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Don’t forget to visit the largest shopping mall in Jeddah on new year

Jeddah is a city in Saudi Arabia that is well-known for its diverse cultures, elegant beaches, and traditional customs along with mouth-watering-dishes, not to forget the many places to visit in Jeddah.  In case you have not planned, then this is the right time to visit Jeddah and enjoy shopping at the different shopping malls along with the sunset and sunrise amidst the rushing waves. You will always remember this unforgettable experience of visiting the historical sites, culture filled festivals, events and also the shopping at the large upscale commercial centers.

visit jeddah

One of the Islamic holidays is starting off soon here in Jeddah where a lot of Muslims visit Medina to celebrate this New Year. Also known as Muharram, this is one of the four sacred months where fighting is prohibited and also serves as a reminder of the brutal assassination of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Yet, this New Year is celebrated after thorough fasting and shopping.

Red Sea Mall – The largest shopping mall in Jeddah

This is yet another big mall that anyone who visits it will remember it for a lifetime. The features that make it look attractive are the 18 entrances and 4000 parking spaces that covers an area of about 242,000 square meters. It also has the biggest indoor water fountain in the whole of Saudi Arabia which is yet another attraction that cannot be forgotten once your eyes set on it.

This mall is located a little bit in the interiors on the western side of the King Abdul Aziz Road which falls between the Airport and the Red Sea Coast. To make this New Year a very special one, you can empty your pockets by going on a shopping spree, buying clothes at various international brands along with food and groceries shopped at a bigger hypermarket called as the Danube.

The shops here have an amazing collection of clothes as well as elegant accessories. In case you are a fashion lover then it is definitely going to be difficult for you to resist this temptation of purchasing the trillion accessories enticing you. During this time, Jeddah also experiences a lot of people visiting it since it is the peak time when Muslims from all over the world have their Hajj trips.

It is said that 6 million Muslims visit this place every year and fifteen days of holidays are enjoyed here.Visit Jeddah during this time and enjoy eating late at nights after sundown since this is the time when people love eating outdoors and shop at the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, especially during nights.Make the best use of visit jeddah place during Muharram as you will find this New Year being celebrated in a traditional way since ages.

Saudi Shopping – A Dream Come True for Shopaholics

Saudi Arabia, in the Middle East, is a shoppers’ paradise and if you are in Saudi Arabia, shopping is a great way to spend your time, because there are no nightclubs, bars, cinemas or the atres for your entertainment.

Saudi Shopping

However Saudi shopping delights are many for you to choose from. You can go and visit the more traditional souks or the large modern malls with all kinds of facilities, all throughout the day. These malls often stay open as late as 11 pm or even midnight.

The Souks

The souks are the place to do traditional Saudi shopping. You will find the most colourful collection of items, like jewellery, incense, bronze, brassware, and much more. Go to the souks if you want a taste of the Arabian flavour. It will seem as if a chapter of the Arabian Nights has come to life.

A popular buy for people visiting souks are the highly ornamented daggers and swords. You will need to bargain, if you want a good deal, even for things like electrical goods – and you will get a lot of value for money.

The Red Sea Mall

This is one of the best shopping malls in Suadi and s a MUST visit if you are a shopaholic. It accommodates a 5-star hotel within the mall, thus tagging itself as a luxury stop for all those who tourists who are looking forward to a grand stay.

This mall has 18 entrances and a well-developed parking space. The mall is located very near to the King Abdulaziz International Airport, making it a more convenient option to shop. The food court is amazing too as it has multiple cuisines in it.


The capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a heaven on earth for shoppers. It has plenty of large department stores and shopping centers and you have some options to choose from. With more than 190 shops and showrooms selling global brands, the Kingdom Center in Al-Olayastreet is one of the malls that is a must to visit.

Another shoppers’ hotspot is the Al-Faisaliyah Center on King Fahad road. The mall itself has 117 stores, along with a children’s corner in the food court and an amusement park on the ground floor of the mall.


