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Come and have best travel experience with Jeddah tourism

If you visit Saudi Arabia then you will hardly find any reason to be disappointed. For years this destination has been giving huge attractive features to the visitors. The package tourism of Saudi Arabia covers every aspect of tourism. Among various places of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah has proven to be one of the attractive places. If you are planning to travel to an outstanding location then Jeddah can be the best place for you. Jeddah Tourism brings to you various reasons to celebrate. This place can give you the lifetime experience that you will never want to forget.

Marvelous tourist spots

Jeddah offers you all the satisfaction. From marvelous tourist spots to excellent lifestyle everything is offered to you by this destination. You can cherish each moment of your day with various aspects of this place. One of the most interesting features of this place is that it has exciting visiting spots.

You can enjoy your life to the fullest by visiting these places. These places have been famous for giving utmost satisfaction to the tourists. You will never be disappointed with these places. The outstanding ambiance of these tourist spots will undoubtedly blow your mind.

Excellent shopping experience

Apart from these places there is another interesting aspect of this place and it is the shopping experience. This is one of the best experiences that you can have over here. The best Shopping Mall Jeddah offers you excellent experience in shopping. You can take huge advantage of these shopping places.

All kinds of shopping requirements are available for you. You can conveniently choose your products from here. All kinds of daily requirement products are available here. There are immense options for you that make your shopping experience memorable. Apart from these you can also choose excellent luxury shopping.

Attractive luxurious shopping

Luxury shopping gives you the chance to explore various aspects of fashion and lifestyle. With few best luxurious shopping malls you can choose best garments, jewelries, shoes, home appliances and so much more. All these products come to you at lucrative prices. You cannot help yourself from choosing these products once you visit these places.

The superb collections of products make your shopping even more interesting. You can never know when time passes by while exploring these variant options. If you are a shopaholic then you should visit this place at once. All the options are waiting for you. Do not delay in visiting these shopping malls of Jeddah.

Explore all the aspects

The best part of shopping in Jeddah is the excellent quality. The best quality of the products makes shopping interesting and valuable. If you love shopping then you will always like to do your shopping over here. This place can give you the best experience in shopping. Therefore you should not wait any more.

Come at once to Jeddah for experiencing the best travel experience. This place offers you best places and gives you attractive shopping experience. You should not wait anymore. Hurry up and grab your chance now. Explore all the aspects of tourism with Jeddah tourism.

Things to do in the Saudi Arabian City of Jeddah

Jeddah is a city situated on the west coast of Saudi Arabia. Nicknamed ‘The Bride of The Red Sea’, the city in modern times has come to claim both commercial, as well as religious significance. In religious terms, the city is well-known for being the gateway to Mecca and Medina, the holy cities which Muslims from all around the world visit during their compulsory at least once-in-a-lifetime Hajj pilgrimage.

A port city since ancient times, the concepts of trade and commerce are no outsiders to this part of the world, and have always been in a constant state of boom. This boom has made the city what it is, and who it is today; a towering giant representing Saudi Arabia’s commerce. Even the country’s capital city Riyadh, has failed to compete with the development seen by this port city-turned-commercial capital.

When cities of historical importance gain significance commercially, their stories and mystique are lapped up by tourists all over the globe; and they come rushing in. The high tourism statistics are proof of the fact that the city has become an obvious entry in every globetrotter’s bucket-list.

And the city is ripe in terms of the hours of exploration and astonishment that it has to offer. Whether you plan on taking a peek inside perhaps Saudi Arabia’s biggest shopping centre or fancy a visit to the solitude of the beaches and resorts, Jeddah Tourism is trending, and fast. Enlisted below are some of the must-do activities when you pay a visit to Jeddah:

  • The Waterfront: If you plan to visit Jeddah, be sure to make The Jeddah Waterfront one of your priorities. The waterfront stretches over 60 km and is home to some beautiful beaches. The natural side of Jeddah has been somewhat overlooked in its surge to commercial supremacy, but it is abundant in this part of the city. Water sports enthusiasts will find a lot to their liking here, with scuba diving and deep sea diving becoming almost regular affairs. The beauty of the Coral Reefs underwater makes it completely worth your while.

  • Balad: This is the old part of the city; where it was originally founded. Over 2000 years back in time, fishermen played the roles of the founding fathers and took the first steps which have led up to the now. The remnants of the past that have stood the test of time include houses featuring the use of palm wood lattices and coral stones. This is the ideal place for wanderers and the mystical-minded.

  • Floating Mosque: To the North of the Waterfront lies The Floating Mosque and this exemplary piece of architecture has captivated a large section of travellers. This is illusion at its finest which bears the icing of the beautifully worked marble exterior. Many also know this Mosque by the name: “White Mosque”.

  • Mall of Arabia: The past has endured and the present will endure as well. The Mall of Arabia claims to be the Best Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia, and few who visit Jeddah will dare to argue. Three floors of products sourced from all over the world; from brands both internationally acclaimed to the up-and-coming ones, manage to bowl over every shopaholic who has ever set foot in Jeddah.

Jeddah: A beautiful city to visit

Travelling is my passion and uncovering different beautiful places among the people is gift for them. World has enormous places which one must visit before they die, some are the creations of the God whereas some are the constructions from great architects and many other constructors. I am a big fan of both, but what if you get the combination of both at one place? Yes, in this blog we will be exploring a very beautiful city of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah and particularly a wonderful place it has named Red Sea Mall. Red Sea mall as the name implies is a gigantic mall and the reason for such name is because Jeddah is located on the Red Sea. The mall encompasses many things other than a simple mall.

Gigantic Mall:

By gigantic I mean really enormously big mall. Now of course you would tell me to elaborate about its hugeness. Don’t worry every why has a wherefore so do the hugeness of the mall (wasn’t that an exaggeration!)

  • The mall spreads over 242,000 square meters area.
  • It has a seven storage building which is specifically used for office purpose.
  • Now a damn proof to prove the mall to be indeed gigantic is, it contains 18 entrances. Yes! Simply to enter the mall you have 18 choices. This is specially thought of so that the visitor can easily access to the mall without roaming and searching for the entrance gate.
  • As far as the parking is concerned, the mall provides a huge space for parking. So in case you are already late for the mall, you will at least not have to spare time to locate the empty space for parking.

Hope those “evidences” suffices your definition of the vast mall.


For all the food lovers like me, there is good number of eateries available which offers good range of cuisines from all across the world. There is also a provision to arrange the conferences and parties in a very stunning five star hotel. Hence the restaurants and cafeterias won’t let you down owing to immensely tasty food available there.

Gaming zone:Apart from the gardens there is also a specially allocated gaming zone in the mall. Good numbers of games are available in it.

Wonderful shopping experience:Shopping can be a real fun and should not be missed whenever you visit Jeddah. With so many brands and just excellent shopping materials, it would be quite difficult to resist yourself doing shopping. All the necessary shopping stuffs are available among numerous shops in the mall. In fact Jeddah tourism has got good response and one of the reasons is a great shopping experience the tourists have over there.

Indeed the mall is one of the reasons for great boost to the Jeddah tourism. So vacations are on, just plan your holidays to the gateway of two holy cities, Makkah and Medina and inevitably visit Jeddah and make your holidays and the time spent over there, really worth.