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Lifestyle and shopping in Jeddah

For many expats, finding a good lifestyle and shopping in Jeddah is always most satisfying compared to other neighboring provinces. The city has a diverse number of people with different religions and tourists visit Jeddah for multiple reasons. One of the key reasons is because the shopping experience jeddah is the most amazing and cherished experience by those who visit the city. There are so many entertaining options to explore in Jeddah.

Enjoy Luxurious shopping in Jeddah

It is a known fact that malls have turned into a favorite destination for most people mainly because of the numerous activities that they can indulge in at the place. One can shop for different things and enjoy full-scale amusement parks, ice-skating, and enjoy dining at the most luxurious restaurants and even find one of the most amazing hotels to stay in. The facilities provided by the Shopping mall Jeddah are ultra-luxurious and modern with completely air conditioned malls.

Best services offered in shopping mall Jeddah

Sparkling beaches and beautiful shopping malls makes Jeddah one of the most cherished places to visit in Saudi Arabia. One can expect a good lifestyle as well. When it comes to shopping, you can find a range of shops with beautiful party dresses, colorful jewelry, embellishments and sequins with embroidery on them. Women in Jeddah love to shop around and party. Jeddah shopping malls are the best places to shop, find entertaining and amusing options. The shopping malls in Jeddah are not only for shopping but also a good option to explore for the history bugs.

The malls also feature a history section where visitors can stroll around the heritage lanes and find different paintings and traditional decorations with a range of local items and dresses. One can explore local as well as high end international brands from popular mainstream options. These malls also have art galleries where the people who love art and all things beautiful can feast their eyes to their heart’s content. Malls in Jeddah also have hotels that allow people to stay in the luxurious hotels. It offers an impressive selection of activities that can do at shopping malls in Jeddah. If you are looking to enjoy a good quality of life and indulge yourself into a multitude of activities then you must visit Jeddah.

Visit Red Sea Mall – The Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia

In the list of the must visit malls, Red Sea Mall is one of the best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia. It is one of the biggest malls spanning an area of 242,200 square meters. It includes seven floors of offices, and has the world’s best luxurious foreign cars located at ground and underground levels. Situated in the northern suburbs on Malik Road, the Red Sea Mall has a five star hotel and seven storey office buildings with both internal and external parking facility. All parking areas are well connected to 18 entrances of the mall and make it easier for shopping expats to access the mall.

The mall clearly offers a wide range of services and amenities for those who are looking to spending quality shopping trips in Jeddah. The mall also has a wide selection of brands and a range of international brands, restaurants and entertainment options for the whole family. One can find high end luxury brands like Givenchy, Mosachino, and Burberry along with mid-range brands like Top Shop. The play land for kids is an excellent place to cater entertaining options for children of all ages. One can spend quality family time in good restaurants, dinners and cafes. It is surely one of the must visit for the best shopping experience Jeddah.

Time for a Trip to Saudi Arabia

It’s always important to go for a short trip which will keep you away from tension and give you time to enjoy life on the other side.

Saudi Arabia is one of the best country to visit when it comes to travel gulf region. If at all you plan to visit Saudi Arabia the first place to visit is Jeddah. This is a city located in Hijaz Tihamah region which is known as the second latest city in Saudi Arabia.The city welcomes millions of pilgrims in a year and is also crowded with endless tourists as this city plays a major role for tourist attraction. Saudi Arabia covers 10 cities which include Riyadh, Jeddah, Mecca, Medina, Dammam, Ta’if, Tabuk, Buraydah, khamisMushait.

Jeddah is one of the respected and famous place where millions of people visit to see the second famous Mosque Medina and the holiest city Mecca. The city is also a hub for industries and IT companies as the business market here is quite huge. Jeddah has galleries, shopping malls, monuments and old museums which can give you a brief idea about what exactly this city is all about.When it comes to investment in Gulf region gold can always be the best one to choose for. Gold ornaments can be shopped from Saudi Arabia at a much cheaper rate made in best quality.

