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The huge discount offers to go on this winter 2017 only at the Red Sea Mall!

This blog here is meant for those who are still unaware of another beautiful country in our world known as The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The major tourist attraction of this country is to Visit Jeddah which is also called a shopper’s paradise. The reason behind naming it a shopper’s paradise is because it has more than a hundred shopping centers in the city today.

It is also termed to be the most popular destination for many of the Saudis and expats since many people from across the world arrive here at this place to visit Mecca.This is why we can say that shopping is really a popular pass time since there are no  cinemas and theatres here.

Jeddah has just everything in it when it comes to shopping and one of the best entertainment venues in Jeddah is none other than the Red Sea Mall. This is the perfect place where you get wide choices from wealthy designer goods to high street stores.

Offers going on at Red Sea Mall

Many of us are not aware that the winter is the best season if you need to do some shopping at this mall. It is the perfect place to get everything that you need. During this winter sale, there are offers at almost every store and I am sure that you will definitely get benefitted with the offers.

This winter sale in 2017 at Red Sea Mall has great savings offers at many of the well-known brands including Lifestyles, Toms, Beverly Hills, Reebok, Calvin Klein, Foot Locker, Defacto and much more. Let us now have a detailed look at the offers that are now going on in this mall.

A current offer at LifeStyles is going on where they are offering you a free piece with every piece that you buy. The offer begins on November 14th,2017 until December 2nd, 2017.

In case you are looking for stores that are offering you great discounts and savings, then Beverly Hills is the best option where you are getting at least 60 percent discount on their wide range of products. Reebok too has come up with huge discount offers ranging from 20 percent to 65 percent off on their products.

In case you are looking for branding, stylish and elegant clothes then Tommy Hilfiger is the best place to shop and this winter it is offering discounts from 25 percent to 50 percent in total. Along with clothes, many of you must be really crazy about buying elegant accessories that match these branded clothes.

So, why not you buy watches from these branded stores this winter. Buy the best range of watches from a leading branded store known as Susie Cornerthat is offering discounts right from 20 percent to 70 percent. So, get running to these stores if you really want to benefit this winter.

Therefore, if you are planning to Visit Jeddah this year, then don’t forget to visit the Red Sea Mall too.

Don’t forget to visit the largest shopping mall in Jeddah on new year

Jeddah is a city in Saudi Arabia that is well-known for its diverse cultures, elegant beaches, and traditional customs along with mouth-watering-dishes, not to forget the many places to visit in Jeddah.  In case you have not planned, then this is the right time to visit Jeddah and enjoy shopping at the different shopping malls along with the sunset and sunrise amidst the rushing waves. You will always remember this unforgettable experience of visiting the historical sites, culture filled festivals, events and also the shopping at the large upscale commercial centers.

visit jeddah

One of the Islamic holidays is starting off soon here in Jeddah where a lot of Muslims visit Medina to celebrate this New Year. Also known as Muharram, this is one of the four sacred months where fighting is prohibited and also serves as a reminder of the brutal assassination of the grandson of Prophet Muhammad. Yet, this New Year is celebrated after thorough fasting and shopping.

Red Sea Mall – The largest shopping mall in Jeddah

This is yet another big mall that anyone who visits it will remember it for a lifetime. The features that make it look attractive are the 18 entrances and 4000 parking spaces that covers an area of about 242,000 square meters. It also has the biggest indoor water fountain in the whole of Saudi Arabia which is yet another attraction that cannot be forgotten once your eyes set on it.

This mall is located a little bit in the interiors on the western side of the King Abdul Aziz Road which falls between the Airport and the Red Sea Coast. To make this New Year a very special one, you can empty your pockets by going on a shopping spree, buying clothes at various international brands along with food and groceries shopped at a bigger hypermarket called as the Danube.

The shops here have an amazing collection of clothes as well as elegant accessories. In case you are a fashion lover then it is definitely going to be difficult for you to resist this temptation of purchasing the trillion accessories enticing you. During this time, Jeddah also experiences a lot of people visiting it since it is the peak time when Muslims from all over the world have their Hajj trips.