Jeddah is home to both shopping malls and souks – Saudi Arabia’s largest souk, Souk al-Alwai that runs off Al-Dahab Street is here. Do not miss it if you want to experience the local atmosphere, especially during the Haj season.

The Mall of Arabia – which can be called one of the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, after the Red Sea Mall, is located near the airport, east of Madinah road. It has no less than 300 stores, a skating rink, and a hypermarket.


Taif is not as big as Jeddah or Riyadh and shopping options may be a little less. The Taif International Mall on Khalid bin Al-Waleed Street is a popular shopping destination as the whole family has something to do and there are many events that are hosted there.


The Abha Mall and the Aseer Mall are good places to shop in the area of Abha. Aseer Mall has 167 stores, 20 restaurants, and an amusement park, all inside one shopping mall. For antiques and souvenirs, visit the city’s Tuesday market.

The Malls

All the major cities of Saudi Arabia have large Saudi Shopping malls that proudly exhibit the latest fashion brands from all over the world, gift items, local souvenirs, jewellery, perfume, and much more at competitive prices and free of tax.

Red Sea Mall – A large sea filled with Shopping and Entertainment!

Shopping anywhere in Saudi Arabia is a wonderful experience in itself and one of the more popular things that everyone wishes to do, other than the many outdoor activities like travelling or visiting. If you are a shopper and want to get more information on Saudi Arabia shopping malls then this blog will definitely help you in getting some information. One of the best places to visit here is Jeddah, which is also known as the heart of Saudi Arabia and a commercial hub for shopping. Jeddah has really very famous malls such as Mall of Arabia, Red Sea Mall, Al Salaam Mall and many more out of which Red Sea Mall is considered to be one of the largest ones.

Shopping mall Saudi Arabia

Some of the lesser known facts about this shopping mall in Saudi Arabia

This mail is the largest and the most beautiful mall situated in Jeddah that has over 90% of international brands selling their products there. It has places for eateries, parking space, sports and social events as well as a high end hotel and offices. In the year 2011, it received many awards such as Excellence in Retailing, Gold Awards, Excellence in Tourism and many more. The biggest hit of this mall is the Food court there that has numerous outlets to eat and it is completely full on weekends where not even a spare seat is left to sit.

As per the information stated by the GM of this mall, International brands hold 90 per cent of market sales and thus the mall is able to run due to these sales. The figures have stated that nearly 75% of the mall opened up in the year 2008 but still some more retailers weren’t sure of opening up. Since then the malls occupancy rate has been increasing year after year due to the number of international brands coming in and today in this year of 2017, the occupancy has reached 98%.

It has also been said that international brands have played the major role in reviving this mall from the beginning, as it collaborates in promoting the mall to a percentage that reaches more than 90 per cent today, while the remaining 10 percent completely depends on the malls’ activities. This is the reason international retail names were attracted especially the popular ones, so that it helps in increasing the mall’s unit marketing value and make it a huge success.

It is thus considered to be a huge place for shopping different items with almost 450 stores currently. It is not only the perfect place to shop but also employs nearly 2500 people out of which 300 females work in this mall.They believe in giving charity and provide women with an opportunity to work.It not only attracts international brands to sell but also helps people to earn a living for themselves. The reason for such employment is the location of this mall in the North of Jeddah that has huge population living there.

So what are you waiting for? Try visiting this mall today in case you have not yet visited it and see the beauty and truth of this Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia as mentioned here.

Jeddah is a Paradise for Shoppers and a Great Tourist Destination

The most amazing experience that you can have while visiting in Saudi Arabia is visiting the Jeddah. The travel destination that gives you scintillating experience along with a taste of luxurious life like never before. Jeddah tourism is the place to be, with its amazing hot spots to visit and fun that never stops. If you are new to Saudi Arabia or planning to visit then you should know all about jeddah tourism. Through this article you will get a brief idea about it all.

Following are the places to visit including shopping mall Saudi Arabia:

Jeddah, where you shop till you drop

The most interesting thing about travel is the shopping experience. Jeddah is one such place that fulfils all the needs of a shopping paradise. It is one of the most popular shopping mall in the city. Other malls that you can visit are Jeddah International Shopping mall and Red Sea Mall.