The city covers with amazing restaurants, city center mall and adventures gaming area. This city has been one of the most important commercial crossroad for almost decades and is an archipelago made with 33 islands located to the coastal area of the country. When it comes to things to do in Jeddah just keep a travel book with you and keep marking the places you would love to cover as Jeddah is covered with forts, traditional houses, mosques, Water sports, motor sports, shopping and food and dinning.

For people who love to travel they can always keep aside some days to enjoy the peaceful culture and ambience of gulf region. These cities are covered with deserts and water which allows you to enjoy dune bashing, roller coaster rides, ice rinks, jetski, etc. These kind of adventurous rides will not only keep you away from stress but also keep you fresh and enthusiastic.

It’s always important to go for a small world tour as life is quite short it’s important to know how our world looks like. The best way to keep aside all your stress is to visit at least one country in a year. This will not only give you a break from day to day tension and hectic life but also give you a chance to know how beautiful our world is made. If at all you face trouble in taking up travel packages take some tips from your friends who enjoy traveling they will surely guide you with the best holiday packages and flight at the same time provide you a guide on which all places you should visit within your budget.

For more info : https://www.redseamall.com/

Jeddah: The City, where Ancient and Western Culture Coexist

Jeddah has always been a pioneer urban city of Saudi Arabia. It is a city king, the city that preserves and takes pride in cultural and historical heritage of the country and is known for its exemplary art effects. Tourists visiting Saudi Arabia should never miss the exotic city of Jeddah in the day as well as night.

This city knows how to treat its guests and is known for its hospitality. The city of the big shots and pure hearts is known for its shopping malls, museums, the sea shores, monuments and the Mecca gate. The entertainment in Jeddah is not only for adults; but a lot of attractions are there for children. Some of the sight seeing destinations includes:

  • The Old City: Even though the city has been architecturally transformed; but in the heart of the modern city still exists the remains of the old city with old interiors, old homes, restaurants and building that speak about the legacy of the Islamic religion.

  • Coastal Beach Walk: The shores of red sea are the most romantic and soul relaxing site for the tourists as well as domestic residents of the city. The cornices are known for the sunsets, long walks and barbecue parties held along the coastline. Children specifically enjoy playing in the sand making sand castles and flying kites.

  • Museums: Amidst the urban malls and buildings of the city lies the remnant of the old city and historical heritage stored in the museums. Bet al- Balad museum is known for the British arch effects and the preservation of Pre- Islamic, Post- Islamic and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Adventure Sports: The city knows how to entertain the children and adventure junkies with scuba diving and snorkelling. The divers have a good time diving in the red sea, playing with the sharks, underwater diving, etc. The rich marine life of the sea and exotic zoo are the main adventure for the children as it helps them to learn and experience new things.

  • The Mecca Gate: The gateway to Mecca is the memory of the bygone era and due to its east side facing has gained popularity as one of the six gates. The gate was reconstructed in the 16th century and is the major tourist attraction as one of the ancient monuments of the city. It was known to protect the city from the Portuguese attacks.

  • Malls and Shopping Junctions: Shopping Mall Saudi Arabia is known for their best shops for women wear, formal dresses, perfumes, jewellery and many other items that enhances the shopping experience in it. The shopping malls specifically have a different section for women where they can walk freely without wearing their Abaya and have inbuilt restaurants and apartments.

Such vast heritage of the city, a blend of ancient and modern era, preservation of traditional culture and acceptable to the modern world make the city worth visiting where one can find something new, something old and something blue worth remembering.

Unique Shopping Experience in Jeddah

Shopping in Jeddah can be fun, especially if you are at the right place. Your shopping experience in Jeddah is sure to turn into a lifetime experience once you are at Red Sea mall. The shopping mall is unique as it is home to numerous leading showrooms which are set to make the Shopping mall experience a truly relishing experience.

Exciting discounts

Almost all retail stores in the mall including MCM, Juicy Counter, Nayomi, Coach, Karen Millen, YosiYS Samra, Mother care and Guess are offering exciting discounts.  The sale is valid throughout the month of December and Shopping Mall Jeddah experience can turn into a relishing one for you and your family this festive season, whenever you are at Red Sea mall.