It is said that 6 million Muslims visit this place every year and fifteen days of holidays are enjoyed here.Visit Jeddah during this time and enjoy eating late at nights after sundown since this is the time when people love eating outdoors and shop at the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, especially during nights.Make the best use of visit jeddah place during Muharram as you will find this New Year being celebrated in a traditional way since ages.

Entertainment or tourism – Jeddah has it all

Jeddah or even Saudi Arabia is not commonly thought of as a holiday destination. In fact, most people actually think that the only reason to visit Jeddah would be that you are a Muslim and therefore need to fulfill one of the pillars of Islam – A Once in a lifetime Hajj to Mecca.  Well, that is partially true. One would have to Visit Jeddah to go on Hajj as it is through this city that the gateway to Mecca and Medina open.

Every Muslim has to come into Jeddah and then go from here to Mecca and Medina; it is, therefore, a pilgrimage of Jeddah too that every Muslim goes on when he goes to pray at the Ka’aba.

However, Jeddah is popular for many other reasons apart from the religious one. It is actually an ideal tourist spot as it has a lot to offer tourists – from sightseeing, beaches, five-star resorts, the beautiful Red Sea, shopping Malls, history and culture as well as having some of the best entertainment venues in Jeddah.


Jeddah is not a typical “Muslim” city with strict and oppressive laws, even for the women and that is why a lot of the Saudis prefer to live in this city. Even for tourists, there are a lot of places to go to and things to do and therefore when you are thinking of a holiday, Jeddah should definitely be in your shortlisted venues, a place to visit at least once.


Apart from being the Best Entertainment Venue In Jeddah, there is so much more beckoning to everyone to visit it.


A venue of upper-end luxury shopping. It houses the finest selection of global brands for women, men and children of all ages. It houses 36 boutiques, including the flagships Gucci, Armani, and Prada signatures.

The luxurious shopping can be followed by an equally luxurious dining experience; of course, it is all gourmets. Chocolate house Patchi is a favorite for all those with a sweet tooth.


An integrated tourist city located on the northern coastline of the Jeddah Red Sea, the Durra Beach Resort houses 175 well-furnished units, 39 suites and 14 bungalows. Other amenities include three swimming pools, Jacuzzi, sauna, a playground for children, restaurants, a health club, gymnasium and a Riding Academy. Golden sand beaches, fishing, diving, speedboats, windsurfers, jet skis and beach parasols complete the picture. A place with a difference – where everyone can enjoy.


A visit to Jeddah would be incomplete if you did not experience the ultimate shopping experience in Jeddah. This mall, known as the sea of shopping and entertainment is yet another venue where there is something to occupy each and every one of you – the best shopping experience of your life, feasting to your heart’s content, entertainment galore for the children and the adults and to complete the day, a relaxing night at the five-star Al Elaf Hotel. A venue for the Mamas and the Papas, the Grandmas and the Grandpas, the young and old, tots and teenagers, all will have fun.


Spread over 600,000 square metres on the Jeddah Cornish, it sees an average of one million visitors every year. It is said to be the best amusement park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Roller coaster or skating on the ice rink, boating or a meal in one of their themed Chinese and Lebanese restaurants, Al Shallah Theme Park is definitely one that is a must for every visitor to this beautiful city.


Known as the 100km stretch of fun on the Jeddah coast, the Corniche hosts a number of recreational sports facilities, tourism and entertainment venues. The famous King Fahd Fountain is also located here. The northern and central parts of the Corniche are lined with beautiful artwork and sculptures. In fact, Jeddah is famous for having the largest number of sculptures in the world as well as artwork of renowned artists like Moore, Miro and Arp.

Beautiful mosques, such as the Fatima Al-Zahra Mosque, also known as the floating mosque and the Hassan Enany Mosque are also found along this beautiful stretch.


