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The Top Spots for Jeddah Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Many people actually shirk at the idea of going to Jeddah on a holiday. Let’s face it – it is not the most prominent location advertised by travel agents all over the world. Maybe that is exactly why you should go – any tourist looking for culture, good food, an outstanding shopping experience and a taste of that perfect Jeddah tourism is Saudi Arabia should definitely visit this place.

Let’s look at some to the top spots that this city is so famous for.

jeddah Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Biet Nassif

When one talk about the renovation and modern art of old built landmarks, then the Biet Nassif is the best example of such a modern thinking of old structures. It is one of the best renovations done in the old city of Jeddah. It was originally built way back in the 1800s and today, it has been converted to the most famous museum of the city, popularly known as the Nassif House Museum.

It is a huge 5 storey building that gives the tourists the opportunity to admire the age old culture while also has a look at the exquisite modern art. It is located on the main city street, Suq Al Alawi and is one of the most famous tourist spots.

Red Sea Mall

This mall is probably the biggest shopping mall in the city where everyone will find something to do, whether it is shopping, eating, playing, entertainment or even a comfortable and luxurious snooze in the famous 5 star Al Elaf Hotel. From tots to pensioners, there is something for everyone.  If you want a shopping experience like New York than this mall is the place for you.

Fakeih Aquarium

This aquarium is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It helps in creating awareness about the conservation and preservation of the environment. The marine beauty of the Red Sea is showcased in this aquarium. Both indoor and outdoor activities can be done. The dolphin and seal shows are a must when you visit the aquarium.

Globe Roundabout

Designed by Spanish architect Julio Lafente, the Globe Roundabout is a prominent centrepiece of Jeddah Tourism. A huge steel and glass monument, this giant globe lights up at night, giving a beautiful turquoise glow against the evening sky.

Silver Sands Beach

This beach is one of the most famous beaches in Jeddah. This place is the ideal retreat for anyone who wants total relaxation. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are readily available to all tourists, and there is also a secluded spot for swimming. If you like indulging in water sports,  then this beach offers you that too.

Al Tayebat International City

If you have an interest in Arabic artefacts than this is the perfect place for you. The museum, strategically located yet hidden is home to artefacts not only from Saudi Arabia but also from other Arabic countries like Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, and Yemen.

Jeddah Light

Jeddah tourism in Saudi Arabia would be incomplete if you did not even get a glimpse of the 426 ft tallest lighthouse in the world. It looks amazing and attractive against the night sky. This lighthouse acts as a control room to the city’s port and harbour.

Time to pack your bags and visit one of the most touristic locations in the world.

Jeddah in Threes

The commercial capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the converging point of all pilgrims to Mecca and Medina, Jeddah is a beautiful city located on the Red Sea. It is the second largest city in the country after Riyadh. It has beautiful natural and manmade historic buildings make it the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of Jeddah Tourism.

They say trouble comes in threes but I say beauty comes in threes in Jeddah. Here I will tell you about the beauty of Jeddah in threes.

The top three hotels in jeddah

  • Jeddah Hilton Hotel –It provides premium accommodation on the Red Sea shores. Only 30 minutes by car to the beach, and near to the floating mosque it is an ideal location for tourists wanting to enjoy the beauty of jeddah tourism.

  • Intercontinental Hotel– Only 3 minutes from the Red Sea, it is an award winning luxury hotel in the city. Located 8km from the bazaar of Al – Balaad and 14km from King Fahd’s fountain, the hotel is the perfect place for shopping and relaxing.

  • Park Hyatt – This luxurious resort is on the Corniche, and 8 km from the tomb of Eve. It is ranked as the best hotel to stay in Jeddah, a definite must then when you visit the city.

The top three things to do in jeddah

  • Kings Fountain – Also known as the Jeddah Fountain, it is said to be the tallest fountain in the world.

  • Balad – Balad is translated to “A City” that depicts the history of Jeddah. A good place to explore, you will also be able to shop at the numerous souqs that align the streets.

  • Red Sea Mall – Simply the best shopping mall in saudi arabia, this place is a must for all those shopaholics who like to browse and buy branded goods. It hosts an array of restaurants and a children’s play area too, making it an ideal day out.