Unique Shopping Experience

The Shopping Mall Jeddah experience can be a unique experience as all leading stores be it jewelry, retail, restaurants or clothing can be found under one roof. All the leading international brands can be found less than one roof here and exciting discounts are always in the offering. Be it Baby Fataihi, Bebe, or Bukanan, a visit to any of these stores will let you explore the creative aspect of Red Sea mall to its best. Jeddah tourism stressed special concern on shopping mall that tourist can enjoy their shopping experience in a highest manner.

Dining Zone

As you get over your shopping sojourn in Red Sea mall, it is time to savour some of the delicious cuisine popular in Middle East. Thanks to the innovative range of restaurants in Red Sea mall, you will go back filled to the core. Be it traditional cuisine of Saudi Arabia or some of the continental dishes, the experience at any of these restaurants will leave you spellbound.

Red Sea mall has a range of restaurants including Al Saj Al Reefi, Al-Nabulsi Sweets, Burger King, Baskin Robins, Diet World, Fluppy Candy and Healthy Food Way among a host of others. Each of these is home to some of the exclusive delicacies of this region and once you visit any of these, you are all set to visit these all over again, whenever you are back here.

If you are looking for a small brunch and desire to feast in a hurry, KFC and McDonalds are in your service with their tasty cuisine range to satisfy the palette of a diehard foodie. Jeddah Tourism set up special arrangement in this mall for kids. Kids can especially relish burgers and pizzas here and it is no surprise that they will ask you to come over again soon to the feasting zone in Red Sea mall.

Gaming Zone

Kids often come along when you go out shopping. Taking them along can be a troublesome task whenever you decide to go on a shopping sojourn. Red Sea mall has a dedicated gaming zone for kids where they can be left alone when you desire to finish the shopping undisturbed. Dedicated gaming zones are in attendance in the shopping malls and kids can be left in any of these according to their age groups. Caretakers are in attendance in the gaming zone specially designed for the tiny toddlers.

Once you are back from shopping, take your kids along safely until the next time.

The Place for Ideal Shopping Sprees in Saudi Arabia – Jeddah

Jeddah is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia after its capital city Riyadh. Jeddah is also a cultural and economic hub of the country. If you visit Saudi for tourism purposes make sure to put Jeddah on the top of your list to visit places.

It offers you rich traditional Arabic culture because people in great amount visit Jeddah as it is gateway to the most important Muslim pilgrims, The Mecca and Medina. Modernization has not been left behind in terms of the facilities and entertainment avenues in Jeddah. There are many museums, beautiful historical sites, architectural marvels, if you are the kinds for whom shopping works as a therapy you have to visit Jeddah for the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia.

The country promotes Jeddah Tourism as being ‘different’ and so it is. A great blend of rich culture and modernity that Jeddah offers makes the experience different from any other place in the world. For instance, the shopping experience in Jeddah is quite different from usual shopping malls in countries as the malls are huge structures with stories on top of stories filled with spaces for all kinds of brands and services. Along with that the malls are made aesthetically pleasing to attract people by placing pools of water with fish and plants for natural conditioning of the air, in different places.

Many shopping malls in Jeddah like the Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia are the key highlights of Jeddah Tourism. Red Sea Mall is one of the largest and the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. What’s more, regardless of the fact that you’re not purchasing anything, simply hanging-out inside the shopping center is a wonderful option owing to the entertainment avenues in Jeddah shopping malls and also one of the local people’s method for unwinding. It’s extremely extensive and beautiful and colorful architectural design which adds to the shopping experience in Jeddah.

If you visit Jeddah you have the option to explore humongous shopping malls which can easily take up to more than a couple of hours and still leaving you things to do and shops to check out in the malls. Along with that Jeddah tourism offers you an insight into the Arabic history and culture in the form of museums, historical sites, etc. If you’re tired of roaming around inside huge lighted up structures and need to breathe some fresh air, then anywhere you step out you will find beautiful sea side on the Red Sea coast on which the city of Jeddah lies. There are beautiful passages that are built for people to take leisurely strolls or two and take in the soft breeze while enjoying the view.