The only aquarium in Saudi Arabia, it offers the wonders of the underwater world in the Red Sea. The amazing marine life has been brought in from seas and oceans all over the world.

Visitors are entertained to Dolphin and Seal Lion show every day.

Now that you know that visit Jeddah is much more than an Islamic City, make a note to visit it in the very near future and enjoy delights that are not found anywhere else.

JEDDAH – The Dual Gateway

A city that sits proudly on the Red Sea, a city of diverse culture, beautiful beaches, deep blue water, traditional souqs, and traditional customs, Jeddah is definitely a place that you should visit once. It is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, not to mention the fact that it never sleeps.

Historical and archaeological sites make it a favourite for historians; while shoppers can, shop to their heart’s content in this wonderful city that is the resting place of Eve.

When the city of Jeddah Tourism is mentioned, two things should automatically come to your mind.


All Muslims pass through this city once in their lifetime. You may wonder why this is so. One of the commandments of Muslims is that they have to visit or go on a Hajj to the holy city of Mecca. For everyone going on a Hajj, they have to go via Jeddah, as there are no direct flights to the holy cities of Mecca, and Medina, the birth and resting places of Prophet Mohammed respectively. From Jeddah, all routes go to these two cities, by car, by taxi, and by bus. All Hajj flights land at Jeddah and from there the pilgrims make their way to Mecca and Medina by road.


Jeddah is home to some of the biggest shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. It has a number of huge malls that cater to customers of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds.

THE RED SEA MALL – This is a shopping mall where you will shop until you drop. Opened in 2008, it is the largest shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, and home to all the international brands that you can find. Three stories house water fountains, aquariums, eateries, activity areas and shops. There is everything for everyone, from tots to adults. Jeddah tourism is incomplete without a visit to this humongous mall.

ROSHAN MALL – It is a commercial centre located on Al Malek Road. It has a hypermarket, food court, and an area for children, shops and a cinema.

MALL OF ARABIA – Home to international luxurious brands and a fashion house to the latest trends in male and female clothing, this is another Shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia that everyone needs to visit. Kidzania and Billy Beez are popular with the kids, while Vortex provides entertainment for the mature crowd. It has a three-floor dining area, as well as a Snow Village where shoppers can enjoy the beauty of snow in a desert country.

HERAA MALL – A single mall that has a variety of shops to lure the shoppers, a food area to lure the hungry and a kids area to lure those naughty sweet children.

These malls are a favourite stop for recreation for the local people as there is very little by way of recreation in Jeddah. Most of these shopping centres have play areas for kids whereby mothers can leave their children while they do their “retail therapy”.

So if you visit Jeddah, then make some time to visit these spectacular malls and get your share of retail therapy.


When talking about shopping malls whether it is Blue water Mall or Edmonton Mall or Burj Khalifa or Red Sea Mall in Saudi Arabia are all gigantic structures and the industry’s benchmark of innovation, excellence and corporate conscience. These entire arcades are quite intricate in terms of design and require a lot of planning, organization, and eye for detail to reach its pinnacle. Where an influx of millions of families, conglomerates, delegates, dignitaries and indigenous people visit from different walks of life, the safety and security of customers and employees are of utmost importance.

The shopping mall in saudi arabia, the Red Sea Mall, is an iconic building situated on Malek Road in the Northern suburbs of Jeddah. It is the largest mixed-use mall in Jeddah providing local and international taste to shopping and dining.


Jeddah the primary resort city of Saudi Arabia, was also named Gamma world city. It is deemed as the biggest Islamic tourist destination and is the most cosmopolitan part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with diverse expat population. Situated on the coast of Red Sea, fishing and seafood govern the food culture.