The top three restaurants in jeddah

    • Al Baik– This is a chain of fast food restaurants in Saudi Arabia, its main dish is broasted chicken with shrimp, cooked in various sauces. They have an outlet at the best shopping mall Saudi Arabia, The Red Sea Mall.

    • The Cheesecake Factory – An American chain, offering their native dish, Cheesecake. The dramatic interiors and lighting will make you forget the chaos of the outside world.

    • Yildizlar – It is probably Jeddah’s best restaurant. The name Yildizlar means “Stars” in Turkish, and it serves Lebanese and Turkish Cuisines. With a classy interior and modern style it is a popular hangout and therefore advisable to book in advance for your ultimate dining experience.

Jeddah, a beautiful city has everything that a tourist wants to do. Relaxing on the beach, shopping, sightseeing, trying out gourmet restaurants, whatever you want to do, Jeddah has it. The city known as the “Bride of the Sea” is necessary visit at least once in your lifetime.

Come and have best travel experience with Jeddah tourism

If you visit Saudi Arabia then you will hardly find any reason to be disappointed. For years this destination has been giving huge attractive features to the visitors. The package tourism of Saudi Arabia covers every aspect of tourism. Among various places of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah has proven to be one of the attractive places. If you are planning to travel to an outstanding location then Jeddah can be the best place for you. Jeddah Tourism brings to you various reasons to celebrate. This place can give you the lifetime experience that you will never want to forget.

Marvelous tourist spots

Jeddah offers you all the satisfaction. From marvelous tourist spots to excellent lifestyle everything is offered to you by this destination. You can cherish each moment of your day with various aspects of this place. One of the most interesting features of this place is that it has exciting visiting spots.

You can enjoy your life to the fullest by visiting these places. These places have been famous for giving utmost satisfaction to the tourists. You will never be disappointed with these places. The outstanding ambiance of these tourist spots will undoubtedly blow your mind.

Excellent shopping experience

Apart from these places there is another interesting aspect of this place and it is the shopping experience. This is one of the best experiences that you can have over here. The best Shopping Mall Jeddah offers you excellent experience in shopping. You can take huge advantage of these shopping places.

All kinds of shopping requirements are available for you. You can conveniently choose your products from here. All kinds of daily requirement products are available here. There are immense options for you that make your shopping experience memorable. Apart from these you can also choose excellent luxury shopping.

Attractive luxurious shopping

Luxury shopping gives you the chance to explore various aspects of fashion and lifestyle. With few best luxurious shopping malls you can choose best garments, jewelries, shoes, home appliances and so much more. All these products come to you at lucrative prices. You cannot help yourself from choosing these products once you visit these places.

The superb collections of products make your shopping even more interesting. You can never know when time passes by while exploring these variant options. If you are a shopaholic then you should visit this place at once. All the options are waiting for you. Do not delay in visiting these shopping malls of Jeddah.

Explore all the aspects

The best part of shopping in Jeddah is the excellent quality. The best quality of the products makes shopping interesting and valuable. If you love shopping then you will always like to do your shopping over here. This place can give you the best experience in shopping. Therefore you should not wait any more.

Come at once to Jeddah for experiencing the best travel experience. This place offers you best places and gives you attractive shopping experience. You should not wait anymore. Hurry up and grab your chance now. Explore all the aspects of tourism with Jeddah tourism.

Jeddah Tourism: A Cosmopolitan City with Constant Expansion

Jeddah is a place in Saudi Arab. It is the kingdom of Saudi Arab that covers much from that of the Arabian Peninsula. The countries namely Oman, Yemen, Jordan and many others cover the best part of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah is an important end for them, rich in art, craft and the best tourism activities. Talking about shopping, Jeddah tourism certainly promotes it at a great way.

There are so many Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia based that you might feel like visiting and the good part is it is worth value for the money that you pay for it. The malls are known for the enormous structures; air conditioned spaces and dozens of restaurants where you can enjoy hogging and eating. Besides, kids have got their own section to enjoy the rides and play entertainment games as well.