Jeddah is one place that one has to visit in Saudi Arabia to complete one’s vacation trip to Saudi or even otherwise and the Shopping Malls in Jeddah is something you wouldn’t want to miss. You decide to shop or not, you’re on a low budget trip or a spending spree; Jeddah tourism is planned to suit people from all walks of life according to their inclination.

Shopping malls of Jeddah: Jeddah Tourism is incomplete without it

Do you have a holiday ahead? Are you confused about your upcoming holiday plan?

Then keep your worry away and plan for Saudi Arabia tour. In my suggestion, if you have planning for this middle east country then do not forget to travel Jeddah city. It has some best known shopping malls of the world, that are quite different from the malls of other cities.

Jeddah — one of the best cities in the tourism map of the world and the economic and cultural capital of Saudi Arabia — is a city of cultural importance which is best depicted in its marketplaces. And if you visit some of its malls, you can experience the Arabic culture. This is not the only thing that you will find there.

There you will found mosques and Islamic monuments that are the examples of their amazing culture painted in the walls by a chisel and a hammer. If you get a chance to witness them you can realize the depth of their culture through the beauties that lay on these historic walls. Let this article be treated as a guide for Jeddah Tourism.

Shopping Mall of Jeddah is the key attraction for the Jeddah tourists. Balad –a well-known market — has Souq Al nada (place for various ornaments sale), Souq al Jamia (place for textile sale) and Souq al-Alawi (place where all sorts of things are sold). You can find all your needs being sold at this Souq al-Alawi and the goods are of good quality available at a reasonable price. Apart from this traditional places you can also find some modern mega-malls across the city Jeddah.

The malls have stores of wonderful garments (traditional as well as modern) and cultural products which either you can buy or you can browse to experience the cultural importance of the city. The midtown street has most of the major malls arranged in a line. Many popular souvenirs, religious paraphernalia, Quran copies, carpets and the holy ZamZam water are the most adorable things that you can buy during your to this middle east country.

It is not the malls that will fascinate you, but the sweet smelling cuisines will linger in your mind for a long period of time. The wonderful flavours of roasted meat and boiled rice you should not miss during your Jeddah tour.

Then what are you waiting for? Grab a Jeddah Tourism package today itself and fly to Saudi Arabia to experience the cultural importance of this Arabic city. However, this country is well known for its Islamic culture and hence you must concern a Jeddah guide before visiting this country and learn the etiquette and cultural norms. Try to keep your plannings after hajj or Umra (the market get through a refreshing change during hajj or Umra), and you can the real beauty of this city.

Apart from shopping, Jeddah mall has a list of other activities too like culinary delights, scuba diving, rock climbing and so on. So it is better to do some research on Jeddah before the tour.

Making Shopping Experience Jeddah a Mesmerizing Time

With so many amazing destinations located around the world, it is pretty obvious that you might feel like exploring out some of the magnificent places that are must watch. Talking about such places, you can certainly think of Jeddah then.

There are so many good reviews that have been made on the Shopping Experience Jeddah that whenever people come from any corner of the world, they wish to explore it for sure. There are some of the most and huge shopping malls that you must visit. They are affordable and define a fine class of shopping that certainly will give you a touch of luxury and pleasure.

Talking about the Shopping Mall Jeddah experience, you must plan out one day to explore out those amazing malls. Shopping is considered as one of the most famous activities that you can do in Jeddah. With so many wide ranges of outlets of shopping available, all you need is carry your wallet, cards and get some great collection for yourself.

Some of the must visit places that have still managed to be on the top and as a first priority in Jeddah for shopping are Balad, Souk Sharq, Souk Shatea and many more to name a few. Balad is known for the deals and discounts that you may not find anywhere else. it is best to look around for watches, electronics and textiles of good quality. Other than this, even Souk Shatea is a good place to go for outlet shopping. No matter in which mall you visit, you will enjoy exploring out all the international brands and local brands in Jeddah

Shopping Experience Jeddah: Make your weekend amazing

Mall of Arabia:

This is one of the biggest mall in Saudi Arabia with more than 260,000 sqm., this place offers some of the best brands like Promod, Mango and H&M. Besides, you can also explore out supermarket, home furnishing and electronic brands here.