Here are some reasons why you would like to visit the malls in Jeddah city:

  • The architectural design and the style of the mall exudes royal charm. The massive palace life structure with modern amenities will have you gasping.

  • The mosaic is made in all beautiful colors. The artistic design and style will definitely make you feel as if you are in another world.

  • Fresh dates and other exotic fruits sold fresh with expensive pricing is something to look out for.

  • Latest collection of the season along with display of renowned designer collection will amaze you. You will definitely find a style and a price that suits your needs.

All this and much more beyond your imagination is what you will experience while visiting Jeddah malls.

Tourism in Jeddah

Jeddah is known to be the most modern city equipped with amazing architecture, hot spots to visit and a place that is always busy with tourists.

  • Gere is one such place that you should not forget to visit. The picturesque and artistic beauty of the city in low lights and during the evening makes for a good photo montage.

  • The manner in which the lights fall and the fountains are displayed is one mesmerizing experience at King’s fountain with all its beauty. The soft music and the breeze coming through the fountains makes it an amazing family experience to enjoy an evening out near the fountains.

  • Balad is one more interesting place to visit for its deep rooted heritage history. The old massive beautiful structures are eye pleasing.

  • If you are looking for some special time with your loved one then visit Jeddah Cornish. A beautiful, yet relaxing destination for couples who want the trance and serenity with nature in its abundance.

  • Floating mosque is yet another amazing spot to watch out for. The rays falling on the structure during the sunset is breathtaking experience. You would cherish it etched in your memory even after you are long gone.

  • Fakeih Aquarium will give you a view of beautiful aquatic life under the sea. This is where you will find real attraction, an experience of deep sea diving without getting drenched.

Jeddah and shopping mall Saudi Arabia are a great place to visit and enjoy with all its offerings.

Jeddah: A Gamma World City

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the Islamic state which is known for its religion, trade, food, shopping, historical monuments and the king size lifestyle of the people. Jeddah is one of the major urban city in Saudi Arabia and popular because it is the principal gateway for pilgrims of Mecca. Most of the people going to Mecca also Visit Jeddah to explore the historical places of the city mainly Old walls and gates, Mosques, etc. The six doors that are the major tourist attraction in the urban city are:

  • Bab Makkah
  • Bab AL- Medina
  • Bab Shareef
  • Bab Jadeed
  • Bab Al- Bantt
  • Bab Al- Magharba
  • Bab Al- Subba and many such monuments that are the heritage of the Islamic religion.

Another major attraction of the tourists and local residents is shopping in Arabia. Arabs are known for their generosity and love for shopping. Gone are the days when the people used to shop at a flea market or from local shops; but now even in holy places like Macca and Medina shopping malls have taken the place of local retailers.

Shoperholics have found their paradise in the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia where not only traditional handicrafts are exhibited; even international brands like Channel, Mango, Mark N Spencers, etc. have marked their presence in the Arabian land. Some of the renowned shopping malls in the urban cities are:

Al Faisaliyah: It is one of the most upscale mall with restricted entries and rules, regulation that needs to be followed by female fraternity. It is one of the costliest malls owned by two brothers. It is known for its traditional outfits for women and delicacies like perfumes and accessories for women. It has its own apartments and inbuilt restraints and hotels.

Al Memlikah: It is the second largest mall and popular destination for women. The mall has an altogether different floor for women where women can remove their Abaya and can try their accessories and shop freely.

Granada Mall: Even though it is a small mall in comparison to other malls, but is popular because if the traditional gifts and antique shops. The shopping mall also has a vast bookstore with all the classics and historical books conserving the heritage of the country.

Sahara Mall: A mall that is not just a shopper’s paradise; but also a perfect destination to chill and enjoy a long walk with the friends and family. It is known for its vast woman collection, makeup, accessories, perfumes and organic grocery items. The mall consists of high end brands like Macy’s, Dolce N Gabbana, Ferari, Kelvin Clein, etc.

