quite close from the airport, this nonstop joy station is designed specially for all the family members. The focus of such mall is to offer the best possible enjoyment to visitors.

How to reach there?

Transportation is not a problem. You can travel to this place by bus and even by taxi. It is within the city and hence, you can visit the place anytime you want. Once you reach there, you should visit few of the best things like Occeanica, Khan Al-Khalili, Al-Andlusia, and many more to name. These places are filled with fun activities, bowling, carting and even the climbing.

The red sea mall is said to be the best and the oldest one in the entire Jeddah city. You will certainly enjoy dinning and shopping. From ground floor to the top floor, the entire mall is busy one filled with so many activities that can keep you engaged for pretty long time.

Activities to enjoy:

  • For kids, there is a place called Kidzania which is one of the best theme park. This place is located in the centre of the Arabia mall and comes with so many varieties of entertainment options which make the place worth a perfect destination to go with your kids.
  • Other than this, you can also let your kid enjoy at the largest indoor playground where they can explore the adventures of many characters like Billy and his bees family, have fun at the rain forest and also enjoy the entire play structure.
  • Vortex is another entertainment area which is surrounded with water coaster and electronic games that you can enjoy. If you are hungry, not to worry because there are lot many restaurants and are valuable that would complement with the activities that you perform.
  • Jeddah nightlife is also quite different as compared to other places. If you compare it with other cosmopolitan city in Saudi Arabia, you will realize that although it follows the Islamic religion, people here are fun loving. Though there is restriction on consuming alcohol and no bars and discos, but the night life is something you can still enjoy here with the same spirit.

With so many activities areas and places to explore out, you will surely not run out of option for Entertainment in Jeddah.

Visit Jeddah and explore some of the magnificent places

Saudi Arabia is pretty huge, amazing and worth to explore out. if you have never experienced this place ever, then it is high time to visit Jeddah. It is one of the best are to come across some of the best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia. These stores are cheap, come with great deals, offer you good discounts and have some great brands that you may not find anywhere else.

It offers a great combination of international and local brands that would drive you crazy on which option to go for. So whenever you plan to visit this place, make sure your wallet is all loaded with ample of cash and cards as you will certainly need it here anytime soon.

Talking about the shopping experience, to enjoy a real treat in Jeddah is worth. Once you Visit Jeddah, you will realize what fun part of earth you were missing out till now. This place is considered as one of the best area with huge market places options. You will certainly not be disappointed to check out activities and options which this place offers.

There is a cut throat competition among many shops that you may notice with regards to features, discounts and deals that it offers. It certainly is the best place to shop around and explore many great brands at a great value which you may not find anywhere else.

What is so Popular about this Place?

Places like Jeddah have gained its popularity all because of the cool activities it offers, great kids play area and shopping mall of course. Besides, restaurants and coffee shops are also worth places to try out. When it comes of choosing the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is the only place that you can think of.

This place has got malls that offer everything from electronics, spices to honey and household items as well. Besides, if budget is not the restriction for you, then you can also take a look at silver and gold ornaments which have been showcased here.

Visit the Malls

Jeddah is one of the best places to enjoy the shopping experience. You certainly will not be disappointed to roam around the lavish malls like Heraa Mall, Jeddah Mall, Tahlya Le Mall Mall. You must check out electronics and carpets that is specialty here.

Theme Park and Ardha in Jeddah are worth to watch out:

Jeddah has some of the best theme park like Al-Shallal Theme Park. This place is said to be the city’s popular attractions especially for children. Your kid will love to explore out the roller coaster ride, enjoy playing the entertainment games and spend a leisure time in some of the world restaurants.

Ardha is a name of the country’s national dance which is considered as the primary entertainment in  Jeddah. This dances includes drum beats with swords and features the folk dance. You can become a part of this dance too. Catch the performance, learn some steps and groove on it and you will certainly fall in love with this Arab Andalusia originated dance.

Beaches are fun too

You must visit this place in the red sea coast area where you can easily access to the abundant sea life of Arabian waters. The beaches offer different water sports to have fun and play football as well.

Shop with Comfort at Red Sea Mall


Your desperate wait to shop ends and the day comes when you can shop like anything. The exquisite feeling it is! But meanwhile you are shopping; your tot feels it very bored to accompany you while shopping. Now this is a real clumsy situation because you don’t want to miss the chance of shopping nor you want your child to get irritated. Is there any way out? Yes, I have the solution and the solution is just beautiful, awesome and a wow!

Beautiful Solution:

Yes let me disclose the suspense. The thing I just mentioned above is possible at a wonderfully magnificent mall, which is situated in the holy city of Jeddah of Saudi Arabia, which is named after the Red Sea and is called the Red Sea Mall. The mall is made very uniquely and with luxurious and classy architecture. The mall is immensely huge that it has 18 different ways to reach the mall.

On the top of it, the parking space provided in the mall is enormously large, giving the way to hassle free parking. This is the reason the mall is considered to be the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia. In fact the mall has become a center of attention as one of the best entertaining place in Jeddah. No doubt the shopping facilities and the shops are hefty; there are many other things you can do in the mall as well.

First of all let’s have a brief glimpse on the shopping related things in the mall. What kind of shopper you are? A contemporary, trendy fashion following or a traditional attire lover? A die hard and stubborn brand lover or very sticky to some specific material of the cloth? Whatever is your taste, the mall has the shops that have the provision for all your needs.

There would be hardly anyone who would not have got the shopping stuffs of his/her choice at the mall. This was just an example of the clothing; there are many other shopping materials like footwear’s, groceries, and bags and so on. You should have the strength to reach each and every shop in a day, if you want to visit as many shops as you want in the mall.

After roaming around the malls, your tummy would also need some stuff. Now what? You need not worry; the mall has excellent provision for that also. There are many cafeterias, restaurants and other food zones with exceptional food items.

Now let’s talk about the actual solution, the mall also has a beautiful playing zone especially for the kids. The zone is so created that the kids will have both the things, playing and implicit learning!

In short the mall which enjoys the prestigious tag of the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, indeed adds immense role in the Entertainment in Jeddah. So, now there is no worry while shopping. Shop to maxim, enjoy eating at the eateries and have a splendid time at the red sea mall with your family and friends. Have a happy time and shop to your contentment!