A historical city, Jeddah has a lot to offer tourists. Some of the highlights of the city include the archeological heritage Tomb of Eve, Nasseef House the historical structure and cultural center in Al-Balad, and King Fahd’s Fountain the tallest of its type in the world. Islam’s most holy city Mecca and Madinah are only five hours drive from the city of Jeddah. Home to the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia like the Mall of Arabia, Jeddah Mall, Roshan Mall and the Red Sea Mall, the pioneering and entertainment hub is located in the heart of Jeddah.

The Red Sea Mall, a meticulously designed and brilliantly crafted structure in Jeddah, is one of the largest and beautiful malls in Jeddah. The mall has a built up area of 242,200sq m and embraces a five star Elaf Jeddah Hotel with a panoramic view, high-end seven storey office building, 450 local and international branded stores and eating outlets.

It also offers external and undercover parking facility to 4000 vehicles which are linked to the 18 entrances of the mall to facilitate smooth access to the customers. It is the home of the biggest indoor water fountain and largest glass covered area in Saudi Arabia. Experience the beach with no sunburn at the indoor Red Sea beach, unveiling the adventures rides for all age groups at Sparkys, and carting and bowling at In 10. These are some of the high lights of this man-made wonder.

The mall is the home of international foodie brands like Mc Donalds, Sorrento Pizza and Pasta, KFC, Burger King, London Fish and Chips and much more. To ensure not only the taste of the quality of this scrumptilious food,   high standards of Health and Safety and food hygiene are followed for the safety of employees and Visitors.


Jeddah has the largest seaport in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to its proximity to Europe and African countries. It has gained importance as the largest commercial center in Saudi Arabia, due to this rapid growth and responsibility. The Green World Group in Jeddah are running safety courses like Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), ADOSHEM (Advanced Diploma in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environmental Management) and various other courses.

The Red Sea Mall has initiated the “Civil Defense Awareness Program” to create awareness of the services offered through the Civil Defense and to create staff awareness on what to do in times of a crisis and the importance of securing the area and dealing with any life threatening situation.

As Jeddah is the home of many expatriates and having a population in excess of four million, it has plans of revitalizing the city. It has sought the assistance of AECOM (Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Operations, and Maintenance) for sustainable and balanced future growth. Any visitors who plan to visit jeddah can now do so, fully knowing that they will be safe and secure.


When you plan your next holiday trip, visit Jeddah. The city is a home to international hotel brands like Marriot Hotel, Radisson Blue, Sheraton, Intercontinental, and Park Hyatt. All these hotels are well equipped with clubs, bar, DJ, Live Music and fine dining restaurants to give you holiday memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Do not miss the Shopping Bonanza at Red Sea Mall where you can shop to your heart’s content for you and your family members. The city boasts of more than 1300 mosques and a detour to pilgrims visiting Mecca and Medina. The mesmerizing beauty of 500 spotlight illuminates the Kings Fountain. Historic Jeddah possesses numerous monuments and heritage buildings of archaeological interest, makes Jeddah a place that is ideal for tourists and the localites living there.

The Children’s Jeddah

Whenever we look for holidays, we tend to concentrate on what we, as adults can do and try to fit in the kids. Very few holidays are actually organized taking the kids priorities first. Children’s holidays tend to be Disney World in USA, Paris or Hong Kong. They usually end up being taken to some of their local theme parks as days out.

What if I told you that you could actually organize a holiday, whereby the adults and the children both can have fun?

To get the best of both, you need to visit jeddah. It has the best of both worlds, catering to adults and children. There are many entertainment and activity venues for both in the city, not to forget the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia.

Children Fun Zones

The following are some of the places that you can take your kids to when you visit Jeddah.

Toy Town in Stars Avenue Mall

It is the newest mall play centre, and offers amusement park rides, video games and skill games. A roller coaster, carousel swings and the height dropping famous rides are the other attraction points for the kids.


Kidzania provides a safe, unique and a realistic platform for children between 4 and 12 whereby they mimic adult activities. It is mini city build specifically for the children to do their “jobs” like postal worker, firefighter, doctor etc. The children indirectly learn being an adult doing adult things in a city that is complete with roads, buildings, streets, vehicles, a functioning economy and establishments.