Hayat Mall: A mall known for the exquisite delicacies is a blend of traditional and International shops. Most of the shops in the mall are known for the formal dresses not just for marriage parties; but even for corporate meetings and western outfits. It is the ultimate family destination to shop, explore and enjoy the weekend with the family.

Quick Tips to Enjoy Entertainment in Jeddah

Choosing the right type of service has become quite difficult now a day, with so many different types of tours and tourism coming across day by day. It is a must that you have a very good relation with the people staying in the city you are planning to visit. Like suppose, you are planning to visit Saudi Arabia , then you need to make sure that you have a good relation with the people staying there so that you can be guided properly and that if at all you are in some problem they would just come and help you out.

They would even help you go to some mysterious places which are well- known there. In Jeddah, there are many entertainment and great activities that you will actually enjoy doing. If you follow and abide by the below tips, you would surely make you trip a memorable one and that you would not regret investing your money in this trip :

Things that you must Abide:

  • First thing is just make a good research before planning to Visit Jeddah, because you should have a good understanding of the place.

  • You should follow the rules in Jeddah, you should know the rules and regulations retaining to Jeddah before hand. This will ensure that you are safe in there and would provide you better security.

  • Look for good packages that have many things combined like entertainment, relaxing time and so on. This will help you balance out all sorts of activities and you would be able to enjoy every second of the trip.

  • If you have kids with you, then do take care of them so that the risk of the kids getting lost is less, or look for a package that will have some different facilities for the kids.

  • Try booking all your tickets in advance like if you are planning to visit a museum or even the shows that you are planning to go, this would help you save ample time and let you enjoy more time with your family or friends without any interruptions.

Activities to do:

    • Shopping malls are very famous In Saudi Arabia, so when iot comes to choosing the best shopping mall, you might get confused. There are numerous options available. The most famous Mall in saudi Arabia is Red Sea Mall and Mall Of Arabia which offers all types of local and international brands with an affordable price and good quality.

    • Even the beaches are worth seeing. The beaches there are extremely clean and are good to surf around. Once you plan to visit the beaches you should try out scuba diving.

    • One more place to visit is the Fish Market in Al Balada. At reasonable rates you will find more than 50 different species which are rare to find in any other place.

    • Museums are also a recommended place because you get to learn a lot and enjoy the best of the historical mysteries that you might have experienced nowhere.

    • Don’t waste your time now as you have now got a better idea of the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia and many other activities that you can perform. Start with booking your tickets before its too late.

Best of luck and Haven awesome Trip.

Flights to Jeddah – Blooming Jeddah Travels

The commercial and leisure capital of Saudi Arabia – Jeddah is positioned on the Red Sea coast and therefore endows with number of marine entertainment and sight-seeing in addition to tourists enjoying at the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia. The climate is at its finest amid the months of October to May, but the Red Sea guarantees the city does not bear the brunt of extremes experienced in the interior desert and arid region. Hence, a tour to Jeddah can be planned at any around the 365 days.

Enjoy Shopping in Jeddah

When you are in Jeddah, Shopping is the great thing to spend your time since there are no nightclubs, boozing bars, theaters or cinema houses to keep you entertained. Visit Jeddah for its traditional markets and finest super malls that is open right through the day, often as late up till 10pm or midnight.

In Jeddah, you will find Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia’s most wide-ranging markets. A place called as al-Alawi, which is located at Al-Dahab St, has shopping stalls sparkling with traders discovering the heart of the ancient city. The ambiance is paramount in the Hajj season and to get familiarity with the ‘Arabian Culture’ at its best so ensure you stopover at sunset when the call to prayer (Adhan) fills the locale.

Explore the major shopping in Jeddah

Explore the major shopping road on Tahliya for out of the ordinary items, and if you’re seeking for superior quality gold, set off to the Gold Souk where you could deal for 18k and 24k gold by weight. There are numerous out sized malls to pick from, comprising of Mall of Arabia, which is at the east of Madinah Road and close to the airport. This mall has over 300 shops, a marvelous hypermarket and an exclusive skating ring. You must visit Heraa International Mall that endows with entertainment and shopping for over 40,000 visitors a day to all of its 350 stores. It besides houses most advanced hypermarket in Saudi Arabia.

