Visit Jeddah and Make Your Holidays a Wow

Saudi Arabia, which is famous all-around the world as a leading oil producer and exporter, has also gained enormous tourist attractions owing to the great tourist spots it contains. One of the most beautiful cities of Saudi Arabia, located on the coast of Red Sea is Jeddah. Jeddah is in fact the second largest city of Saudi Arabia and has great importance from the religious point of view. The reason for this is that Jeddah is considered to be a doorway towards the two holy places Mecca and Medina, which are considered the holiest places and inevitable place to visit for the Islamic people. Over and above having a great religious value, Jeddah is known for the beautiful malls, museums, resorts, hotels etc. One such eye catchy mall is the Red Sea Mall, one of the best shopping mall in Saudi Arabia.

What tourists expect?

The people, who go for the holidays, have a sort of excitement about the place they are to visit and of course they expect to get value for the money. Jeddah is the place which has always given an exuberant experience to all the visitors. Many of the tourists visit with their families, which may encompass the tots, adults and the old age people. Jeddah has different places which can provide entertainment to all age people.

How the Red Sea Mall fulfills the expectations?

Red Sea Mall is just a gigantic shopping mall of Jeddah and covers the area of 242,200 square meters. I really mean it, when I use the word, “gigantic” and the best evidence I can provide to prove my words is that the mall contains 18 entrances. We have seen many colossal places and the problems the visitors face is when they need to walk quite more, merely to reach the gate. But here the visitors can enter the mall without facing such problems, owing to quite good number of entrance gates.

The other thing which I personally hate is searching the parking space. Just think about the time when you have a meeting, you are already late and you get later owing to difficulty in getting the parking space! The mall resolves this problem also; this huge shopping mall of Jeddah also has a huge parking lot. In fact, the mall provides the facility of both the undercover and external parking which gives the ease to the visitor and it becomes easy to access the mall.

Apart from such great facilities, the mall is the best for the tag it owns i.e. shopping. You can find large number of shops which encompass both the local and international brands. The mall also has great provisions for the foodies in the form of eateries, cafeterias, restaurants and so on.

For me holidays is the time where I can find myself one with me and my family, I can invigorate myself and freshen my mind out of the hectic life schedule. Jeddah and especially the Red Sea Mall, Best shopping Mall in Saudi Arabia, has proved to be one of the best places I would love to visit frequently.