If you are hungry, do not worry, you can let your taste buds enjoy some of the delicious food menu here. Parking is pretty much spacious and comfortable and you can certainly enjoy having a pleasant activity with your family. Kids can enjoy too. This amazingly architectural design place can surely make your weekend a colorful experience.

Mahmood Saeed Plaza

This is another huge place to shop around at a great deal. There are quite a lot many commercial offices that you may find here. With 23.000 square meter project, this building is called as Intelligent Buildings for the fact that it is all equipped with high tech gadgets and equipments with all types of accessibility.

Espirit,Zara, Al Mustab and some other brands are available here to enjoy. Children’s can enjoy the play area with some small rides as well. Eat, shop and Hog at this mall all day and you will not realize how time went by so quick.

Exploring Shopping Mall Jeddah places is certainly not a challenging job. It offers wide range of fashion, styles, codes, and offers that would certainly make you crazy. For better information on which option should be the first choice, you can certainly opt for some public reviews. This will help you to classify which mall to visit at the beginning. So what are you waiting for? Grab your shopping mall, and start exploring the place.

Have the best experience at the Shopping Malls of Dubai

Jeddah is a nice place of Dubai, where thousands of people visit every month. The major meetings and the assistance from the location is going to provide the best support to the visitors, who generally visit the city for the official meets. The location is also having number of hotels and grand restaurants.

The visitors can also get the ultimate shopping mall at the destination. A  Shopping Mall Jeddah is going to provide the best shopping experience at Dubai. The complete shopping coverage of the destination is going to provide the best support to the visitors and thus they will get the most entertainment from the location.

A perfect Shopping Experience Jeddah can always cover the trip to Dubai, be it for the business purpose, or for a general trip. The trip to Dubai in fact will remain incomplete if one misses out the Shopping Mall Jeddah. The best thing that one can get there are the following:

  • The shopping mall is having a great infrastructure and is also going to make the visitors feel the amusement of Dubai.

  • The best Shopping Experience Jeddah from the shopping malls is going to add something that one has never thought in his or her best dreams. The full mall is packed with the products of the best and the world class brands. The different cosmetics, garments and the technological devices are going to make the viewers feel the best experience.

  • All the counters in the mall are perfectly arranged. Thus one will get the best experience from the malls.

  • The entire mall is supported with the escalator and with glass lifts. The best support that one will be getting from the malls is from the complete air conditioned structure. The perfectness of the mall is going to make one feel that their visit to the destination is really justified.

  • The access to the different regular and domestic counters will be providing the local food, fruits and the best locally made products. The dates of Dubai are famous around the world and they are available there at the best rate.

  • The wonderful domestic and the international products that are available at the shopping mall is going to make the visitors that their invested time is perfectly justified.

  • The grand look of the shopping malls is going to make you feel the beauty of Dubai.

  • However the best thing that one is going to gain from the shopping mall is the complete coverage of the brands, best infrastructure and supportive payments. The entire compound is protected with the best security features.

  • There one will find the centrally protected system, including the CCTV coverage and fire protection. Thus the visitors are going to have the best experience there in the shopping malls and thus they are the best to make up the time gap at the trip or at the business meet.

The experience at the shopping mall is also going to give the best eCommerce benefits for the visitors. That experience is surely mixed with international and domestic purchase experience.

Trip 2015: A Spring of Leisure Waiting..!!

What are the plan folks?? Let’s plan out a mini spring break to the places in the world, with utmost leisure and fun. It would nice to visit a place full of beautiful beaches along the Red Sea Coast.