Another exceptional mall that will make you visit Jeddah is the Red Sea Mall that encompasses a BHS department store and 3 activity areas for kids that present rides and mountain climbing walls. Being considered as the major shopping hubs in Jeddah, the Red Sea mall bestows a broad assortment of alternatives to spend your leisure day: That includes brand stores to flaunt your wardrobe, lush restaurants and cafes to take hold of something on the walk off, to get back to your shopping epic over the 3 floors as fast as possible or to take your moment in time to take pleasure in customary Arabic delicacies, in addition to interactive trade fairs to have enjoyment and relax. Ensure you don’t fail to spot the Red Sea Mall if you visit Jeddah for a first-rate shopping experience.

Last but not least, The Al Salaam Mall in Jeddah is one of the largest and the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia with over 350 shopping areas, an indoor theme park and some splendid choices for exquisite dining. You absolutely must pop round Sparky’s. This entertainment and amusement area shaped around a firefly character will excite your kids and the entire family as it exhibits various amenities counting: an enclosed ice rink, rides, arcade games plus a soft and spongy play area for kids.


Jeddah: The Best Destination for Your Holidays

When you are having holiday ahead and you are planning for a tour, It is the Arabia regions which will top the list always. They are meant to entertain you in all the form. They have the options of beaches, water adventure sports, historic place, cultural importance and so on. And Jeddah is the most visited city of the Arabia region. So plan a holiday tour and Visit Jeddah

Jeddah has a history of long 1,000 years when it was a trading center. The tradition has continued till date and you can see the headquarters of many trading companies here.

Beside that it is a beautiful city of Saudi Arabia and has much cultural and economical importance for the city. Architectural monuments, world-class restaurants, entertainment centers and shopping malls are the things that entertain the visitors. The city seems like beauty is bestowed on it in every possible way.

If you are planning a tour to this city, then be sure that the city has a plethora of experience stored just for you. Starting from eateries to shopping malls you can enjoy your holidays in every possible way. Shopping Malls of Jeddah are the best things that you can find here. You can find a perfect combination of shopping, entertainment and travel experience in these malls. Here are some guidelines to facilitate your shopping during your visit.

First, visit some bank or exchange office to get your currency exchanged with the national currency. However, they also have the credit card system for shopping. But never forget to bargain while shopping in local markets. A perfect bargain can get you things at a reasonable price. Always remember to preserve your bills after shopping art related things. This will help you during custom clearances. You have to pay tips (standard practice is 15 percent of the bill amount in large restaurants) when you are paying bills in restaurants. Do not forget to check the electric appliances you are carrying with you because there you will get only 220 Volt appliances. You can ask for adapters from the hotel if you have an electronic iron with you.

Contact your tourist guides for detailed rules and regulations you are bound to follow in Jeddah. Do not ever try for photography in public places. Alcohol consumption is strictly banned in this city (except some permitted place), and make sure you are cautious of your behaviour in public if you are drunk. Any irresponsible behaviour may cause you a fine. The usual time of shopping mall is 9 am to 8 pm in the evening. However, a few shopping malls also operate late in the night. So have a proper plan. Friday is usually an off day in this city whereas both Thursday and Friday are official holidays. The operating hours for the bank is 8 am in the morning to and 8 pm in the evening.

If you are looking out for a different experience, then visit Jeddah and enjoy a great holiday. Enjoy the best shopping malls of Jeddah and fill your mind with beauties of Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia’s Wonderful Shopping experience in Mall

The most confusing thing to decide is which place to visit during vacation with your family. You want to make your holidays outstanding but are stucked on the destination. Due to considerable easy and fast transportation facilities like airways and high speed trains, it has become easy to have a thorough view of the place and take a glance on important tourist spots in the world. If you are really perplexed to visit one of the unique place, then let me mention one of the best place to visit for your vacation.

