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Visit the Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when you next plan your holiday

The Red Sea Mall, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is the largest mall in the city of Jeddah that is located on Malik Road (between the Red Sea Coast and famous King Abdulaziz International Airport). It is well located at the west side of the King Abdulaziz road. It is a place where you can immerse yourself in fashion and food, and allow yourself to have a unique shopping experience.

red sea mall jeddah Saudi Arabia

The mall sprawls over an area of 242,000 square meters and includes a five-star hotel, a seven-storied office building as well as both outdoor and indoor parking areas. The mall operates from three floors and even has trams to carry shoppers around the mall. All of the parking areas are connected to the 18 entrances of the mall, helping people to have easy access to the mall. It has stunning water fountains and a large play area for kids, where events are organised specially for them. You can even paint your face.

The Red Sea Mall has received numerous awards for Excellence in Retailing, Gold Award, Excellence in Tourism and much more back in 2011. It attracts a large number of shoppers every day. Initially, when the mall opened in 2008, only 75% of it opened as a few retailers had doubts about opening their stores in the mall, as they were worried about how the world crisis would affect Saudi Arabia. Since then, though, the mall’s occupancy rate has been growing steadily each year and it is around 98% at present.

From Saturday to Wednesday the mall is open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM, while on Thursdays they operate from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM. On Fridays though, the mall opens its stores from 1:30 PM to 1:00 AM. The mall has a large number of stores with high-end brands like Burberry and Coach along with mainstream ones like Centrepoint and H&M.

There are furniture stores as well like HOM and Pottery Barn. There is even an art gallery for art lovers, Gallery 1. You can choose to stay in the Elaf Jeddah Hotel, which is a five-star hotel located on the mall premises. The mall has a large food court along with dine-in restaurants like Steak House, Pane Caldo, Applebee’s and more. The Danube is a supermarket that is part of the mall.

A unique feature of this mall is that it features a walk of history where people interested in history can take a walk down the heritage lane. This history section features traditional decorations and paintings of historical Saudi. Not only that, it also has boutiques that sell local items and dresses.

Women in Saudi Arabia cannot do much outside the house except for shopping and the Red Sea Mall becomes one of the places where the entire family can have a relaxing experience. Whether it is family time or just a little bit of “me” time for the women, after leaving their children behind with their nannies and coming to the mall in chauffeur driven cars, it is an ideal place to spend time shopping and dining and pampering yourself.  Dressed in their traditional long black abayas, women love to spend time in the mall.

Being an affluent country, there is no dearth of shoppers in the Red Sea Mall Jeddah Saudi Arabia. If you are visiting Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Mall is definitely a place to go at least once, being visually stunning and offers you a wide range of activities you can do while you are there. The Red Sea Shopping Mall, is indeed  a favourite place to hang out for shoppers as well as visitors.

Jeddah – A Global Commercial Hub

One of the most amazing places to visit in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Jeddah, the second biggest city after the capital of Riyadh. Jeddah is a city located in the Hijaz Tihamah region on the coast of the magnificent Red Sea.

The city of Jeddah is the gateway to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Every pilgrim has to pass through Jeddah when going for his hajj. The city is also famous for marine life, flora and fauna, amazing lifestyle and of course, the commercial centres in Jeddah.

There are very few areas, if any for recreation, like discotheques and cinemas and most people visit the city as it as the some of the Best Commercial Centre in Jeddah. Over 95 shopping malls are found in this city as the only and main form of recreation is shopping.


The number of commercial centres in the city is so large that it becomes difficult to decide which is the best commercial centre in Jeddah for shopping. The Attallah commercial centre is the latest as far as commercial centres are concerned. The city has developed a lot in recent years with magnificent architectural development by way of shopping malls like the Red Sea Mall. IT has become a prime destination for tourists and locals alike for its beautiful sunny beaches, wonderful climate and quiet life.


In a bid to attract more tourists and make the city a worthy habitat for its inhabitants, many companies are actively investing in the city development. Commercial centres are given a makeover regularly to ensure that their original beauty is retained. No expenses are spared whatsoever to make this wonderful city beautiful and modern.



Located on the Corniche, this has been developed as a first class commercial centre with no expense spared. The design has been done in such a way to combine the unique location facing the Red Sea with its unique architectural features. The centre contains floor enough floor space to cater for the various services and activities which work together harmoniously to serve the celebrated clientele. Its unique location, innovative design and superb architecture ensure that this a centre where business will thrive.


The Red Sea Mall is situated in the heart of Jeddah. It is one of the main shopping centres and entertainment venue in the city for both residents and tourists. With an area of 242, 200 square miles, the building comprises of seven-story office building with a five-star hotel as well as a massive shopping mall. It has both external and underground parking which are linked to the 18 entrances, which allow access to the mall.

The Red Sea Mall has established itself as a premier shopping, entertainment and dining venue in the city of Jeddah. The mall has become the first commercial centre in Jeddah, and even Saudi Arabia to offer free Wi-Fi access to all its visitors and staff. This is done via multiple service providers. It is also the first mall in the kingdom to have a permanent FM Radio Station with a built-in studio.

Jeddah is a beautiful city and fast becoming a place where tourists and executives will flock in get a price of this wonderful place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

All about the largest shopping malls in Jeddah!!!

Jeddah, a part of Saudi Arabia, is a city in the Hijaz Tihamah region on the coast of Red Sea and known as the major urban center of western Saudi Arabia. It is the largest city of Makkah Province, the largest sea port and the second largest city developed after the capital city, Riyadh. With a population of more than three million people, Jeddah is an important commercial hub too. For those who would like to know more about Jeddah, it would be interesting to know that it’s a shopper’s paradise.