The ins and outs to have a marvelous outing this weekend at Shopping Mall Jeddah:

  • There would be a flavor of cultural feasts to add on the trip for elder ones
  • Historic sites to visit for children.
  • Lastly, for your loving wives, this place would be a nice choice for shopping spree..!!!
  • There is a combination of old traditional bulk of products mixed solely with the new arrivals in the midst of the bazaar surrounded by malls, you may find out perfect souvenirs after hassling over the prices and as bargaining is the forte and even birthright of every women, she will be enjoying this trip the most.
  • The place of the world that is full with the fashions on racks to fashion in showrooms all in one at Shopping Mall Jeddah.
  • The scene at night is breathtaking and most spectacular sight to have a worthy outing this season.
  • It features all over the globe’s brands and present their products at best discounts.
  • They have currently organized a small snow village which is so well designed and developed that is what shows, snow-rain in the midst of desert. It consists of rides, hot & cold beverages and an exquisite experience all in one.
  • They are great at showing their love and respect towards their lord by praying 5 times a day and all the business activities are thus closed for that time no matter how the sale is, no matter how the crowd responses, no matter money is at stake of praying, but they will not lose upon their ethical norms for mere business.
  • Shopping is a fun and worth when you are at the right place and so it is here where you will have best Shopping Experience Jeddah.

Make a room in your space before leaving for a holiday package to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; yes it is the place to visit this weekend. I am sure you are going to love taking your family to a place with harmony, happiness, power, modernization with its roots grounded to their tradition.

Cosmetics and perfumes on the roadside are totally into your pocket with lovely fragrances. Don’t stop yourself to the places around your locality; buy immense valentine’s day’s gifts having a great Shopping Experience Jeddah for the one you love.

This is a pleasure to visit one of the prettiest places in the world, where the architectural beauty is as creatively placed as the hearts welcoming you with pleasure to the city full of life. The starting of a new year with soft memories of this place, will boom energy for a cherished year ahead. The place is welcomed with a mixed crowd over the globe every winter, be a part of this to have a sweet goodbye to this year and a splashing start for the coming days.

A Unique Shopping Experience- Red Sea Mall

Shopping in Jeddah can be fun. However, at times shopping can get a troublesome task as kids create problem as they are not able to cope up. Among various Shopping Mall Jeddah is home to, Red Sea mall is home to a distinct entertainment zone where kids can have the best of time while you get over with your shopping.

Red Sea mall is the only shopping mall Jeddah has which cares for your kids all the while you are in the mall. On your next visit Jeddah, you could be well assured of the safety of your kids. Leave them with our trained caretakers even as you enjoy your shopping experience on your visit Jeddah endeavor.

Red Sea Beach

A safe zone for your kids, Red Sea Beach can be a perfect sojourn for them as you indulge in shopping with family and friends. The beach theme entertainment zone will enable the kids to experience the feel of a beach in one of the busiest and the best entertainment zone in Jeddah. You might need to come all over again to Red Sea mall as kids are sure to relish this experience.


Your little kids will be left spellbound by this entertaining experience. Home to latest video game zone, Sparkyz helps the kids explore their hidden instincts as they can indulge in trying various games which will let them sharpen their creativity. Be assured that after you return from your shopping sojourn at the mall, the kids will be prepared for another round of the entertainment zone as they would have explored a distinct aspect of their personality.

Red Sea Toys

Managing the tiny toddlers can be a tough task when you go shopping but not in Red Sea mall. The Red Sea Toys zone at the mall could be the resting ground for your tiny toddlers even as you shop in the mall. Caretakers are specially employed at the Red Sea Toys zone to care for your kids during your stay in the mall. You can leave your kids at the red Sea Toys zone and watch them relish the enchanting experience of being alone even as you carry on with your regular shopping experience.


Young children, especially in the age group of 7-12 can feel at home in IN10so, specially designed gaming zone where they can indulge in exploring their creativity. The sporting talent of your kids can come out truly in this entertainment zone as they can indulge in games as bowling, archery, and cycling in this entrainment zone. This entertainment zone has become so popular with kids in Jeddah that they come here specially to try their hand at indoor games.

Let the kids explore their creativity in the specially designed entertainment zone in Red Sea mall. Leave them to the hands of our trained caretakers and watch them relish the experience of being alone even while you keep a watchful eye of the children from a distance.

Red Sea mall has an enriching collection of restaurants where you can take your kids once you are done with the shopping. The mall is indeed popular in Jeddah and you can have the best of time here with friends and family every time you are in Jeddah.