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The Mall Culture of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has turned out into a business hub of Asia. With its ever expanding oil-exploration, it is latest “in-place” to be at jobwise. Many expats from different locations live there. But since it is a conservative country, there are lot of limitation of people. The country does not have any source of entertainment.

But the people, especially youth, yearn for some kind of entertainment. And that is where shopping malls comes in. These shopping mall house local as well as international brands and serve as a hang-out zone for the public. These are especially favored by the women who enjoy their spending their free time in these shopping malls of Saudi Arabia.

These malls not only hosts the shopping avenues, but they also showcase the foodcourts and fun parks inside them. The Best Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia are known for their variety of experiences they offer. Some of the famous shopping malls are as listed below:

Al Faisaliyah:

Al Faisaliyah is located in the Al Faisaliyah complex which has its own hotel and apartments. Al Faisaliyah is a marketed as a secure shopping complex where the emphasis on the women shopping. It also boasts of a fun park in its basement and a food court.

Al Memlikah:

Like Al Faisaliyah, Al Memlikah is an upscale shopping center. The specialty of this mall is that its entire third floor is dedicated to women only, allowing women to remove their abaya while they shop.

Granada Mall:

Granada Mall is a smaller mall located off Exit 8. Along with women’s shops, the mall also houses an Obeikan bookstore and an outlet of the unique gift shop “Traditionals.”

Sahara Mall:

Sahara Mall, along with being the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, is also the largest there. It’s so huge that people can even take a walk there. It also hosts variety of women shops and along with them, there is a grocery store attached there.

Hayat Mall:

Located adjacent to Sa hara Mall, Hayat Mall has the widest variety of differing shops. Apart from many women’s shops, Hayat Mall attracts lot of customer for its huge variety of formal dresses. It also has a Jarir bookstore and a shop called “Extra” which sells electronics of all kinds in this mall.

Royal Mall:

Royal Mall specializes in formal dresses for women. It is also the only Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia with an indoor ice-skating rink.

Al Owais (Kuwaiti Souk):

This is the bargain market of Saudi Arabia. With many small shops and narrow alleyways, everything is sold here from household goods, carpets, furniture to traditional and western dresses. Gold, spices and foodstuff is also sold here at negotiable price.


Deira, like the Kuwaiti souk, is another traditional style area with a multitude of shops. Deira is famous for its antique items sold here like watches, daggers, traditional clothes, hand carved furniture etc.


Euromarche was one of the first “western” style shopping centers and used to be very popular among westerners. It is not that famous but it still houses shops which sell clothing, groceries and many other household goods at huge discounts.

Apart from the above mentioned best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia, there are many other small malls which can offer interesting stuff.

Truly, shopping malls of Saudi Arabia are indeed shoppers’ paradise.

Traveling: The most mesmerizing way of falling in love with yourself

Why travelling is amazing?

Travelling is great remedy to big problems, one feels relaxed and feels away from all those problems. It makes people relaxed and also makes some space for leisure in your life, also enhances the cohesiveness among the people you are travelling with. Even if you are travelling alone, it makes you feel yourself and increases confidence in you.

Why travelling around the world is great?

Everybody should enrich their life by travelling around the world; it improves our motivation and also makes you understand a lot of things.

It’s easier than your thoughts: People usually think that travelling around the world is a big task, a lot things have to be thought about, all the planning has to be done etc. Thinking about these things sometimes makes the person stressed and they drops the idea of traveling around the world, but the rip planning has become really easy and one has to care about nothing apart from paying.

Chance to learn new languages: Since there are a lot of countries and every country has a different language. For an instance, Indian people speak around 157-200 languages. Thus while travelling; no matter you have to learn languages so that you can communicate and in turn it makes you learn them.

Discovering more about your own self: Travelling makes you develop skills which one never thought he had, some people think that they can’t walk long distances but sometimes while travelling they get ultimate satisfaction when long longer distances.

Makes you adventurous: Nobody feels adventurous after having lunch in five star hotel but feels great adventure if they have lunch in a forest of Peru, it can be a great experience and can make one really happy.

Shopping: Everybody loves shopping, and it can be great to shop from different countries. Knowing different cultures of different countries can make you really knowledgeable.

How to have a great shopping experience?

Shopping can be great fun but one should know how to have a successful shopping day.

First thing is to make a list: a list of things should be made, things you want and the one you need.

Have a good mood: No salesperson would want to attend a customer with a bad mood and useless expressions.

Wear comfortable clothing: Wear comfortable clothing while going for shopping, avoid wearing high heels which makes you uncomfortable.

Do some pre-research: Before going for shopping, compare the prices with the online websites which will give you a better idea what to buy.

Check your budget: The first thing should be done is to check your budget, which would not make you feel bad later when you are not able to buy something. One should always go to some good mall like Shopping Mall of Saudi Arabia.

Try everything you purchase: One should always try things they are purchases either it’s a dress or shoes, as it prevents further problems of getting things exchanged.

All these things are secondary; the first thing which is important in case of shopping is the shopping mall you are going in. Visit the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia and have a great shopping experience.