Al Shalal Theme Park

The theme park is one of the most popular attractions for children, with entertainment games for kids, teenagers and adults. Popular attractions include the Sombrero, Amazon,   Samba Tower and Pirate that are ideal for the whole family. It also has ice skating and arcade games from evening to late night.

Red Sea Beach at Red Sea Mall

It would be a crime of you visit Jeddah and not visit the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Mall. It has the best for both adults and children. A shopper’s paradise for the adults and the perfect venue for children too.

The Red Sea Beach provides a safe environment for children to play on the “beach” without getting sunburn. There is an indoor play area in the food court where there is a sand pit giving the children the “beach” effect. Clean and well maintained, it has many sand toys for children to play with.

At the back of the Red Sea Beach, there is another play area, which does not have sand. A reading/puzzle corner, ball pit, and computers will keep children occupied. Between the two areas, most children will be kept occupied for several hours. In fact, Daddies can sit and supervise the children while Mummy can shop to her heart’s content, without a worry.

A second towel or spare clothes are recommended if your children are going to play on the “beach”.

The perfect holiday for both adults and children, you should definitely consider Jeddah for your next holiday destination. Enjoy the sun, sand and nightlife of the city that never sleeps and your children will be happy too.

More info : https://www.redseamall.com/

Shop Until You Drop In Jeddah

Saudi Arabia is not only the home of expatriates but also the ultimate Mecca of shopping. The best shopping malls in the world are also found here.

Jeddah a beautiful City

One of the things that all tourists need to do whilst visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to visit jeddah. It is well known for its diverse cultures, beautiful beaches, and traditional souqs. A beautiful city overlooking the Red Sea, one that never sleeps, it has a lot to offer, including the best shopping experience in Jeddah.

To explore the beautiful city, you will have to sail its seas, visit the Corniche, enjoy the beauty of majestic palaces, and go underwater to enjoy the awesomeness of one of the best marine life homes. Not only that you also get to enjoy the local customs, interesting folklore and try some of the amazing mouth-watering delicacies.

Jeddah – A Shopper’s Paradise

Your visit would be incomplete if you did not go and see some of the best shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. Yes, it is also the place of some of the finest shopping malls and it would be a real waste if you visit Jeddah and not visit the finest malls in the land.

For the best shopping experience in Jeddah, let us look at a few malls that are a must.

Mall of Arabia

Home to around 300 stores, over four floors, you can get a wide variety of international and local brands in fashion as well as electronics. It also has a snow village and other areas suitable for your entertainment.

Stars Avenue Mall

This mall is well-known for its fountains and water and lights shows that take place in the middle of the shopping center. The perfect place to go when you want to take a break from your shopping.

The Red Sea Mall

The best shopping mall in saudi arabia is the Red Sea Mall. One of the biggest malls in Jeddah, it encompasses an area of 242,000 square metres. It is the perfect place for you to surround yourself with fashion, food and fun. When it initially opened in March 2008, it had the biggest water fountain as well as the biggest glass encased shopping area in Saudi Arabia. Covering three floors, you can find all the international brands under its roof. Whether it is a Dolce and Gabbana watch, or a Levi’s Jeans or maybe you want something branded by Calvin Klein, you will find it under this roof.

It is not only for shoppers, it is also perfect for the kids as it has lots of entertainment areas on each floor that will keep the children interested and occupied.

The children and shopping sorted; it also has the most amazing eateries here where you can delight your taste-buds in the cuisine of your choice, fast food or gourmet, from across the globe.

Overall, isn’t this just the ultimate place for the ultimate holiday – sea, sand, beach and shopping! What more could anyone want?