It has over 90 shopping centers or malls, so there is always ongoing Entertainment in Jeddah. It is considered to be one of the most popular destinations for Saudis and millions of pilgrims arriving every year to visit Mecca. Looking at the population of the country, we can say that shopping is very popular there throughout the year without any cinemas, theatres or discotheques. Being an Islamic country, there are no pubs either.

Some places for entertainment in Jeddah

Jeddah has just about everything. With so much retail choice, it becomes difficult for us to decide which place we would get the best shopping experience. Well, I have never visited Jeddah before, but have read about it online and still try to explore more about the place. There are two of the biggest shopping centers in the city, one being the Red Sea Mall and the other is the Mall of Arabia.

The Red Sea Mall

  • It has around 18 entrances, 4000 parking spaces with around three floors of huge space.
  • These floors have numerous shops, restaurants and things for entertainment.
  • Has a 5 star hotel “Elaf Jeddah” and a 7 storey office building attached to it.
  • Famous stores like Virgin Megastore, Sparke’s Games City and the Danube Market are located here, which have a great selection of non-food items and international foods.
  • Covers a space of 242,200 square meters of built area.
  • Have the biggest indoor water fountain and the largest glass covered area.

Above were some high lights about the Red Sea Mall, now find some more facts about the other best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia that is “Mall of Arabia”

  • Considered to be the largest shopping mall.
  • Have around 330 stores and three floors of shops, restaurants and entertainment too.
  • Modern development with a circular design.
  • An excellent place to shop for clothes, home ware, services and entertainment.
  • Offers free Wi-Fi services to the people and has baby changing stations in almost all the women restrooms.

Another recent discovery that I made while reading was that initially the Mall of Arabia had only two third of the stores opened for business. What struck me more about the place is the huge selection of shops and facilities such as Boots the Chemist, Ziddy (for clothing) and Gap Kids. You will find many shops selling a wide range of products from perfumes to electronics and clothes. Hence, the Mall of Arabia is considered to be the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia since it is a good place to purchase small gifts like Saudi t-shirts, photo frames, shoes and mugs. You will also find huge super markets that sell a wide range of food items of various cuisines.

The Red Sea Mall had a number of stores, which have just begun their business, and are at an initial stage like F&F (Tesco’s first clothing store) and Billy Beez (a play ground for kids). It is quieter in the mornings but in the evening, this place has lots of hustles and bustles. If you are planning for a peaceful shopping experience, then my advice is that you visit these malls in the mornings.

To the best of my knowledge, from what I have read about Jeddah, it is the only place in Saudi Arabia that offers small selections that can be brought in bulk. There are however still many more malls apart from these that are becoming common cultural points. One of the most anticipated events in a shopping mall is that these malls offer products at discounted rates.

With this, people are able to save a lot of money. Sometimes, they have sale promotions, in a bid to attract people, such that people can shop late after their work or school. With everything that a shopping mall can offer, it is truly considered a place for shopping, fun and relaxation. No matter whatever the reason is, shopping malls have always been a favorite destination for many people.

The Children’s Jeddah

Whenever we look for holidays, we tend to concentrate on what we, as adults can do and try to fit in the kids. Very few holidays are actually organized taking the kids priorities first. Children’s holidays tend to be Disney World in USA, Paris or Hong Kong. They usually end up being taken to some of their local theme parks as days out.

What if I told you that you could actually organize a holiday, whereby the adults and the children both can have fun?

To get the best of both, you need to visit jeddah. It has the best of both worlds, catering to adults and children. There are many entertainment and activity venues for both in the city, not to forget the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia.

Children Fun Zones

The following are some of the places that you can take your kids to when you visit Jeddah.

Toy Town in Stars Avenue Mall

It is the newest mall play centre, and offers amusement park rides, video games and skill games. A roller coaster, carousel swings and the height dropping famous rides are the other attraction points for the kids.


Kidzania provides a safe, unique and a realistic platform for children between 4 and 12 whereby they mimic adult activities. It is mini city build specifically for the children to do their “jobs” like postal worker, firefighter, doctor etc. The children indirectly learn being an adult doing adult things in a city that is complete with roads, buildings, streets, vehicles, a functioning economy and establishments.

Al Shalal Theme Park

The theme park is one of the most popular attractions for children, with entertainment games for kids, teenagers and adults. Popular attractions include the Sombrero, Amazon,   Samba Tower and Pirate that are ideal for the whole family. It also has ice skating and arcade games from evening to late night.

Red Sea Beach at Red Sea Mall

It would be a crime of you visit Jeddah and not visit the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Mall. It has the best for both adults and children. A shopper’s paradise for the adults and the perfect venue for children too.

The Red Sea Beach provides a safe environment for children to play on the “beach” without getting sunburn. There is an indoor play area in the food court where there is a sand pit giving the children the “beach” effect. Clean and well maintained, it has many sand toys for children to play with.

At the back of the Red Sea Beach, there is another play area, which does not have sand. A reading/puzzle corner, ball pit, and computers will keep children occupied. Between the two areas, most children will be kept occupied for several hours. In fact, Daddies can sit and supervise the children while Mummy can shop to her heart’s content, without a worry.

A second towel or spare clothes are recommended if your children are going to play on the “beach”.

The perfect holiday for both adults and children, you should definitely consider Jeddah for your next holiday destination. Enjoy the sun, sand and nightlife of the city that never sleeps and your children will be happy too.

More info : https://www.redseamall.com/