Saudi Arabia is one of the prominent country which offers lots of things to see. Though surrounded by deserts, the climate here is wonderful and one can feel like visiting the city again. The best option in Saudi Arabia is shopping. You will get number of things in malls right from clothing to footwear, jewelries and accessories, cultural items of the city and many more. To see one of the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, you have to Visit Jeddah.

Jeddah, one of the economical capitals of Saudi Arabia is considered to be one of the most beautiful city having beautiful places to visit. One of such place includes Red Sea Mall, said to be the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia.

The mall is named after Red Sea as Jeddah is located at the Port called Red Sea. The mall is one stop for all your needs. It includes shops with wide range of foot-wears, clothing, bags, jewelries, handlooms, groceries and much more. The mall has got flourished for shopping with both local and international brands.

The mall doesn’t resist to shopping stuffs only, but also has good number of eateries and other entertaining areas. If you are foodies, this place is wonderful which offers all forms of the food, right from small sized eateries to a lavish hotel.

You will get mixture of both the international as well as the traditional food. Number of restaurants, cafeterias and hotels are available with wide varieties of food. Hotel Elaf, is an ISO 9001 certifies hotel which has become the centre attraction in Saudi Arabia.

While you are busy in shopping, the mall has special entertaining zone for the children where they can be get large number of games to play. They have kept Grow to Grow centers at the mall which will help your child to learn many things together with fun.

The mall covers huge space is popularly known for its constructions. Each and every corner of the mall is created artistically with wonderful lightening effects. You might feel like visiting in a beautiful palace due to its curved structure, royal touchy ladders and many artistic things. To make hassle free entry to visitors, the mall has 18 gates with enormous parking space divided into two parts.

So if you are planning to Visit Jeddah, do take a look at this Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia which would be a delightful place. This is highly appealing mall to the visitors of all over the world. With Red Sea Mall, Jeddah has become the best tourist spot for visitors.

Jeddah…. A place you need to Invigorate

The world is full of entertainment and shopping mall all over. People like to go to the places which freshen their life and make them feel invigorating. Everyone needs change in their life. They need to come out of their daily routine so that they can have some fruitful outing, adventurous journey with their near and dear ones.

People enjoy their work and prone to give best at their workplace who travel more out of their busy vocational journey as compared to people who just keeps on doing work like a machine. But do you know, even machine becomes hot and needs a break from their continuous work which reduces their own lifespan. So, if a machine needs a break why not a human being then?

So what are you waiting for. The holidays are on the way and don’t let it go in vain. There are lots of beautiful places to visit in the world, but if you are still confused about how to plan for your holiday, no need for you to worry.

This article will help you with the destination you would love to visit. With the help of this article, I would like to bring to your notice a very beautiful place on the earth, Jeddah, one of the mind blowing city of Saudi Arabia. With an never ending and infinite Entertainment in Jeddah, there are several places to visit and each one having its own magnificence and peculiarity about the place.

Entertainment in Jeddah is fun when it comes along with best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia and one of the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia is Red Sea Mall. Ladies are mad for shopping. Its their one of the best past time and fun loving activity.

And when one has an option to shop in one of the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia, who will not love to spend in Red Sea. The mall is simply amazing as far its infrastructure and area is concerned. Its 18 entrance gates helps visitor with a hassle free entry with huge parking facility distributed in both underground and usual parking.

The visitors gets lots of options to choose from both traditional and international brands. Different varieties of attires, footwear, handicrafts, jewelries, clothing and other accessories are available in the mall. Shopping is one of the entertainment thing to do in mall and Red Sea is mall and immense contribution for Entertainment in Jeddah.

Along with shopping, there are many other entertaining things built in mall. One of the best among this is separate kid section with huge playing area and gaming zone containing number of games to entertain your children’s and making it possible for you to do hassle free shopping.

You will find many good restaurants and eateries all across the mall which can fulfill your hunger after strolling the mall for hours. You will love the quality of food and the ambiance of hotel is just amazing. The mall can be called the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia which indeed prove to be fully fledged one. So visit Jeddah and make your holidays a wonderful and exquisite experience.