What Makes Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia so Popular?

It seems that Jeddah Tourism considers shopping as a serious port and has focused a lot to develop these malls in the best possible manner. You will not see such type of architecture, design and space anywhere in other corner of the world. Some people have also named it as a destination mall with so many shops around that are with the combination of international and local brands. Besides, the amusement parks and ultra modern facilities have also made the malls even more popular.

The selection at these shops is quite huge. You will come across many international brands that can be easily recognized such as Diesel, Express and Marks and Spencer. Generally these shops start at 9 am and closes between 10 pm. in few malls, there is also an attraction of seeing some of the great decoration and piece of art that you may not find anywhere else. All these reasons for sure makes Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia experience here a worth one.

Jeddah Attractions: Things to Add in your Itinerary

This place is considered as the most developed city which comes with the beautiful coral architecture. The old town has some great historical architecture. You must also visit place like Naseef House which is known for the camel friendly ramps. Other than this, you must also checkout the fascinating place like Souq al-Awawi. Generally the market around this place is busy during Haj. If you are fish lover then you should visit the fish market located in Al-Balad.

Here you will find dozens of species that varied from sharks to squid. Corniche is also another popular sightseeing in Jeddah which is known for activities ideal for picnics and family getaway. There are interesting sculptures and monuments. You can also learn more about the city itself, by visiting Tayibat City Museum. This place depicts the International Civilization that ranges from ancient pottery to Islamic manuscripts.

So travelers, who wish to see the other side of Jeddah, explore out this place on your own in the red Sea. Don’t forget to go for scuba diving as well. Besides, get your picture at some stunning coral reef systems and shipwrecks as well. You can also do some more online surfing and get an idea on what all places you need to visit. Check out some great reviews Jeddah Tourism online and read the testimonials of the hotels that are highly recommended. Jeddah is certainly an ideal time to spend your vacation with loved ones.

The Place for Ideal Shopping Sprees in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after its capital city Riyadh. Jeddah is also a cultural and economic hub of the country. If you visit Saudi for tourism purposes make sure to put Jeddah on the top of your list to visit places.

It offers you rich traditional Arabic culture because people in great amount visit Jeddah as it is gateway to the most important Muslim pilgrims, The Mecca and Medina. Modernization has not been left behind in terms of the facilities and entertainment avenues in Jeddah. There are many museums, beautiful historical sites, architectural marvels, if you are the kinds for whom shopping works as a therapy you have to visit Jeddah for the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia.

The country promotes Jeddah Tourism as being ‘different’ and so it is. A great blend of rich culture and modernity that Jeddah offers makes the experience different from any other place in the world. For instance, the shopping experience in Jeddah is quite different from usual shopping malls in countries as the malls are huge structures with stories on top of stories filled with spaces for all kinds of brands and services. Along with that the malls are made aesthetically pleasing to attract people by placing pools of water with fish and plants for natural conditioning of the air, in different places.

Many shopping malls in Jeddah like the Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia are the key highlights of Jeddah Tourism. Red Sea Mall is one of the largest and the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. What’s more, regardless of the fact that you’re not purchasing anything, simply hanging-out inside the shopping center is a wonderful option owing to the entertainment avenues in Jeddah shopping malls and also one of the local people’s method for unwinding. It’s extremely extensive and beautiful and colorful architectural design which adds to the shopping experience in Jeddah.

If you visit Jeddah you have the option to explore humongous shopping malls which can easily take up to more than a couple of hours and still leaving you things to do and shops to check out in the malls. Along with that Jeddah tourism offers you an insight into the Arabic history and culture in the form of museums, historical sites, etc. If you’re tired of roaming around inside huge lighted up structures and need to breathe some fresh air, then anywhere you step out you will find beautiful sea side on the Red Sea coast on which the city of Jeddah lies. There are beautiful passages that are built for people to take leisurely strolls or two and take in the soft breeze while enjoying the view.

Jeddah is one place that one has to visit in Saudi Arabia to complete one’s vacation trip to Saudi or even otherwise and the Shopping Malls in Jeddah is something you wouldn’t want to miss. You decide to shop or not, you’re on a low budget trip or a spending spree; Jeddah tourism is planned to suit people from all walks of life according to their inclination.