For more info : https://www.redseamall.com/

Jeddah And it’s 3 Cs Culture Cuisine And Consumerism

Jeddah is a place in Saudi Arabia which stands on the west end and has traditionally been known to people as a place which leads them to the holy doors of Allah. Anybody who wants to have the Hajj experience should pass through Jeddah in order to grant himself the wish. Jeddah was called to be the cave of the day which used to attract many tourists to the city. Jeddah is a coastal city where the humidity is really very high in the summers. The real Arab people

Jeddah is a coastal city where the humidity is really very high in the summers. The real Arab people lives in the narrow lanes of the old city, which is a must visit place in Jeddah. It has many old fashioned wonderful houses, crowded markets which are also known as souqs in Arab. This old city is always filled with tourists all around. You will find some best dishes in the narrow lane of Jeddah. The best time to visit the market is in the evening after the sun sets, the time when people gather to offer their prayers.

Jeddah is also known for its rich culture, cuisine and even the consumerism which has made the place worth visiting. The continuous effort by the local government has made Jeddah gain exponential popularity amongst the tourists. It also promotes a family outing space. There are also many cheap flights to Jeddah passing every day to visit jeddah.

Ballad has its own historical significance because it has a rich history of nearly about 2500 years. Inspite of a huge population Jeddah has become a good example of being a religious town with a balance in its culture. There are approximately 10,000 mosques which line up the city and even provide them with a divine fragrance to the air. Though Jeddah is known as a religious place, we can even see the fine line it has maintained in terms of a singular belief in your individual religions. If you just look at the data of the travelers who visit Jeddah on one of the many flights, you will find a decent mix of various people with different religion and religious belief.

Now coming to the cuisine in Jeddah, it provides a good quality of food in the city and it has a mix of many cuisines.You can treat your stomach with some local Arab dishes which would give you highest satisfaction. Not only Muslim cuisines are well known here but also other cuisines are offered here because Jeddah is being visited by many people across the world, so it is necessary that it offers all kinds of cuisines. Jeddah also has many US brands who has set up their businesses like Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Subway and Mc Donald’s. Lebanese cuisine mainly based on lamb preparations also find enough buyers in the city. They do not even mind spending extra money on their tastes. So Jeddah is the perfect place for gastronomically inclined people.

Consumerism has been now given a boost by the working population which has led to a huge move in the number of shopping malls, museums, hypermarkets and multiplexes. In Jeddah you get best deals on electronics, so you buy more electronics from here even though you do not have sufficient money in your wallet. Even your wallet allows you to buy more than what it would have allowed in any other tourist destination.

All over Jeddah is a brilliant mix of majority all the things a tourist might want to have in a trip.

A Quick Look towards Saudi Arabia

Jeddah, a city located in the Hijaz Tihamah region in the country of Saudi Arabia, is known as the second largest city of the country. It is known for its principal gateway to the largest and most famous pilgrimage. This city encounters a lot of tourists throughout the year due to its culture and art, which are one of the major tourist attractions. Being the city near the coast of Red Sea, it is known as the “bride of red sea” having the largest sea port of the sea.

People from all over the world; especially Visit Jeddah as it is the most famous and safe gateway to the holiest city Mecca, and second famous Mosque Medina. This city and mosque have historical value and are worshipped by each and every Muslim abiding by strict rules of Islam. Jeddah is also known as a commercial hub of the country due to rising industries and commerce in the city, making it one of the cosmopolitan cities of the world. The People of this city are highly urbanized and dedicated towards the development of the city and contribute towards the development of the country. Art galleries, museums, shopping malls, markets, resorts of Jeddah are famous worldwide, making it one of the primary cities of resorts. The heritage and culture of Saudi Arabia make people Visit Jeddah and other cities of Saudi Arabia once in a lifetime, so as to embrace the beauty of the world.

Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab states of western Asia, known as the modern state of Asia. It is the fifth largest state of Asia, famous for its culture, art and religion. This state has a culture of its own with so many galleries and museums defining it.

Famous places to be visited in Saudi Arabia are:

  • Kaaba
  • Masjid-al-haram
  • Black stone
  • Quba Mosque
  • Mount Arafat
  • Jamaraat Bridge

Apart from these famous places, Saudi Arabia has large markets, shopping malls, local streets for shopping of branded clothing as well as traditional accessories.

