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When we talk about entertainment, the first thing that comes to our mind is the type of place where we can enjoy and have fun. It is more to do with the freedom and quality time spent. What if the whole family does it together? However it is difficult to find such a place where the whole family can enjoy and do what they want. A solution to this problem is best entertainment venue in Jeddah.

The next question is what do you look for in a place where you can individually cater to the need of all the members of your family?

  • Need to be spacious
  • It should have something for every member of the family
  • Should be safe and secure especially when it’s about kids
  • Value for money


Jeddah, that ultimate holiday haven, is the home to some of the Best Arabia malls.

These malls are made for keeping the Kingdom of Arabia entertained. On the contrary, these malls cater to millions of other people who visit Jeddah as pilgrims and as tourists. These malls have everything to keep you happy and entertained hence, are considered as the Best entertainment venue in Jeddah.


Residents of Saudi Arabia are aware, but if you are not then just Google Best Arabia Mall and the result would be a long list of malls but the first in the list would be Red Sea Mall. It is the biggest and the most famous one in Jeddah.

Let us see the reasons for it being so famous:

  • The mall is built in 242,200 square meters area.
  • Home to five star hotel Elaf Jeddah.
  • Seven story office building.
  • Maximum numbers of events are organized in this mall.
  • A mall with amusement park, ice-skating ring, and a gaming zone where 400 people can play.
  • All big international brands under one roof
  • Smart parking at the expense of 60 Million Riyals
  • Mall with 18 gates and parking space for 4000 cars

Following strict Islamic rules makes the options of entertainment limited, but keeping this in mind the mall is designed and equipped in such a way that it feels like entertainment is unlimited. The best food to eat, best brands to shop from and best facilities to use. This mall is so popular that during weekends it is very hard to find a parking spot or a table to dine.

Apart from shopping malls, Jeddah can offer:

Theme Parks

The Al Shallah theme park is the best amusement park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covering 600,000 square meters of land on Jeddah coast. You name the ride and they have it there. Moreover, it offers ice skating and boating. One of the must visit place in Jeddah.


The only aquarium representing the wonders of underwater of Red Sea. It has a collection of more than 200 species. Visitors can enjoy amazing daily shows of Dolphin and Seal Lion shows every day. If you are bold, enough you can also try swimming with the dolphins.

From picturesque views to sandy beaches and blue sea, it has something to offer everybody. Come to the world of Jeddah and experience the entertainment it offers.

For More info : https://www.redseamall.com/

Shop till you are in Jeddah!!!

Not many people know about Jeddah as it is not a much talked about city unlike places like New York, Paris or even Dubai. We may have heard about Saudi Arabia and its capital city Riyadh. Let us peek a glance into the city of Jeddah.

Jeddah – The Shopaholic’s Delight

Jeddah is a city located in the Hijaz Tihamah region on the coast of Red Sea, also known as the urban centre of Saudi Arabia. One of the largest cities in Makkah Province, this largest sea port is also the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after its capital.

It is an important commercial hub in Saudi Arabia with a huge number of malls. A gateway to Medina, it is the second holiest place in Islam where Muslims around the world come visiting once in their lifetime. This city has been labelled as “unique” and the “most open city” by the majority of the Saudis since they have been promoting tourism here.

Jeddah has all sorts of bargains waiting for those who just cannot live without shopping. Whether you are after a memento of a trip to Jeddah, or simply running out to shop, you won’t be disappointed with what Jeddah has to offer since it is a cosmopolitan hub of some of the most glamorous shopping malls. Without a doubt it has the best bargains for shopping.

After scooping a bargain or two, you can stay on further and enjoy the aromas of the spice markets and the hustle and bustle of people moving in and out. In case you are tired and bored with your usual life, then try visiting a shopping mall at jeddah since Jeddah has many huge malls for shopping and one such is the Red sea Mall,the best Arabia mall.

Red Sea Mall – A shopping mall at Jeddah

Shopping has always been one of the most popular activities to do in Jeddah. It is a place where you get a wide range of high end outlets for shopping; all you need to know is where you have to go. There is no doubt that The Red Sea Mall is one of the most popular and elegant malls in Jeddah. It is a global destination that is visited by all visitors coming in since it has just about everything.

Also known as a global commercial centre, this mall contains different markets including the gold market, a market for handicrafts and antiques and also one for international brands. You can also find good watches, electronics, prayer mats, branded clothes and many more at cheaper rates that you wouldn’t actually get in simple shops. The size of this mall is equivalent to 52 football fields and receives more than 52 million visitors yearly.

Being one of the biggest shopping centres in Jeddah, this mall is situated at the northern suburbs on Malik Road. It contains a five star hotel along with a seven storey building with parking areas. It is a mix of international and local brands. You will get items of different brands like Burberry, Givenchy, Top Shop and many more. It has a huge play land for children of all ages to play.

Also this land has a lot of rides for children to entertain themselves. In case you are tired you can rest at one of the restaurants and cafes like Bonnon café, Dip N Dip, Haif & Kaif and many others. The best thing about the Red Sea Mall is that every weekend they have entertainment for families and that is why it is the Best Arabia Mall.

After you are done with your shopping, you can hang out in the amusement parks after a long day’s shopping or take a boat ride on the Red Sea. Just make sure that you just don’t buy everything in sight, since we know that it is the best place for having fun.