A Wonderful Experience at Jeddah

One of the best city you would like to visit in Saudi Arabia is Jeddah. Being an Economical capital of the Saudi Arabia, one can find lot of cultural significance in this city. Located beside the Red Sea port, most of the international business before the airways was done through Jeddah. From here is the economical capital name of the city arose.

Jeddah Tourism will be fun. Lot’s of mosques and Islamic monuments are located throughout the country and you can see the fabulous archaeological work done on the monuments. The mosques are covered with carved walls which are beautifully done by just a chisel and hammer. Midtown market is major landmark in Jeddah where you will find wonderful people all over the city.

You have option for adventure sports in Jeddah too, like Scuba diving which is done in Red Sea and you can experience wonderful marine life of the sea. Another thrilling adventurous sport is rock climbing in amusement park. Since there is absence of mountains in Jeddah, one cannot experience actual trekking or rock climbing, but rock climbing is a real time pass and fun for those interested in sports.

You can get lots of restaurants in the city. If you are foody, Jeddah is best cuisine place which will give you lots of varieties of food. One of the popular traditional dish here is roasted meat with boiled rice. Not only in restaurants, but you will find best food in malls of the city too. Red Sea Mall is one of the best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia where you will find different varieties of food.

There are unique stores of wonderful textiles and cultural products in this mall. At night you will get various food stalls on the streets. Wonderful smell and delicious food at these stalls will keep your memory with the thoughts of city for long time. Other Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia are located at the mid town street which also offers delicious food and lots of shops which includes clothing and accessories.

While passing through Jeddah you can visit The Naseef House which is one of the wonderful place in city. It was home built in traditional way of one of Jeddah’s main trading family. Slowly this house has been renovated into museum which grabs lots of attention of people to visit. After a whole day tour you can go through one of many parks in the city. Your kids will have fun in the park and you can relax time over there.

Jeddah is one of the most beautiful city in Saudi Arabia which attracts huge number of visitors from all over the world to the city. Many cultural festivals take place like showcasing music and Islamic dance which holds its reputation of being beautiful. Food festivals are also held in the city which offers cuisines from all over the world.

So why wait for? Visit Jeddah with your family and you will find it worth visiting and get a wonderful experience with your family. Book your vacation through Jeddah Tourism packages which are affordable and can get many options to choose from and are the best way to visit the economical capital of Saudi Arabia.

Of Malls and Monuments: The Jeddah Diaries

The story of Jeddah is an intriguing one. This port city on Saudi Arabia’s western shores was founded more than 2500 years ago has flourished over time, and is now a full-fledged commercial behemoth. Despite its growth commercially, it has always stayed true to its religious roots as well.

Jeddah acts as the gateway through which the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina has to be undertaken. The transition from the flourishing port city to the commercial capital is evident throughout the city, with architecture representing both the old and the new.

Jeddah is internationally recognized nowadays mainly because of its commercial development. The city has seen the rise of several world-class malls, which offer shoppers a whole host of international brands to choose from. This hyper-development has seen Jeddah tourism hitting dizzying heights, and people from all over the world are coming in everyday in search of what this ancient land has to offer.

More than just malls

Jeddah’s offerings to tourists in terms of sights and sounds are much more than the many amazing malls that have cropped up recently. This historic city has a side to it that has been a bit overlooked in the rush of the ever-increasing commercial boom. And that historic side includes traditional Arab architecture which can be seen in all its glory in the many mosques and monuments that are scattered throughout the city. The following places feature some of the best architectural structures in Jeddah:

  • Al-Balad District: Al-Balad is the older part of Jeddah, the piece of history that is slowly being eclipsed by many a Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia. This part of the city will always hold great value historically and culturally, because this is where Jeddah was originally founded. The architecture of Al-Balad generally features houses made of coral blocks along with palm wood lattices. The government has done a commendable job by preserving and protecting the buildings of this area.