List of famous Shopping Malls in Saudi Arabia are:

  1. Al Nakheel Shopping Mall: This mall situated in Al- Qassim province, is a uniquely constructed mall with shopping outlets of every brand, food court, games zone, dine in restaurants, all under single roof. This mall is designed to create a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere for the customers and provide each and everything one may need.

  2. Kingdom Centre: The mall constructed in the capital city, Riyadh is a 41-storey skyscraper. It is the third largest skyscraper in the whole state, having hotels made inside along with shopping arena.

  3. Diyafa Mall: Located on the west coast city, Makkah, this mall is equipped with every shopping store, may it be for children or adult, with good restaurants having cuisines from all over the world. During the Festive season, this mall is decorated like a bride and various offers are made available to the citizen for happy shopping.

  4. Mall Of Arabia: After Red Sea mall, this mall is widely famous all over the world due to its location near an airport in route to Medina.

  5. Marina Mall: Situated in the Dammam province of Saudi Arabia is a package with every brand store, entertainment units, ice rink and hotel under one roof. Being located in the most prominent district has huge customer attraction.

So, for the citizens of Saudi Arabia who are willing to shop under a single roof? These are the most visited malls of the country, pay a visit and get what you need. : https://www.redseamall.com/

For More Info : https://www.redseamall.com/

Jeddah offers you best and memorable travel Experience

Are you planning to travel very soon? Are you looking for fascinating tourist spot? Do you want to make your tourism memorable? If your answer to these questions is “yes” then you should not give a second thought before choosing Jeddah as your travel spot. Yes you read it right; Jeddah brings to you exciting travel experience that you can hardly resist.

This place can offer you the best experience in travelling. The various aspects of travelling are offered to you by this place that you will love to hold in your memory for years. Whether it is food, travelling spots, shopping or lifestyle all these things are offered to you by Jeddah tourism.

Entertain yourself with best places of Jeddah

If you want to know a little about Jeddah tourism then you will love to know this that this destination has exciting entertainment places for you. These places are favorite for both adults and children. If you want to visit the best places of Jeddah then you can definitely try out places like king’s fountain, Jeddah Cornish, floating mosque, silver sand beach and may more. These places can make your tourism memorable. Entertainment in Jeddah offers a wide range of enjoyment and fun. You can explore all these aspects easily.

Entertainment for children

Jeddah can be the best place for the children. This is because there are huge entertainment places for the children over here. Your children and kids can get the best experience over here. Some of the best children entertainment destinations are Al-Shallai Theme Park, Atallah happy land park, chuck-e-cheese, fun times, Sail Island, and various others. These places have huge attractions for children like fun rides, fun games, airplane rides, and so much more. These places are best destinations for children. Your child will always love to come at these places. Come and visit these places soon.

Best place for shopaholics

Apart from these destinations you can also take huge advantage of shopping. Jeddah gives you huge options for experiencing best shopping. Shopping Experience Jeddah gives you all the aspects of shopping. You can buy all kinds of appliances and products from here. Apart from regular shopping you can take the advantage of luxurious shopping too.

The best quality products over here will never disappoint you. You can buy exclusive collection of garments, shoes, bags, jewelries and many more. Some best luxurious shops will surely make your shopping experience fun and memorable. If you love shopping, then you will always love to come to this destination.

Huge reasons to celebrate

Jeddah gives you immense reasons to celebrate. If you are looking for best tourist spots then you should visit this place. There are huge options available over here. Some exciting tourist spots of Jeddah can give you a memorable travel experience. Saudi Arabia has multifarious reasons for you which you can cherish.

Come and visit this place now. You cannot miss out such lucrative chances. This is the best destination for the travel lovers. This place gives you affordable tourism and experience. Hurry up and visit Jeddah for having the unique travel experience.