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Search for Entertainment in Jeddah: Things to Know

Saudi Arabia has become a big name in recent times. Many people are settling there because of the better opportunities it offers. But the country is a traditional country where women are supposed to wear abayas and the men move in throb. Since the entertainment is not allowed in Islamic countries, the sources of Entertainment in Jeddah are limited.

There are beaches which one can visit. These beaches are pristine and clean as compared to other beaches of Asia and make a good way to spend time. There is an option of going for boat trips and scuba diving as well.

Apart from beaches, there is variety of museums which one can visit. But more than that, Saudi is the land of shopping. Since there are not many sources of Entertainment in Jeddah for the people living there, shopping is the past time hobby for the people. Despite the woman being covered from head to toe, there are shops which sell variety of products along with the glittery materials, so Shopping Experience Jeddah is a great feeling.

There are certain things one should keep in mind before moving in the lanes of Jeddah for anything.

  • The Direction and Answers might not always be right – Saudi might host the best shopping malls, but their people are not most helpful while answering because rather than saying don’t know, they like to say yes, even if they don’t know the answer. So in case one is not aware about the purpose of the product, asking will only get the answer yes, it can do this or that. Same goes for asking of direction as well.

  • Malls are the Landmarks– Since the country hosts so many malls, rather than street, taxi driver are more aware about the malls in that area. So it is a good idea to select the best mall of the area and take that as a landmark. Also, one should confirm the fare before sitting in the taxi as the taxi drivers tend to ignore the meter and charge as they wish.

  • Shopping Queues – Unlike the western countries, the concept of queues is not well-developed here and hence it is normal for the transaction to be disrupted by another customer. Be it a roadside shopping or a branded product in best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia, it is important to understand that the people do not mean any offense by barging in before someone else. It is just their way of doing business.

  • Prayer Times – Muslims pray 5 times a daily. During the prayer time, the staff leaves the shop and closes the doors. The customers inside are left inside to browse through the products and the new customers cannot enter. This happens in all the malls, even the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia. So it is important to plan when, and where one is going to be during prayer times.

  • Restriction on Women: The women in Saudi Arabia have a lot of restrictions on them and one of them is that they cannot talk to strange men except probably the shopkeepers. Hence it is better not to initiate conversations just like that.

Jeddah is a place which is an economy which calls for many people. There might be limited entertainment in Jeddah, but it houses the best shopping malls of Saudi Arabia and hence can be a haven for the great shopping experience Jeddah.

Shopping malls of Jeddah, as alive as the traveler in you!

Are you bored of the usual shopping malls you find in the metro cities you live in? The angular structures, three to four stories studded with showrooms of brands you are tired of visiting. All the malls have almost the similar brands as well as structures and environment. If you think shopping malls are all the same and you are weary of going round and round and sitting in the same cafés all the time, then a visit to Jeddah, a coastal city in Saudi Arabia is a must for you.

Shopping malls in Jeddahoffer a completely different shopping experience in the city or even in the whole of Saudi Arabia. The shopping centers in Jeddah are gigantic with a plethora of choices of activities as well as shopping. One can find products ranging from oriental markets to all the best Western chain stores like Gucci, H&M etc.

One can find luxury clothing, accessories, cosmetics, traditional souvenir stores, jewelery and antique stores which can take up hours of shoppers just browsing through the sparkling showrooms in the massive shopping malls. The prices are also not as insane as malls in developing countries like India as a low entertainment taxes. The best part is that several times in a year the shopping malls in Jeddah organize different sales in which customers can purchase products at incredible discounts.

This was about the usual shopping mall stuff we come across all the time but what makes the Shopping Experience in Jeddah shopping centers different is the array of activities one can indulge in apart from shopping or sitting in restaurants. Famous malls like the Red Sea Mall and the Mall of Arabia have very interesting events for entertainment in Jeddah that are happening all the time in the malls.

The malls have a hyper market so one doesn’t need to venture out to find groceries in another places and other merchandise in other places. Everything is made available to people under the same roof which is a very exciting and economical option for any shopper around the world.

All this accumulated in one structure still leaves space for an ice ring, a play ground and a huge arcade in the spacious malls of Jeddah. It’s like a theme park, a playground, a shopping mall, a daily market all coming together and presented to you in one space of a few hectares.

A visit to the shopping malls in Jeddah is like a tour of an entire city reflecting its society as well as culture which you get to experience in once space without having to travel miles from one stop to another.

There is no dearth of anything one would be inclined to do, be it a shopping therapy, day-out for kids of all ages, leisurely strolls, hanging out with friends, good food, light snacks or a Coffee to adrenalin pumping activities for entertainment in Jeddah that you have never experienced before. There is a reason why Jeddah is called as the entertainment capital of Saudi Arabia; the shopping malls of the city testify that fact.

Jeddah – The entertainment capital of Saudi Arabia

Some days back I got chance to visit Saudi Arabia to attend a meeting. The meeting was arranged in a mall at Jeddah a beautiful and second largest city of Saudi Arabia. The mall is named after Red Sea which flows besides the city and hence the city is nicknamed as the bride of Red Sea. The city itself was just wonderful but the Red Sea mall was just a wow.

We had our meeting in a five star hotel in the mall. When I left for Jeddah I had never imagined that I would be visiting such a beautiful place, in fact it was one of the most stunning places I have visited. Due to some circumstances I had to rent a Car to the Red Sea Mall because unfortunately I was late. Right from the airport to the mall I was just wondering if the parking space was empty otherwise I would get more lately even. But to my surprise, in spite of so many people and cars, the parking space was empty. I was really astonished with the extreme big parking allotment over there. In fact I came to know that the mall consisted of both external as well as the basement parking. Indeed I felt relieved and also I suppose for all the people who visit the mall.

Once I completed my meeting, I had quite good spare time available. Seeing the beauty of the mall, I could not resist myself to spare the quality time over there only. Really my entire time just got spend in no time because there were so magnificent things to explore over there! Let me discuss some other exquisite things about the mall right from my wonderful memories:

Shopping at its best:

The mall consists of good number of shops with many good brands as well as the locales of Saudi Arabia. You can get almost all your shopping needs at one stop. Whether you are a diehard brand fan or want to go for some day to day stuff, the mall has the shops for all. From the clothes to the handbags; from footwear’s to the home accessories all things were available in the mall. Indeed it is one of the best shopping malls of Saudi Arabia and a wonderful Entertainment place in Jeddah.

Attractive Tourist Spot:

Just like me there were many people all across the world who had came to explore the place. Even if you are alone, you won’t feel lonely due to so many people around you from different places of the world. In fact the mall has special designers hired who are always ready to help you sort out any queries in the mall. During the entire while at the mall I was just looking all around it and was enjoying the mind blogging infrastructure and designs of the mall. Apart, for the foodies, this mall has many provisions from all across the world and for tots and game lovers there is a special gaming zone.

So just don’t miss the chance to visit this best shopping mall whenever you visit Saudi Arabia. It is indeed a great entertainment site of Jeddah.