  • Mansions: Several mansions from the past are scattered around the city and make for exceptional viewing. The Sharbatly and Nasif mansions were owned by noble merchants, and are now frequented by tourists. Featuring richly decorated interiors and glorious Arabian architecture, these mansions play key roles in promoting Jeddah Tourism.

  • The Municipality Museum: The building housing this famous museum was first built during the first part of the 20th century and like many buildings of the Al-Balad District features the use of coral stones. The museum is home to several artefacts of historical significance.

  • Abdel Raouf Hasan Khalil Museum: This museum is primarily for art enthusiasts, who can find paintings and tapestries here which date back almost 500 years. The venue also acts as a regular host for contemporary art exhibitions, where young artists showcase their talents.

  • “The Tomb of Eve”: Legend says that an old Christian cemetery in Jeddah houses “the tomb of eve”. This spot is popular among many Christian tourists.

Apart from many a Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia, Jeddah is also home to several other interesting places known for their historic and scenic importance.

Things to do in the Saudi Arabian City of Jeddah

Jeddah is a city situated on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. Nicknamed ‘The Bride of The Red Sea’, the city in modern times has come to claim both commercial, as well as religious significance. In religious terms, the city is well-known for being the gateway to Mecca and Medina, the holy cities which Muslims from all around the world visit during their compulsory at least once-in-a-lifetime Hajj pilgrimage.

A port city since ancient times, the concepts of trade and commerce are no outsiders to this part of the world, and have always been in a constant state of boom. This boom has made the city what it is, and who it is today; a towering giant representing Saudi Arabia’s commerce. Even the country’s capital city Riyadh, has failed to compete with the development seen by this port city-turned-commercial capital.

When cities of historical importance gain significance commercially, their stories and mystique are lapped up by tourists all over the globe; and they come rushing in. The high tourism statistics are proof of the fact that the city has become an obvious entry in every globetrotter’s bucket-list.

And the city is ripe in terms of the hours of exploration and astonishment that it has to offer. Whether you plan on taking a peek inside perhaps Saudi Arabia’s biggest shopping centre or fancy a visit to the solitude of the beaches and resorts, Jeddah Tourism is trending, and fast. Enlisted below are some of the must-do activities when you pay a visit to Jeddah:

  • The Waterfront: If you plan to visit Jeddah, be sure to make The Jeddah Waterfront one of your priorities. The waterfront stretches over 60 km and is home to some beautiful beaches. The natural side of Jeddah has been somewhat overlooked in its surge to commercial supremacy, but it is abundant in this part of the city. Water sports enthusiasts will find a lot to their liking here, with scuba diving and deep sea diving becoming almost regular affairs. The beauty of the Coral Reefs underwater makes it completely worth your while.

  • Balad: This is the old part of the city; where it was originally founded. Over 2000 years back in time, fishermen played the roles of the founding fathers and took the first steps which have led up to the now. The remnants of the past that have stood the test of time include houses featuring the use of palm wood lattices and coral stones. This is the ideal place for wanderers and the mystical-minded.

  • Floating Mosque: To the North of the Waterfront lies The Floating Mosque and this exemplary piece of architecture has captivated a large section of travellers. This is illusion at its finest which bears the icing of the beautifully worked marble exterior. Many also know this Mosque by the name: “White Mosque”.

  • Mall of Arabia: The past has endured and the present will endure as well. The Mall of Arabia claims to be the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia, and few who visit Jeddah will dare to argue. Three floors of products sourced from all over the world; from brands both internationally acclaimed to the up-and-coming ones, manage to bowl over every shopaholic who has ever set foot in Jeddah.

The luxury of life is here..!!

Travelers and roamers all over seek out for:

  • Craziest places full of adventures
  • Beautiful destinations
  • Nature’s immense gifts
  • Different cuisines to try upon
  • Shopping exposures, fashion streets, malls
  • Theme parks, etc.
  • But moreover, they look out for luxury, the luxury of heaven down in this techno freak world.

Tourism is the room of all the above points. One needs to know the do’s and don’ts of the place they visit for a holiday, before they plan their weekend. Entertainment and luxury both are the foundations of happiness and a break from the monotonous routine. From a whole day hectic schedule, when there is a sight of holidays coming by, it is pretty normal to search out a place worth resting, fun-loving, entertaining, beautiful, luxurious and best.

