The Children’s Jeddah

Whenever we look for holidays, we tend to concentrate on what we, as adults can do and try to fit in the kids. Very few holidays are actually organized taking the kids priorities first. Children’s holidays tend to be Disney World in USA, Paris or Hong Kong. They usually end up being taken to some of their local theme parks as days out.

What if I told you that you could actually organize a holiday, whereby the adults and the children both can have fun?

To get the best of both, you need to visit jeddah. It has the best of both worlds, catering to adults and children. There are many entertainment and activity venues for both in the city, not to forget the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia.

Children Fun Zones

The following are some of the places that you can take your kids to when you visit Jeddah.

Toy Town in Stars Avenue Mall

It is the newest mall play centre, and offers amusement park rides, video games and skill games. A roller coaster, carousel swings and the height dropping famous rides are the other attraction points for the kids.


Kidzania provides a safe, unique and a realistic platform for children between 4 and 12 whereby they mimic adult activities. It is mini city build specifically for the children to do their “jobs” like postal worker, firefighter, doctor etc. The children indirectly learn being an adult doing adult things in a city that is complete with roads, buildings, streets, vehicles, a functioning economy and establishments.

Al Shalal Theme Park

The theme park is one of the most popular attractions for children, with entertainment games for kids, teenagers and adults. Popular attractions include the Sombrero, Amazon,   Samba Tower and Pirate that are ideal for the whole family. It also has ice skating and arcade games from evening to late night.

Red Sea Beach at Red Sea Mall

It would be a crime of you visit Jeddah and not visit the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea Mall. It has the best for both adults and children. A shopper’s paradise for the adults and the perfect venue for children too.

The Red Sea Beach provides a safe environment for children to play on the “beach” without getting sunburn. There is an indoor play area in the food court where there is a sand pit giving the children the “beach” effect. Clean and well maintained, it has many sand toys for children to play with.

At the back of the Red Sea Beach, there is another play area, which does not have sand. A reading/puzzle corner, ball pit, and computers will keep children occupied. Between the two areas, most children will be kept occupied for several hours. In fact, Daddies can sit and supervise the children while Mummy can shop to her heart’s content, without a worry.

A second towel or spare clothes are recommended if your children are going to play on the “beach”.

The perfect holiday for both adults and children, you should definitely consider Jeddah for your next holiday destination. Enjoy the sun, sand and nightlife of the city that never sleeps and your children will be happy too.

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