Here’s a glance over the one of the best tourist place in the world: Jeddah tourism

  • A place commercially developed with entertainment glimpse
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia
  • Full of aquamarine activities aside the Red Sea coast
  • Contains the range of most traditional Arabic textures to modern Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia
  • The weather is pretty normal and well visited between Octobers to May for having a holiday.
  • There are hundreds of aqua sports clubs running all along the coastline, all water sports are experienced by the tourists with utmost safety measures.
  • Small kids are busy in building their castles, elders on a sun bath, aroma meditation and youngsters killing out all adventures enjoying as the best part of the life.
  • The city’s harmony is unbeatable
  • For the Shopaholics, Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia is their final stop. From the street vendors to the showrooms, each and every person is occupied with a huge bunch of people, buying happiness in the form of awesome little gifts for any occasion down there.
  • Their museums are blessed with the roots of the Islamic culture. Islamic civilization, its starting point, turning points, the real hero stories, ancient love stories, food habits, their monetary systems, the rule of their ancestors and the list is never ending.
  • There comes amusement parks now, It has adventurous rides, the longest and largest roller coaster ride, cuisines of around the globe, food market, clowns and painted walls of happiness around.
  • There are several places around Jeddah that are worth watching around the city, they are either men-planned locations to visit or nature’s gift to them, but a must watch sight for every tourist out there.
  • Being a desert, it is developed more than any other city. The drainage system to the public headquarters it is so very clean of pollution and even corruption. It gives a soothing feeling when visited and a place like home somewhere in Jeddah mall.
  • It is full of museums, heritage buildings, monuments, all the refreshing and recreational forms of art that attracts thousands of people over the world to visit Jeddah Tourism.

What to do and where to do shop in Jeddah

Jeddah is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia known for its great economical standard. The city is located right beside the red sea and has the only port in the country. The business centred here connects Saudi Arabia with a lot of different countries worldwide due to the availability of the port.

The main half of the city is filled with mosques of great archaeological significance as well as markets which offer a variety of goods of different types. You will find a very good market at the Middle of the city located near the mid street. The Hera’a Mall located on Madina Street is one of the most popular malls in the city. It offers designer products of famous companies.

You will have a grand time going about this huge market and visiting different shops. You will find a lot of nice textile material here as many are hand woven. The prices may seem a bit steep but the quality of the products and the exquisite beauty makes the price tag worth it. You will not find the wonderful carpets which you will get here anywhere else on earth. Hera’s Mall is actually one of the best shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia.

You will also get to do a bit of adventures sports when in Jeddah. Since the city is mainly a desert with the exception of the connection to the red sea you will find that you have the option of going for a bit of scuba diving. You can enjoy the amazing marine life of the Red Sae with your entire family. It’s an experience one should not miss when visiting Jeddah.

Another great mall is the Jeddah International Mall which experts in gold and Filipino food. You will find a lot of great deals on gold products when you visit Jeddah International Mall which is one of the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia.

The wonderful culture of the place will leave you feeling not like a tourist but someone who actually belongs there. You can see that there are a lot of cultural festivals going on in the city all through the year. Many food festivals also take place here. The wonderful cuisines you will get in the city of Jeddah will leave you memorized.

The exquisite tastes of open air oven which line the streets during the evening spread the aroma of cooked meat all through the air and are an absolute delight. You also get to visit any of the wonderful parks in the city to grab a bit of leisure time and relax. These parks are the best option for anyone traveling with kids since they can play about the place and you can just take a stroll or marvel the many fountains which adorn these parks.

The Atallah Happy Land Park is a famous park known for its beautiful ice skating rink and different outdoor and indoor rides. A wonderful place to visit with your family,if you are going through the city of Jeddah. Jeddah Tourism packages can be found easily and there are affordable. You can book the ones which suites your time and taste. You also get to decide the option of lodging etc when you go for the customization tourism packages. Jeddah tourism packages are the best way to visit the beautiful city of Jeddah.